Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1492 - I Am The Wind, The Unrestrained Wind

The dragon hesitated for a moment and resisted the urge to escape. He descended from the sky once again, and his voice rumbled in the air like thunder. "Let me make things clear first. If I realize I'm no match for you, I'll leave immediately. I won't throw my life away! Celestial Venerable Mu, do you understand?"

Qin Mu didn't look at him, and his gaze was still fixed on that skinny weirdo. He said indifferently, "Up to you."

The dragon's huge body completely left the beast world and pounced towards the skinny monster, stirring up thunder and lightning. Nine heads covered the sky of the ancestral court, and eight of them visualized a spell. Their consciousness divine arts burst forth and bombarded the skinny monster. The ninth head shouted, "Celestial Venerable Mu, you have to remember that my godson, Long Pi, has a good relationship with you. If I die, he won't be able to inherit my position with his current cultivation and abilities! He will definitely be torn into pieces by the other huge beasts in the beast world!"

His sharp claws stretched out, and his consciousness divine art struck the skinny monster. At the same time, his powerful corporeal body, which had experienced countless sacrifices from the masters of creation, burst forth with unparalleled power. His sharp claws were like the sharpest knives as he slashed at the skinny monster!

The present was different from the past. In the past, the dragon had been walking on his own, staying silent on the back of the ancestral court, ruling over the primordial behemoths. Now, he had clearly learned a lot of knowledge about Eternal Peace from the dragon qilin. No matter if it was the power of his divine arts or his corporeal body, they were much stronger than before!

To cultivate to his level, it was too difficult to improve. However, dragons were different from others. The knowledge he had was merely knowledge from the masters of creation's era. When he learned the results of Eternal Peace's reform, his foundation would explode, and his cultivation would increase by leaps and bounds!

He was also an existence at the Celestial Venerable level. Back then, he was an existence that the masters of creation used to intimidate the ancient gods. No matter if it was Heaven Duke or Earth Count, they had to give in to him. Now, he was like a tiger that had grown wings. When he landed, his corporeal body was shrinking rapidly!

Shrinking the corporeal body allowed one's power to condense at a high level, making the corporeal body's attack power even stronger.

He could also see that this strange eye and the strange man in the black mountain of the ancestral court were no small matter, so he immediately used his full strength!

The skinny monster looked miserable. He had lost an arm, and the heart of his brows was also stained with blood. There were wounds all over his body, but he showed disdain towards the incomparably fierce dragon attack.

The divine art of the dragon's consciousness was highly condensed, and it rushed into his body in an attempt to visualize and burst his corporeal body. However, when the consciousness divine art executed by the eight heads came into the body of the skinny monster, eight dull thuds rang out. Before his consciousness could even visualize, it was shattered by the skinny monster's strong corporeal body!


The dragon's sharp claws fell, and the skinny monster raised his hand to meet the claw. He clenched his five fingers and grabbed the dragon's huge claw.

The dragon roared and exerted its strength. The skinny monster also exerted its strength at the same time. With a cracking sound, the dragon was in so much pain that tears flowed down its face. Its nine heads danced in the air as it suddenly opened its mouth to bite down on the skinny monster!

Half of the body of that strange man was in the past universe, and the other half was outside the cracked black mountain. It was hard for him to dodge, so when he bit down on the body, his sharp teeth instantly stabbed into it!

Suddenly, the power of the third eye in the heart of the strange man's brows burst forth. He turned his head and swept his gaze around. A beam of light slashed out horizontally, and fresh blood rushed into the sky. One head of the dragon was severed, followed by a second head and a third head!

The dragon cried out miserably as his other dragon claw dug into the heart of the skinny monster and stabbed into his chest. However, his dragon claw felt a surge of power bursting forth from the heart that his dragon claw was gripping, causing his dragon claw to start melting!

The dragon was terrified. What kind of existence was this?

Only half of his body was embedded in the monster's eye, and he couldn't move. However, he had severely injured an existence like him with just one hand!

Was there such a powerful person in the world?

He hurriedly loosened his mouth and struggled to rise into the air. He abandoned his three severed heads and tried to escape back into the beast world.

However, the skinny weirdo still held onto his dragon claws and didn't let go. Instead, he exerted force and pulled him back from the sky.

The dragon was terrified and uneasy, and he attacked the strange man with all his might. With a shake of his body, countless dragon scales flew out, and they were like bright mirrors that were incomparably sharp as they slashed at the strange man!

