Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1489 - Skinny Stranger

Hundred Thousand Holy Mountains, night.

Qin Mu stood on the top of the World Tree and continued to slide down the Dao Dew.

Half a year was almost up, and he had been doing this monotonous task over again. Even though it was monotonous, every time he collected Dao dew to repair the cracked black mountain, he always felt the burden and responsibility on Tai Yi's shoulders.

It had only been half a year, but Tai Yi had already been here for billions of years.

Suddenly, the branches of the Tai Yi Dao in the ultimate void Great Overarching Heaven swayed and rustled. Countless drops of Dao dew fluttered down.

Qin Mu's heart jumped, and he hurriedly executed his divine art to store all of the Dao dew into the bucket. However, the area covered by the Taiyi Dao Tree was too vast, so a few drops of Dao dew still fell and landed on the World Tree, absorbed by the branches and leaves of the World Tree!

His heart sank. Losing a few drops of Dao dew didn't seem like a big deal, but the consequences were definitely not small!

If he used the Dao Dew to repair the black mountain, even a drop would leave behind a huge hidden danger. It might even give the strong practitioners of the previous universe a chance to crawl to this universe!

"This is bad!"

Cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and he immediately composed himself. Even if there were a few drops of Dao dew missing, it would still take a few days for the existence from the previous universe to crawl over. He only needed to delay until Tai Yi arrived.


'The Dao Tree that's too easy is located in the ultimate void, so why would it sway for no reason?' He frowned slightly, feeling slightly uneasy.

During the day, Qin Mu found the few black mountains that had been shattered and carefully repaired them. As expected, when he patched up the last black mountain, it didn't completely close up because of the few drops of Dao dew.

On the cliff of the black mountain, there was a crack that was twenty yards long. The crack was immeasurable!

Qin Mu stood at the bottom of the cliff and examined his surroundings carefully. He marked his surroundings and noted down the exact location of the black mountain. He then invited Xu Shenghua over and said, "I need to stay here for the next two days to keep an eye on this place. Brother Xu, bring the iron bucket to the top of the World Tree to retrieve the Dao Dew. The Dao Dew is the key to repairing the sacred mountain, so there can't be a single drop missing."

He was still at ease when Xu Shenghua did things. If it was anyone else, they would probably eat all of Dao Lu while receiving and eating.

Xu Shenghua looked at the crack and asked, "Will you be able to stay here alone?"

Qin Mu smiled and revealed a strong confidence. "The strongest existence in Eternal Peace is me. This time, I planted the Live World Tree in my divine treasure, and my cultivation and abilities have risen another level. Even though I'm still inferior to the ten Celestial Venerables, I should still be on par with the four-colored emperor. If I can't stop them, no matter who comes to Eternal Peace, they won't be able to. Furthermore, the prehistoric existence won't be able to come out for a few days. When Tai Yi returns, I can hand him over to Tai Yi for punishment. There are still two days left in half a year's time. I just need to guard here for two days."

Xu Shenghua left with the iron bucket.

Qin Mu sat down and placed the divine bow beside him, waiting for night to fall.

When it was late at night, the ground trembled and the mountains shook. Outside the ancestral court was another scene of the end of days. The mountains in the ancestral court trembled, and the black mountain in front of Qin Mu also trembled. Loud rumbles came from the inside of the mountain, and the mountain gave off cracking sounds as if wood was being split apart.

The crack stretched to both sides, becoming longer and wider. Divine light seeped out from the crack, and when one stood in front of the cliff to look, it was as though a huge eye had grown on the cliff.

There was dense divine light in the crack, and it looked like a huge eyeball. The eyeball rolled and stared straight at Qin Mu.

It was as if there was an incomparably huge monster hiding inside the mountain, and it was using its eyes to peek at Qin Mu.

Suddenly, a figure walked out from the huge eye in the shape of light.

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows. The divine bow was right beside him, but he endured it and didn't make a move.

That person had yet to come from another universe, so attacking him now was equivalent to exhausting his magic power to open up a passage for him.

The human figure in the eye walked for a long time, but he still couldn't walk out of the crack in the cliff. When the sun rose, the human figure vanished, leaving only the cracked black mountain.

Qin Mu let out a long sigh of relief. Not long later, Xu Shenghua carried the bucket over and asked, "Does this mountain need to be repaired?"

Qin Mu shook his head. "If we repair this mountain, there won't be enough Dao dew to repair the other cracked black mountains. We just need to persist for one more day and Tai Yi will return. At that time, even if the people of the mountain walk out, they won't be able to create much of a storm!"

