Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1488 - Too Easily Reduced

"What if I can't?"

Wei Suifeng shouted at Tai Yi's back, "Should I follow the map to save you? I followed you here, and there's a map I left outside the city!"

Tai Yi didn't turn back as his voice rang out, "If you can't stop him, all of you better pray for your own good!"

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun shuddered and stood there obediently, waiting for Tai Yi to return.

Tai Yi came to the front of Miro Palace, and the door creaked open automatically. It seemed like it hadn't been opened for a long time, and the door was sluggish.

The primordial qi in the door surged and was immeasurably deep. The moment the door opened, dense primordial qi poured out from the door. The primordial qi gave people the feeling that it was filled with vigorous life force. It excited the Great Dao that Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun had cultivated in their bodies and gave off pleasant Dao sounds.

At the same time, there was a heavy death qi in the vital qi. This death qi was so intense that it made the Great Dao they had cultivated incomparably fearful. It was as though the Great Dao would wither and dry up at the slightest touch!

That aura of death was so terrifying that it was like the aura of decay accumulated during the destruction of sixteen universes. When it surged over, both of them felt their lifespans decreasing rapidly!

Tai Yi waved his sleeves to disperse the Primordial Vital Qi that was surging towards them. He walked into Miro Palace and vanished into the depths of the Primordial Vital Qi.

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun looked into the door and saw that the primordial qi was extremely dense. They could faintly see a tall and majestic figure sitting on a throne, quietly waiting for Tai Yi's arrival.

They wanted to take a closer look, but the door creaked shut again.

The two of them waited quietly. This Jade Capital City was empty, and even the Dao trees that could be seen everywhere along the way weren't there. It was terrifyingly quiet.

Shu Jun couldn't help but look around. He saw that there were marvelous imprints on the buildings here. They were different from the Great Dao imprints of today. They were very magnificent and breathtaking.

He wanted to take a closer look, but Wei Suifeng pulled him back.

"Divine King, there must be a reason why Tai Yi left this cane behind. Let's not stray too far from it," Wei Suifeng said.

Shu Jun looked at the crutch and nodded his head. He praised, "Old Cult Master Wei is truly knowledgeable."

The two of them waited quietly for a moment. Wei Suifeng couldn't help but look at the dao pattern imprints on the buildings around them, and only then did he realize that there were boundless mysteries hidden within them.

This dao pattern didn't look complicated, but in their eyes, everyone comprehended different things, making them click their tongues in wonder.

"How about we pull out the crutch and take a closer look?" Wei Suifeng suggested.

Shu Jun nodded repeatedly and said, "This is a good idea. Let's go closer and take a look."

Wei Suifeng pulled out his crutch, and the two of them came to the side of the Dao pattern. Shu Jun took out a mirror and tried to shine the Dao pattern on it. This mirror was a treasure that Qin Mu had invented, and it used the methods of Art Saint Deaf. There was another heaven and earth in the mirror, and as long as one looked at it, there would be a mirror image formed in the mirror. It was very mysterious.

Qin Mu had once used this method to shine on the various seals on the Hall of Fragrance, trying to find a way to enter. He had also used this method to shine on the ancient gods' Great Dao runes in the celestial heavens' Guardian Pavilion.

He had spread the refinement method of this kind of divine mirror to Eternal Peace, and the divine arts practitioners of the painting path in Eternal Peace had used it as a way to earn a living. They had refined the divine mirror and sold it to others, naming it the Dry Kun Mirror. It had the meaning of storing a Dry Kun inside.

Shu Jun used the Dry Kun Mirror to shine on the Dao markings on the walls of Miluo Palace. The mirror image of the Dao pattern slowly revealed the details of the interior of the Dao pattern, and as more details appeared, the speed of the interior became faster, dazzling everyone!

Shu Jun's expression changed slightly. In just a short moment, the details displayed by the mirror had filled up the entire mirror!

Suddenly, there was a crack, and the Dry Kun Mirror split into two. It was split open by the countless details revealed by the Dao pattern!

Shu Jun's heart ached. This was merely a Dao pattern on the walls of Miro Palace, yet it had already cracked his dry kun. There were countless Dao patterns here, so didn't that mean that they could only look at the endless treasures and not get a single one?

