Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1491 - Sacrifice

The skinny monster was trying his best to squeeze his way in. He was too strong, so it wasn't easy for him to enter.

There was a certain law to the transformation of mass and energy. For an existence like him who had already achieved the Dao, it was almost pure law of the Great Dao. To squeeze into this universe from the previous universe, the quality and energy needed to be replaced was an incomparably terrifying number.

This was similar to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, but it was also different and more complicated.

The Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge was a bridge that opened up the barrier between the two worlds, and it formed a bridge of Spirit Energy Mutual Shift. When a living being passed through it, their own energy would cause the spirit energy to flow and maintain the balance between the two worlds.

Transmigrating from the past universe to the present universe also needed to follow the balance of mass energy. What was even more troublesome was that the new and old universe couldn't open a bridge like the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, which was why they needed to set up a huge sacrificial formation in the ancestral court and treat the ancestral court as an altar.

The total mass and energy of the universe remained unchanged. When people from the past entered the current universe, they had to throw a portion of the current universe's mass and energy into the past universe to maintain the balance.

Even though countless living beings had been sacrificed over the years, every person who had achieved the Dao in the past universe had tried to move to the present universe before their universe was destroyed. This resulted in such a situation. Everyone wanted to squeeze in, but no one could!

The skinny monster was the same. Half of his body had already come over, so he needed to sacrifice a portion of the substance and energy of the ancestral court to the universe of the past, speeding up his escape from the universe that had been destroyed.

The black mountain shook violently, and the mountain rocks kept falling off, floating in the air.

The mountain rocks were like a flood as they floated behind the skinny monster and entered the huge eye.

Around Qin Mu, the ground was also continuously splitting apart. Pieces of the ground were continuously breaking down and floating towards that strange eye.

The eye grew larger, standing upright behind the strange man like a world-destroying fire. The flames lit up the hundred thousand mountains, causing the shadows of the mountains to sway.

It was like a huge furnace or a huge mouth that greedily devoured everything in the ancestral court. It minced and melted everything in the world, transforming them into pure energy that was sent to the destruction universe behind it in exchange for the life force of the skinny monster!

Qin Mu stopped his body and raised his walking stick to face the skinny monster.

The forehead of the long and skinny monster was filled with arrows that had been smashed into his vertical eye by Qin Mu's previous strike. However, even when the power of the divine bow and divine arrows exploded, he didn't suffer any heavy injuries.

The strange man was thin and tall, and he didn't know what kind of strange race he was from. He raised his hand to grab at the arrow in his eye, trying to pull it up while his other hand grabbed at Qin Mu.

He only had one eye in the heart of his brows, and this eye occupied his forehead. Now that he was hit by so many arrows, it affected his vision.

He had to pull out these arrows first to deal with Qin Mu.

Qin Mu swung his cane, and the power fluctuation was much weaker than before. That was why he had grabbed at Qin Mu. However, it was this seemingly powerless strike that made him suffer a huge loss!

His palm was long and slender, and his fingers were many times longer than Qin Mu's body. When he grabbed with one hand, divine arts gathered in his palm, and in an instant, extremely sharp threads flew in all directions and crisscrossed.

Just as Qin Mu entered his palm, his corporeal body was pierced by countless threads. However, he raised his cane to meet his finger.


One of the long and skinny freak's fingers was struck by the crutch and broke off on the spot, forming a shocking curve.

Kacha, kacha, his fingers were all broken by Qin Mu, and his five fingers flipped backward. Qin Mu held his cane upside down and used it as a sword to stab at his palm!

At this moment, the thousands of threads that had stabbed into Qin Mu's body suddenly pulled in all directions. With a whoosh, Qin Mu instantly shattered into countless pieces!

The shattered flesh was pulled by the strange eye behind the strange man and fell into the eye.

Suddenly, a strange divine art fluctuation came over, and it was as if time had reversed. Qin Mu's body quickly reformed, and he was still holding the cane in his palm. Using the cane as a sword, he executed a world-shaking strike!