Xu Shenghua frowned slightly and looked at the crack on the cliff. It was already three hundred yards long.

And deep in the crack, there was a human-shaped imprint that seemed to have fused with the black mountain.

Xu Shenghua was slightly uneasy and left with the bucket.

When night fell, Qin Mu continued to stand guard in front of the crack. He heard cracking sounds coming from the inside, and the divine light eye in the mountain became even bigger. The crack was also wider, and the body of the person in the eye was taller and clearer than before. It was as if he could walk out of the mountain wall at any time!

In the second half of the night, the divine light that shot out from the mountain wall lit up the six to seven mountain ranges nearby, illuminating every detail. Qin Mu's shadow was also elongated.

Meanwhile, the huge eyeball in the mountain wall was as huge as the entire black mountain. It was sandwiched in the center by the black mountain that had been split into two!

The body of the person in the eye was thin and tall, just like the eyeball that was raised.

His face could already be seen clearly. There were numerous markings on his face that looked like natural markings. His eyes were also like the strange eyes in the mountains, but he only had one eye.

This eye was currently staring at Qin Mu without blinking.

He should have been walking in the shattered universe, and every step he took was extremely difficult. His corporeal body was also like smoke, and his limbs were constantly shattering, but they were also continuously reforming like smoke.

Walking in the shattered universe might cause him to be obliterated at any time, but he was filled with hope, hope for life.

He had never been able to reach the future universe through the World Tree, but now, he could finally enter that future world!

Qin Mu's palm gripped the divine bow tightly, ready to strike at any moment. His nerves were tense, and his mind was tense. Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was executed to its maximum.

The sky gradually lit up, and the one-eyed, thin, and long monster in the mountain couldn't walk out of the black mountain. The sun rose, and the strange eyes in the mountain vanished. The thin and long monster also vanished.

Qin Mu let out a long sigh of relief. His entire body was covered in cold sweat, but he revealed a smile. "It's finally over. Today, Tai Yi should be back…"

At this moment, a vermillion bird flapped its wings and transformed into flames to come to his side. It transformed into South Deity's soul and said to him, "Little brother, Emperor of Endless Clouds and the big-headed youth are back!"

Qin Mu was delighted and stood up. "They came at the right time! These two fellows haven't returned for such a long time, I wonder where they went to torment themselves!"

He went to welcome Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun, only to see Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun rushing over with grave expressions. They looked travel-worn.

From the looks of it, these two people had traveled a long distance and had probably exhausted all of their energy to hurry on their way. They hadn't rested on the way.

Qin Mu was suspicious. He saw Wei Suifeng carrying a wooden walking stick from afar and was bewildered. 'It looks like Tai Yi's walking stick… Why is Tai Yi's walking stick in their hands?'

"Celestial Venerable Mu, Tai Yi was captured by the master of Miluo Palace and sent into the Chaotic River of Jade Capital!"

Shu Jun couldn't run anymore, but his consciousness was still very strong. It exploded from afar and sent him a message, telling him that they were trapped in the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court and that it was too easy for them to run into each other. He told Qin Mu all sorts of unbelievable experiences like crossing the Taiyi River.

Using consciousness to transmit information was much faster than using words, and it was even more complete and flawless. Qin Mu felt as if he had personally experienced what they had experienced, and his body trembled violently as he revealed a look of disbelief.

Wei Suifeng's magic power was even stronger. He carried Shu Jun on his back and flew over while whistling. He said solemnly, "Tai Yi left this crutch behind. He said that I should seek his help, but he didn't leave any geographical map. I don't know how to save him!"

Qin Mu supported the two of them to prevent them from falling down from exhaustion, but his heart gradually sank.

Tai Yi fell.

From the images transmitted by Shu Jun's consciousness, the chaos rivers in Jade Capital City weren't true chaos rivers. Instead, they were the chaos qi formed when the universe was destroyed. The existences that tried to break through the chaos rivers to reach the shore were the strong practitioners of the various universes who tried to forcefully come to the present world to escape the fate of being destroyed along with the universe!

The master of Miluo Palace used unimaginable divine arts and methods to open up the universes that were being destroyed one after another, forming the marvelous sight of sixteen universe eras connected to the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court.

He had thrown Tai Yi into one of the Chaotic Rivers, which was equivalent to throwing Tai Yi into one of the universe eras!

"Tai Yi fell into the fourth era of the universe…"

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched, and he gripped his walking stick tightly. When Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun stabilized themselves, he suddenly turned to leave. Wei Suifeng was slightly stunned, and he hurriedly asked, "Junior Brother, do you know where Tai Yi's map is?"