Wei Suifeng chuckled and took out a Dry Kun Mirror as well. He whispered, "How long has it been since Divine King returned to Eternal Peace? You didn't meet the Art Saint, did you? This mirror of mine was personally forged for me by the Art Saint."

"The Art Saint personally refined it?"

Shu Jun revealed a look of envy. The Art Saint Wei Suifeng mentioned was Deaf, and he was honored as the Art Saint. He entered the path with painting and calligraphy and cultivated the celestial palace of painting path.

"My junior brother also learned his painting path from him and only learned thirty to forty percent of his abilities."

Wei Suifeng used the Dry Kun Mirror to examine the Dao markings on the wall, and he said unhurriedly, "When I met him, he was invited to the Dao Comprehension Academy for a lecture, so I shamelessly begged him to refine two Dry Kun Mirrors. This Dry Kun Mirror contains the Dry Kun, and there are layers of heavens in his painting path. It's not something that your mirror can compare to."

Shu Jun went closer to take a look and saw that the Dry Kun Mirror that Deaf had personally refined also revealed endless details of Dao markings. The details of this Dao pattern filled up the Dry Kun Mirror very quickly!

"Don't continue, the mirror will crack…"

Just as Shu Jun said that, another Gan Kun appeared in the mirror and continued to reflect the endless details of the Dao pattern!

Shu Jun was flabbergasted. The second heaven of the Dry Kun Mirror was soon filled with the details of the Shrouding Eclipse Palace's Dao markings. Next, Gan Kun appeared in the Dry Kun Mirror and continued to reflect the details of the Dao markings.

After a moment, there were actually eighteen layers of dried kun hidden in the mirror, and all of them were filled up by the details of a dao pattern!

However, the details of this dao pattern were still not revealed!

Wei Suifeng's expression changed slightly, and he hurriedly took out the other Dry Kun Mirror that Deaf had refined and shone it at the full Dry Kun Mirror!

The two Dry Kun Mirrors shone on each other, and the mirror in the mirror instantly appeared. In an instant, countless Dry Kun Mirrors appeared in the two Dry Kun Mirrors!

The strange thing was that there were eighteen layers of dried kun hidden in every mirror image. No matter how many details this dao pattern had, it couldn't fill up the countless mirror images!

"The Art Saint is truly marvelous!"

Shu Jun was stunned. He saw layers of mirrors continuously copying the details of the Dao patterns of the Miro Palace. More and more details were revealed, and more mirrors were filled up.

The two of them felt their scalps going numb. The knowledge contained within a single Miluo Palace's dao pattern was actually so abundant. It was truly out of their expectations!

"If the Art Saint's abilities are cultivated to the peak, he would probably be even more powerful than Divine King Gong's illusion!" Shu Jun said in a low voice.

Finally, the mirror didn't reveal any more details. At the bottom of one of the mirrors, a rune imprint was revealed.

This rune mark was the core of the Dao pattern in Miluo Palace!

Shu Jun and Wei Suifeng looked at each other. There were too many mirror images, and they couldn't see the rune markings clearly.

"I have to ask the Art Saint to make a move personally to see the details of that rune imprint."

Wei Suifeng carefully examined the two mirrors, and the corners of his eyes twitched. He couldn't count how many mirrors there were!

Shu Jun couldn't count them, and his forehead broke out in cold sweat.

They knew the steps to cultivate the paths, skills, and divine arts.

Divine arts, paths, and skills first needed to understand the runes of the Great Dao. The runes of the Great Dao formed divine arts and paths, and if one's knowledge accumulated to a certain extent, they could gather the runes of the Great Dao to cultivate Dao markings.

Dao markings were the markings of the Great Dao, and they contained the marvel of the Great Dao.

Using Dao markings to form paths, skills, and divine arts was even more powerful.

Basically, Dao Realm divine arts were usually formed by Dao markings.

However, dao patterns were not the apex. After cultivating the dao pattern, one could attempt to use the dao pattern to form the Great Dao rules and form a domain.

Forming a domain was to grasp the rules, and at this time, it was also not grasping the Great Dao.

The reason why it was called the rules of the Great Dao was that the Great Dao was above the rules!