The third form of Calamity Sword, Facing Calamity!

The wooden staff had no sharp edge, and it actually pierced through the palm of this long and skinny monster, stabbing into his arm along with Qin Mu's body!

The Facing Calamity Sword was the Heaven Cleaving Palace, the sword of the divine treasure. It was the sword that Qin Mu used to sever people and also the sword that he used to sever people. It had been a long time since he had used his sword skill and sword path.

It was because ever since he comprehended an even more profound divine art, the power of his sword skills and sword path couldn't catch up to the power of his divine art. Furthermore, the enemies he had to face were much stronger than before. His sword skills and sword path were gradually unable to keep up with the advancement of his cultivation, so it was hard for him to injure his opponents.

Yet now, with the Tai Yi Crutch in his hand, it was like an invincible weapon, raising the power of this move to an unimaginable level!

The face of the long and skinny weirdo revealed a look of astonishment, and he asked a question of unknown meaning, as if he was talking about Qin Mu's divine art.

At this moment, he had already pulled out the arrow from the vertical eye in the heart of his brows. He raised his other hand, and his fingers leaped nimbly to tap on his other arm.

Under the skin of that arm, a sword light was like a torrent that swept through everything in its path. It severed the bones of his arm, snapping his tendons!

Under his skin, huge tendons pierced through his skin, revealing his skin. Broken bones pierced through his flesh, and it was a ghastly sight.

What was even more terrifying was that the sword intent was the first to arrive. Before the wooden cane could reach his upper arm, the sword intent had already reached there, making his entire arm feel an incomparably sharp sword light. His arm had lost all of its power!

Yet the five fingers of his other arm tapped on his arm one after another, and every strike was incomparably accurate on Qin Mu's body that was moving through his arm. The power of every strike was so strong that it crushed Qin Mu into pieces!

However, Qin Mu seemed to have an undying and indestructible body. Every time he was killed by him, he would revive in his arm and return to normal.

The skinny and long weirdo said something that had no meaning. He suddenly raised his hand and chopped off his arm. Qin Mu flew out from his broken arm and his sword light was aimed at the heart of the weirdo's brows!

The skinny monster revealed a smile and repeated the sentence that he didn't understand. A beam of light shot out from the vertical eye at the heart of his brows.


This strike directly shattered Qin Mu. No matter if it was his corporeal body, primordial spirit, or his divine treasure realm, they were all turned into fine powder!

The power of this strike was extremely strange. It froze all the substances that formed Qin Mu's corporeal body, primordial spirit, and divine treasure realm, making Qin Mu's unchanging substance divine art completely ineffective!

He had clearly recognized Qin Mu's divine art. The unchanging substance divine art was created by Celestial Venerable Ling. The most powerful part of this divine art was its ability to reverse the flow of matter and create the illusion of time flowing back.

However, for an existence that had already become a Dao, even though this kind of divine art was unfathomable, he still had ways to break it.

As long as he could fix all the substances that constituted Qin Mu and prevent them from flowing back, he could break them.

If it was anyone else, they probably wouldn't have such dense magic power, but it wasn't that difficult for him.

The skinny weirdo looked at his broken arm, and his face revealed a look of admiration. He said another sentence, which should be praising an insignificant martial cultivator like Qin Mu for being able to injure him to such an extent with his meager abilities.

He continued to mobilize his magic power, and the ground around the cracked black mountain started to revive. The black mountain was also cracking continuously, and it flowed towards the strange eye behind him.

Suddenly, a killing formation hidden underground activated!

The skinny weirdo revealed a look of astonishment. The power of this killing formation was insignificant in his eyes, yet the killing formation was actually hidden under his eyes. He didn't notice it at all, which was quite remarkable.

However, what surprised him even more was that there was more than one killing formation.

When the first killing formation was activated, it was as if a string of firecrackers had been lit. They surrounded the black mountain, and in a radius of thousands of miles, the killing formations were activated one after another!

The power of one killing formation wasn't enough to deal with him, but when thousands of killing formations exploded together, the power was actually so terrifying!