Qin Mu didn't reply. His consciousness suddenly burst forth and transformed into an incomparably terrifying wave that swept through the hundred thousand mountains. He shouted, "Everyone, listen to my orders. You must leave the black mountain today! Don't stop for even a moment!"

"Everyone, listen to my command. I'm Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Qin Mu, Celestial Venerable Mu! Everyone must leave the black mountain today, no one must stay!"

His consciousness transformed into a voice that reverberated back and forth in the sky above the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Xu Shenghua was repairing the cracked black mountain, and when he heard what Qin Mu said, he couldn't help raising his head to look in the direction of Qin Mu. Beside the World Tree in the center of the black mountain, Lan Yutian, Granny Si, Wen Yuan, and the rest revealed astonished expressions as they looked towards the source of the voice.

Next, Qin Mu's consciousness went straight to their minds and transformed into a voice that rang out in their minds. He quickly told them the whole story and said solemnly, "Tai Yi fell into the fourth era of the prehistoric universe. Without him guarding the mountains, the first prehistoric existence is about to escape! Tonight, I will defend this place to the death. Everyone else, bring the people here and leave. Don't stay!"

Everyone's expression changed, and Lan Yutian was about to fly over to Qin Mu when he was pulled back by Granny Si. "There are priorities, so migrating the people of Eternal Peace is a serious matter! Let's settle this first before going to find him!"

Lan Yutian nodded silently. The gods on the mountain transformed into beams of divine light and flew in all directions, heading towards the settlements of Eternal Peace on the black mountain.

Not long later, a god city rose into the sky. Dozens of gods lifted the god city up and flew out of the sacred ground of Black Mountain. In the distance, Dutian Devil King plucked the Bottle of Flask World and transformed it into a Bottle of Flask World, storing the god cities into it.

When Qin Mu saw this, he was at ease. He quickly rushed to the front of the cracked black mountain and released his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm. He took out Celestial Venerable Ling's hairpin and tapped it repeatedly, executing unchanging divine arts to apply them on himself and his own divine treasure realm!

His body flashed, and he laid down all kinds of great divine arts and seals in front and behind the mountains.

Blind rushed over and laid down the seal with him. Qin Mu raised his head to look at him and moved his lips.

Blind said with a smile, "Mu'er, do you think I can watch you die alone?"

Qin Mu didn't say another word, and the two of them sped up their arrangements.

The two of them set up all kinds of killing formations from day until sunset. Blind let out a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He said with a smile, "Back then, Founding Emperor's heavenly master Yan Yunxi used formations to break through the new and old Mother Earth and shocked the world. Hehe, as the formation grandmaster of Eternal Peace, she can't be inferior."

He was full of heroic spirit.

Only then did Qin Mu notice that there were people behind him.

Xu Shenghua, Lan Yutian, Mute, Cripple, Granny Si, Yan'er, as well as Wei Suifeng, Shu Jun, Prince You Ming, Light Emperor, South Deity, and the rest. They had rushed over after moving the people of Eternal Peace away.

Qin Mu was moved, and his face suddenly sank. He said indifferently, "All of you can leave, there's no need to stay here to distract me. Brother Xu, stay on the World Tree and don't let Dao Lu lose a drop."

Cripple raised his eyebrows and sneered, "This black mountain is yours? Grandpa Cripple can come and go as he pleases, so why do you care?"

Qin Mu stretched out a finger, and countless teleportation runes swept Cripple away!

Cripple roared furiously and tried to break through his teleportation divine art. He was the strongest god thief in the world, and even Lan Yutian was slightly inferior to him. Even the teleportation divine art couldn't do anything to him.

Qin Mu flicked his fingers, and just as Cripple escaped from the teleportation divine art, he was transferred into an abyss of the Ruins of End.

His speed was raised to the extreme, and he tried to escape before the divine art of the Ruins of End burst forth. However, one of the Ruins of End was trapping the other, and Cripple was soon swallowed up.

Qin Mu stretched his hand out, and a crack appeared in space, swallowing Cripple along with the abyss of the Ruins of End.

He didn't want to hurt Cripple, but to send him away. The abyss of the Ruins of End only knew how to swallow and not digest. When Qin Mu sent Cripple to a safe distance, he would spit him out.

"Do you guys want me to exhaust my magic power to send all of you away?" Qin Mu looked around and asked softly.

Everyone was astonished. Cripple was the hardest to deal with among them, yet he was easily sent away by Qin Mu. If it was them, they would probably be the same.

Granny Si suddenly turned around and shouted, "Let's go! No one needs to stay! If anyone dares to stay and waste Mu'er's magic power, I'll beat them to death!"

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