The strange eyes behind the strange man buzzed and trembled. Countless dragon scales suddenly lost control and flew towards the strange eyes. Even the severed heads of the dragons flew up and towards the strange eyes.

"Am I the sacrifice?"

The dragon's hair stood on end, and he saw the vertical eye in the heart of the skinny monster's brows glowing again. This strike would probably sever all his heads!

He was terrified. Looking at the ten Celestial Venerables, even the strongest Celestial Venerables wouldn't be able to restrain him with one hand, much less defeat him with one strike!

Yet now, this strange person's attack could probably kill him and use him as a sacrifice and nourishment!

Right at this moment, he suddenly saw a tiny figure flying close to the dragon scales. It swam under the dragon scales at an extremely fast speed and quickly got close to the skinny monster.

"Celestial Venerable Mu…"

The dragon didn't have the time to think. His six heads flew up and down as he tried his best to avoid the light that was shot out from the strange person's eyes. However, he still couldn't avoid it in time and was struck by a beam of light. Another head fell off.

He was like a huge python that had its head severed. He let out a world-shaking scream, but he couldn't escape the fate of death.

Suddenly, Qin Mu had already flown to the front of the strange person. His five fingers opened up, and a mudra was imprinted on the strange person's chest!


Dazzling light burst forth, and it was incomparably bright. It was the taiji diagram that had spread out, and he had forcefully imprinted it into the strange person's body!

Taiji transforms into Yin and Yang!

Qin Mu flipped his hand back, and his arms were like rain as they furiously smashed towards the chest of the weirdo!

Wherever his palm went, the body of the strange man would rapidly petrify. The area of petrification grew larger, and the petrification became faster!

That strange person gave off a world-shaking roar and let go of the dragon, reaching out to grab Qin Mu.

Qin Mu swam around his body, and every strike was his divine art of entering the path on the twenty-third heaven. Taiji transformed into yin and yang, and it went all the way from the strange man's abdomen to his throat, from his throat to his one arm.

The strange man's hand that was grabbing at Qin Mu gradually came to a stop. His shoulder was already petrified, and his hand couldn't grab at Qin Mu. However, the vertical eye in the heart of his brows slashed at Qin Mu.

The dragon knew that this was the most crucial moment. It suppressed the fear in its heart and raised its sharp claws to block Qin Mu.

The light in that eye was incomparably sharp, and it sliced off his claws with a swish.

The dragon was in so much pain that it raised its five heads and cried endlessly. However, its tail swept over and continued to block the attack.

His tail was broken!

At the same time, the entire arm of the weirdo was petrified, and the petrification was still spreading up his neck.

Qin Mu had already turned back from his arm and fought his way to his face. Every strike landed accurately on the acupuncture points of his face.

Qin Mu's footsteps didn't stop, and he continued to fight his way up. With every step he took, he would circle around his head until he was a hundred yards above his head. When the final mudra landed, the upper body of the weird person was completely petrified!

Qin Mu sprinted down his body again, and divine arts came crashing down one after another. They imprinted his legs, front, and back, transforming them into yin and yang!

Finally, his final mudra landed on the weirdo's toes, turning them into stone!

Qin Mu landed on the ground and stumbled. His body swayed and he almost lost his balance.

"Such an existence can't be sealed with the Taiji Fusion Yin Yang Movement alone!"

He took a deep breath and executed his divine treasure realm. The remaining vital qi circulated in the World Tree, and he frantically executed his technique. He rose into the sky and struck at the strange man again!

Tai Su opens a primordial flower!

Tai Shi questioning the blooming spring!

The two kinds of divine arts alternated and beat the body of the petrified skinny monster until it became more incorporeal. It transformed into an energy body and was about to turn him into a formless existence!

Suddenly, Qin Mu's magic power was exhausted, and he fell from midair.

The dragon rushed down from the sky and used his body as a cushion to borrow his strength. The man and the dragon crashed onto the ground and slid for dozens of miles before coming to a stop.

Qin Mu struggled to get up, but he swayed and fell down. He rolled down from the dragon's body and fell into the dust.

The dragon's corporeal body crackled as it shrunk continuously, turning into a strange person without five heads or two hands. Behind him was a broken tail.

He visualized quickly and visualized his arms and a tail. However, the dragon scales on his body were almost all swallowed by the weird eyes behind the weird man, leaving bloody holes all over his body.