Not only that, Qin Mu and Blind had worked together to lay down countless heavy killing formations. Some of the killing formations were hidden in extremely fine places, on the ground that had been shattered by the skinny monster. They were hidden in the soil and within the mountain rocks of the black mountain.

The land and mountain rocks that were pulled into the strange eye behind him actually exploded at this moment!

Outside the hundred thousand black mountains, Blind, Granny Si, and the rest were currently migrating away from the sacred ground of the black mountain. At this moment, Blind turned his head back and saw boundless ominous qi rushing into the sky from the direction of the black mountain in the darkness. Countless killing formations were operating in the fierce qi, dazzling the eyes.

The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth was guided by those formations, transforming into the Killing Dao Calamity Formation with world-shaking power!

"This is my strongest ability."

Blind said in a low voice, "On the path of formations, the heavens release killing intent, the earth releases killing intent, and the people release killing intent. Heaven, Earth, and Man, the Three Absolutes Calamity Formation. With my lifetime of cultivation and Mu'er's magic power, all I can do is stop here…"

His eyes were incomparably bright and filled with hope. He muttered, "Mu'er, with your magic power, can you mobilize the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth to kill that prehistoric existence?"

Just as he said that, the killing formations suddenly crumbled. The Heaven, Earth, and Human Tribulation Formation crumbled and was swept away by a huge force!

Blind's eyes dimmed, and Granny Si's voice rang out, "Blind, stop looking, let's go!"

Blind turned around and followed her silently.

Granny Si didn't say a word. Blind was silent for a moment before saying, "It's not impossible to win this battle. Mu'er and I even laid down another trump card. It's an altar…"

Granny Si suddenly asked, "Where's Cripple? Where did he go?"

She looked around and saw people moving in the darkness, but there was no sign of Cripple.

Just as she was about to look for him, Blind suddenly grabbed her arm and shook his head. "There's no need to look for him. You know that Cripple loves Mu'er the most. Even though he was sent away by Mu'er, he had already sneaked back. He won't watch Mu'er die…"

Granny Si flew into a rage and shouted sternly, "Then let's just watch him die? Why didn't you stop him?"

Blind said indifferently, "If I can save Mu'er, I'm willing to die."

Granny Si's chest rose and fell violently, and she stopped talking.

In the black mountain, between the cracked black mountains, that strange eye was in tatters. It had been severely injured by the Three Absolute Kill Formation of Heaven, Earth, and Man. In that strange eye, the skinny monster was unable to restrain his anger. His hair fluttered in the wind, and his entire body was covered in wounds.

The moment he was trapped by the killing formation, Qin Mu, who had shattered into countless particles, finally broke free from his restraints. The unchanging substance divine art burst forth, restoring him to his original state. He still held onto the wooden staff tightly.

At this moment, a huge sacrificial altar appeared under Qin Mu's feet. The skinny monster looked at the huge sacrificial altar with a cold gaze.

The sacrificial altar was already activated, opening up another space!

The sky shattered, and an incomparably powerful aura traveled over. Huge heads popped out from the east mouth, and an incomparably loud and clear voice rang out. "Which lowly existence is this, the strongest and most dignified ruler of the summoned beast world?"

A humongous dragon head descended from the sky and arrived above the sacrificial altar. Its eyes were like the sun as it leisurely said, "The most ancient Dragon God King of the primordial era has descended. Tiny lifeform, offer your sacrifice… Celestial Venerable Mu!"

The dragon's huge body was still in the beast world, and its huge heads came to the sky above the sacrificial altar. One head looked at Qin Mu in astonishment, while the other heads looked at the strange eyes and the skinny monster in them!

"F*ck you, Celestial Venerable Mu!"

The nine heads of the dragon tried their best to shrink back into the beast world. The nine heads roared furiously, "Nothing good happens every time you look for me…"

Qin Mu said coldly, "Dragon, you promised me three things, and this is the first! Sovereign of the beast world, are you going to go back on your word?"

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