In other words, the realm could be a part of the Great Dao.

Founding Emperor's Sword Dao Domain had already reached thirty-five layers. When his sword flew out, the thirty-five heavy sword domains overlapped, and every heavy sword domain was different, explaining different principles.

Only by cultivating to the 36thlevel of the Sword Dao Domain would he be considered to have attained the Dao!

Yet now, a mere dao pattern on the walls of Miluo Palace revealed such a complicated structure that was almost endless. There were also countless different dao patterns on the walls!

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun couldn't imagine how high the master's attainments were!

Wei Suifeng's voice was hoarse as he said, "Is it easy to fight against such a powerful master of Miluo Palace? This kind of sacredness is probably beyond the scope of those who have achieved the Dao, right?"

Right at this moment, an incomparably terrifying throbbing came from Miluo Palace!

Both of their scalps went numb. It was obvious that Tai Yi and the master of Miluo Palace had already broken down their negotiation and started to make a move!

Wei Suifeng put away the two mirrors and hid them in his divine treasures. Both of them stared at the Miluo Palace. In the palace, there seemed to be a giant that could split the chaos apart with a huge ax of chaos. He could split the primordial chaos apart with a single ax!

On the other hand, the other terrifying throbbing was even more unfathomable. The throbbing that came from Tai Yi could give them a feeling that they could ponder over, but the other throbbing was unfathomable!

The palace gate of Miluo Palace suddenly opened, and the giant's back was facing them. His body was covered in blood, and he held a chaotic ax in his hand. The ax flipped up and down to defend against the attacks coming from the palace. When the giant swung the ax, a world seemed to be born on both sides of the ax. The sky opened up, and the earth opened up. It was a world-shaking power!

Yet the injuries on his body were increasing.

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun hurriedly retreated and sprinted towards the Chaotic River. Behind them, Tai Yi retreated step by step. With every step he took, his blood would fill up the footprints, leaving behind a lake formed by Dao blood!

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun sprinted, not daring to look back. Just as they were about to reach the river, there was no road ahead. Suddenly, Tai Yi kicked backward, hitting the walking stick in Wei Suifeng's hand.

The cane expanded with a whoosh and transformed into a long boat with a bow. It carried Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun across the river!

Tai Yi swung his last ax and leaped onto the river to chase after the two of them.

The long boat and Tai Yi passed through the huge rivers of chaos one after another. When they reached the fourth huge river of chaos, a loud and clear Dao voice suddenly rang out and said something that had no meaning.

The two people on the ship hurriedly looked back and saw a huge hand knocking Tai Yi down from the Chaotic River and into the river.

The giant struggled with all his might, wanting to rush out of the river. Suddenly, countless skeletons stretched out their white bone hands and grabbed all parts of his body.

The giant struggled a little and raised his head to smile at the two people on the long boat. He was then pulled into the chaos river.

"Follow the map and save me!"

On the long boat, Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun heard Tai Yi's voice coming from the Chaotic River.

"Dao brother, what picture?" Wei Suifeng hissed.

However, the speed of the long boat was extremely fast. It passed through the chaos rivers one after another, and sixteen of them flashed by. The two of them didn't hear any easy answers.

The long boat transformed from the cane flashed past the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court and broke through all kinds of peculiarities. The two people on the long boat were muddle-headed, and they inadvertently saw Celestial Venerable Hao, Ancestral God King, and the rest.

These people looked at the long boat leaving in astonishment.

Not long later, they met Celestial Venerable Xiao, Heavenly Lady Yan, and the rest. The ancient god of taiji also looked at them in astonishment.


The long boat stabbed into the ground outside the city, and the two people on the boat were flung away. When they stabilized themselves, they saw that the long boat had already transformed into a wooden walking stick that was stabbed into the huge cauldron that Wei Suifeng had left outside the city.

"Is it the geographical map of the cauldron?" Shu Jun hurriedly rushed to the side of the cauldron and asked anxiously.

"Definitely not!"

Wei Suifeng shook his head with a grave expression. He pulled out the Taiyi walking stick and kept the cauldron. He said solemnly, "Let's return to the Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain immediately to meet Junior Brother!"

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