Long Xiao was furious. He grabbed Qin Mu by the collar and lifted him up. He laughed angrily and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, I promised you that I would do three things for you! However, the first thing almost took my life! I won't do the other two things. If you have the ability, let your brother eat me!"

Qin Mu raised his head with difficulty and said with a hoarse voice, "Beat… hurry up, break him…"

The dragon sneered. "I can shatter him for you, but this is the second thing. The third thing is to write off our Pact of Little Earth Count. What do you think?"

"Quickly shatter him!"

Qin Mu used all his strength to roar, "His eyes are the Dao Fruit, the only place that can't be petrified is the Dao Fruit condensed from the Great Dao! The other half of his body is in the past universe and hasn't been petrified. He's activating the other half of his body, and my divine art can't trap him for long!"

The dragon put him down and was about to rush forward to shatter the body of the weirdo when the body of the skinny weirdo suddenly moved, and rays of light flowed down from the weird eyes on the heart of his brows like flowing water.

The petrified body of the skinny figure trembled, and his stone body swayed.

The dragon was astonished and stopped in its tracks. Qin Mu hissed, "Attack his eyes! That's his only weakness! Break his eyes and he will die! Even though he has Dao fruits, they haven't merged into the Ultimate Void! This is his weakest moment!"

The dragon hesitated and turned back. "You can say whatever you want. If you have the ability, go!"

Pausing for a moment, he mustered his courage and flew forward. Suddenly, the vertical eye on the forehead of the strange man shone brightly. The dragon was shocked and hurriedly rose into the sky. With a roar, the dragon returned to the Beast World.

His courage had already been shattered, and he didn't dare to continue fighting.

Qin Mu gritted his teeth so hard that they almost shattered.

He raised his hand to grab Tai Yi's crutch and hobbled towards the skinny monster with it. He muttered, "I'm the wind…"

"The wind of freedom!"

He panted heavily and tried his best to speed up. The words that came out of his mouth were the words that Cripple had taught him when he was young.

"When my speed is fast enough, when my heart is calm enough, when my body is light enough, I can feel the power of the wind."

His footsteps became faster, and gradually, there was wind beneath his feet.

"At that time, I will be able to catch up and step on the tip of the wind, soaring freely in the sky…"

He walked in the air, his speed becoming faster.

"I'm the wind, the unrestrained wind. No one can catch up to me…"

The corners of his mouth bled, and the skin on his body exploded. He sprinted forward, increasing his speed faster.

He used Tai Yi's walking stick to point at the heart of the skinny monster's brows and the vertical eye. His eyes were filled with confusion, and his vision became more blurry.

"I'm the wind, a youth chasing after the wind…"

He stumbled in the air, but he tried his best to speed up. Suddenly, a skinny figure came to his side, and an old but gentle voice rang out beside his ear, "Mu'er, give me the cane."

A strong hand took the cane from his hand, and Qin Mu's pupils gradually shrunk. He focused his gaze and saw Cripple's face.

"Don't go."

He grabbed Cripple's sleeve. "Don't go, you will die…"

Cripple pushed his hand away, and his footsteps became light as he transformed into a stream of light to leave. He raised the tip of his cane and sprinted towards the heart of the brows of the skinny monster.

Qin Mu's mind was in a mess, and he couldn't step on the wind again. His body fell helplessly from the sky.

"Don't go!" he shouted with all his strength.

Cripple's green clothes fluttered in the wind, leaving behind a green light in the sky. At that moment, his body broke through space, breaking through his limits.

"I am the wind! The unrestrained wind!"

His voice exploded in the air, "Wind that no one can catch up to."


Tai Yi's wooden staff and Cripple's figure stabbed into the vertical eye in the heart of the skinny monster's brows. After a moment of silence, an incomparably terrifying wave suddenly burst forth!

The head of the long and skinny weirdo exploded, and his body cracked continuously. Pieces of shattered stone fell from the sky, and dazzling light assaulted him. The surging air wave smacked Qin Mu away.

He ruthlessly smashed into the ground and rolled around. Only after a long time did he stop. Qin Mu struggled to get up, but he couldn't.

A walking stick spun and suddenly stabbed into the ground in front of him.

Qin Mu raised his head and saw red blood flowing down the cane.

He raised his hand to grab the cane and hugged it in his arms. The tears in his eyes flowed down along with the blood on the cane.

He hugged his walking stick and laid there like a child, not moving for a long time.

That old man that once fought with him for candied haws could no longer fight back, he could no longer steal him back.

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