Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1493 - Memorial

At night, the dew was heavy, cold, and heavy.

When the sun rose, the cold air on Qin Mu's body slowly dispersed. He used his walking stick to stand up shakily. The blood on the wooden staff was the blood of a god, and it was still very vivid.

He looked ahead and saw a sea of wolves.

The battle last night had caused a lot of damage to this place. The cracked black mountain had already been shattered by the skinny monster's Dao fruit and was completely gone.

The strange flame eye that was sandwiched between the cracked black mountain also vanished. The ground around it was deeply dented, and it was sacrificed to the past universe by the skinny monster, turning into pure energy.

The petrified corpses of the skinny monster were scattered everywhere. The energy of the past universe and the present universe was still balanced. Even though a portion of the substance in the ancestral court had been sacrificed, the corpse of the skinny monster still replenished that portion of energy.

The black mountains in the surroundings seemed to have received the nourishment of the long and skinny monster's energy. The mountain was lush and verdant, and numerous plants that were unique to the ancestral court grew out. The leaves of the trees and tender grass had dewdrops condensed from spirit qi.

Half of his body was still in the past universe, but his Dao fruit was destroyed.

His Dao fruit was destroyed, and only half of his body was left. Soon, he would be obliterated in the calamity of the universe's destruction, completely annihilated, and cease to exist.

A hoarse voice broke the silence of the morning. Qin Mu leaned on his cane and tried to call Cripple's black soul sand.

However, no black soul sand responded to him.

Qin Mu cast his spell very slowly and his voice was very long. He was like an injured old wolf in the wilderness, using a rough and hoarse voice to call out to his kin.

From the beginning to the end, no black soul sand was attracted by him.

The explosion of the Dao Fruit was too intense. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for the black soul sand to exist.

The Dao fruit was condensed from the Great Dao and represented the supreme Dao skills of the person who had achieved the Dao. Cripple used the Tai Yi crutch to stab into the skinny monster's Dao fruit, causing it to explode. In that violent explosion, his soul was completely annihilated.

Qin Mu used one hand to support the crutch while his other hand grabbed forward, but he couldn't grab anything.

He took a deep breath. Could Cripple pass through the Dao Fruit with his astonishing speed at the last moment and enter the strange eye behind the strange man?

Could he have entered the past universe from that strange eye?

A trace of hope appeared in Qin Mu's eyes again as he hobbled forward with his cane, trying to find clues in the wasteland.

The hope in his eyes gradually dissipated as his gaze became empty.

Even if Cripple went to the past universe, it was impossible for him to survive the great calamity of destruction. He would still be completely obliterated and nothing would remain.

He sat down and was in a daze. After a long time, his lips moved and he said with a sobbing tone, "You are the number one god thief in the world. Even the Hall of Fragrance couldn't stop you…"

He fell silent again. After a long time, he took out a jade bottle and carefully put away the divine blood on the wooden staff. However, there were still some brown bloodstains on the wooden staff.

The voices of people could be heard. They were the people who had left last night and had come back to check on the battle last night.

Qin Mu hid his sorrow in the bottom of his heart and executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to make his complexion look better. Only then did he stand up. He secretly wiped away the tears on his face to prevent everyone from seeing that he had cried. He then patted his face to loosen his stiff muscles from crying.

The people who came were the ones who cared the most about him. Granny Si, Mute, Blind, and the rest walked over quickly and only let out sighs of relief when they saw Qin Mu standing there safe and sound.

"Mu'er, where's Cripple?"

Granny Si walked over quickly and checked the injuries on Qin Mu's body. Only then did she let out a sigh of relief. She looked around and asked in doubt, "Where did Cripple run off to? Blind said he saw Cripple running back secretly last night to save you… Where's Cripple? Cripple, stop hiding, come out quickly!"

She looked around and didn't find any traces of her old friend. She called out a few more times.

Blind opened his divine eyes and looked around. He stopped Granny Si and shook his head. "Granny, there's no need to shout. Cripple isn't here. Mu'er, did Old Cripple appear last night?"

Qin Mu composed himself, and a smile appeared on his face. He said softly, "Grandpa Cripple appeared last night, and he helped me kill the one who had achieved the Dao in the past universe."

Mute tightened his grip on the chest and felt uneasy. Blind's expression changed as he looked at the cane in Qin Mu's hand.

Qin Mu secretly moved his palm to cover the bloodstains on the cane.

Granny Si forced a smile and said, "This coward has always been as timid as a mouse. When did he become so brave… Where did he go?"

The smile on Qin Mu's face didn't fade as he said, "He went to the past universe. He told me that he had already stolen all of our universe, and there was no place for him to execute his punches and kicks. He wanted to go to the past universe to steal the divine treasures there."

Granny Si also had a smile on her face as she said, "This damned Cripple, every day that he doesn't do well, he gets unhappy. He has indeed stolen everything in the world, even Celestial Emperor's chambers of concubines. He even stole Celestial Emperor's eggshell. Last time, he even bragged and sighed ruefully that there's no place in the world that's worth his effort anymore."

Qin Mu nodded his head. "It sure sounds like him. Grandpa Cripple's ambition is to keep stealing and challenge himself to more difficult things."

The smile on Granny Si's face gradually became denser until it couldn't be dissolved. "He's such a person. Back then, when his abilities were still very low, he went to steal Emperor Yanfeng's treasury and even had a leg chopped off by Jiang Baigui. Even so, Jiang Baigui couldn't subdue him."


Granny Si continued to smile, "When we were living in seclusion in Disabled Elderly Village, he still liked to steal. Every time I found you annoying, I would send you out, and he would steal you back and send you to my room. At the same time, he would hide in a dark corner and happily watch me throw a tantrum at you."

"Yes, he's such a person."

Granny Si let out a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "He must have felt that there's no more fun here, so he went to the past universe to bring disaster to those who had achieved the Dao there. Since the damned Cripple is so bad, those who had achieved the Dao in the past universe are in trouble!"

She smiled very happily and clapped her hands. "The Daoists of the past universe have brought us so much suffering. It's time for them to suffer! Serves them right! Blind, Mute, don't you think so?"

She turned her head to look at Blind and Mute, who nodded silently without saying a word.

Granny Si said angrily again, "It's this fellow who left without saying a word that makes me a little angry! This fellow is always like this, sneaking around like a thief and leaving without saying a word. He never leaves any messages and suddenly appears to scare people! When he gets tired of playing in the past universe and comes back to scare me, I will definitely press him to the ground and give him a good beating!"

She pretended to be serious and said to Blind and Mute, "No one is allowed to stop me!"

As she spoke, she laughed again. "When I beat him up, you guys never stopped me. Alright, alright, let's disperse. Since the crisis has been resolved, we have more things to do. I'll go find Dutian Devil King. That fellow ran away quickly last night and hid far away. I have to find him and let him move the people of Eternal Peace back… Cripple that fellow…"

She shook her head and turned to leave, clearly displeased with Cripple.

Granny Si left quickly, her footsteps becoming faster. Only when she was far away from Qin Mu and the rest did her footsteps gradually slow down.

She hid in a corner and sat down. Suddenly, tears fell like rain.

She cried for a long time before getting up to find Dutian Devil King.

She knew that Qin Mu didn't want her to be sad, so she fabricated a lie that Cripple had gone to the past universe. However, she also didn't want Qin Mu to know that she was sad, so she went along with Qin Mu's lie and lied to him. Lying to Blind and Mute was also lying to herself.

However, only when there was no one around did she dare to look straight at her lie and cry.

However, she was a person who knew how to prioritize matters. She had always been the backbone of the Disabled Elderly Village, so she had to maintain the image of the backbone and not grieve in front of everyone in from the Disabled Elderly Village.

The people of Disabled Elderly Village looked like they were all gods with peerless talents, proud and arrogant, each with their own strengths. However, in reality, they were all pitiful people with their Dao hearts riddled with injuries.

It was the same for Village Chief, Blind, and Mute.

They were once a bunch of losers who gathered together for warmth.

They were weaker than others and valued friendship more. If one of them crumbled in front of them, they would collapse faster and more thoroughly.

Beside Qin Mu, Blind and Mute didn't know what to say. They patted Qin Mu's shoulder and left with the broken Glassy Sky Pagoda.

"The Glassy Sky Pagoda is damaged, let's repair it," they said.

The two elders brought the Glassy Sky Pagoda to the bottom of the World Tree and stabbed it into the ground. They opened up the 28 heavens and worked silently to repair the damaged treasures.

From the degree of damage of these precious treasures, one could see how bitter and dangerous the battle last night was.

It was hard to imagine that Qin Mu could actually withstand such a powerful attack.

The two elders were tired from refining treasures and repairing the formation diagram. Mute suggested, "Let's rest for a while."

Blind stopped, and the two of them sat down on the ground under the tree. Mute took out a tobacco pipe and filled it up before lighting the fire.

He put the water pipe to his mouth and thought for a moment before stopping. He placed the water pipe on the empty seat beside him.

Blind saw this and didn't say anything.

When this bit of smoke automatically burned out, Mute whispered, "He's done smoking…"

Blind nodded silently.

A few days later, the people who had moved out of the mountains returned one after another, and the black mountain gradually became lively again.

Xu Shenghua, as usual, took the dew and mended the black mountain on Qin Mu's behalf. He was the calmest person in the mountain, and no matter what happened in the outside world, he still had the heart and spirit to complete his task.

Lan Yutian continued to comprehend Dao under the tree, and he explained what he had comprehended to everyone in the black mountain. After Xu Shenghua finished his work, he would come to comprehend and listen to his lecture.

Qin Mu would occasionally come over to listen to them preach the Dao and impart their techniques, but he was always distracted.

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun frowned, but they didn't ask.

Even though time didn't exist, it was usually time that didn't exist that heals pain.

Yan'er, South Deity, and Light Emperor didn't return, so they went to do their own things.

On this day, Jiang Yunjian hurried over and said to everyone, "Imperial Preceptor has gone to the mine outside the black mountain!"

Everyone was shocked and stood up.

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