Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1485 - I Planted This Tree

Everyone hurriedly surrounded him and saw that even though Qin Mu had already become a dried corpse, the eye in the heart of his brows hadn't dried up. It was still rolling around.

"It's fine, it's fine! Disperse, disperse!"

Blind waved his hand to disperse the crowd. "There's nothing to see, you won't die."

"It's a pity Deaf isn't here, or else he could paint a painting that would be immortal for a hundred generations," Granny Si said with pity.

The eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows looked at her resentfully, and Granny Si hurriedly left.

The World Tree was still absorbing the energy in his body, causing him to not have any cultivation left. Not only that, but all the Great Dao runes and Dao Patterns that he had cultivated were all absorbed, leaving nothing behind!

His magic power was hidden in the thousands of worlds and celestial palaces of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, but in a short period of time, the heavens were annihilated, and even the ancestral court was shrinking!

Even his celestial palace was collapsing continuously, turning into pure energy that had no attributes and being devoured by the World Tree!

What was even more terrifying was that the roots even coiled around his primordial spirit and seized its power!

Qin Mu's primordial spirit was also shrinking rapidly. In the end, he lost all of his energy and became a tiny soul and spirit embryo. He stood under the tree alone, looking helpless.

In just a short moment, the ancestral court had shrunk to its limit, leaving only four mother lodes and a piece of eggshell that was too easy.

Following that, the four mines vanished one by one, and the divine stones were devoured by the World Tree, turning into powder!

After the four mines disappeared, only the eggshell of Tai Su, Taiji, Tai Yi, and a complete Tai Shi egg were left.

The shell of the Tai Su Egg suddenly cracked and was shattered by the power of the World Tree. The incomparably pure Tai Su Dao was absorbed by the World Tree!

Even the Tai Su Egg liquid was completely absorbed by the World Tree!

Shrieks of astonishment came from the egg of Tai Shi in the sky. The egg cried out and tried to escape. However, Qin Mu's divine treasure was no longer big, and there was only the area covered by the World Tree left. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't escape!

Kacha, kacha, the eggshell of Tai Chu also shattered.

Next, the taiji eggshell was destroyed.

Only that piece of Tai Yi eggshell was very sturdy and hadn't been destroyed by the World Tree.

The Tai Shi egg flew over and hid in the Tai Yi eggshell, shivering. Roots stretched over, and the Taiyi egg rolled over. With the eggshell on top, it hid under the eggshell and tried its best to shrink the divine egg.

Cracking sounds rang out as though something was gnawing on the eggshell. Fine cracks actually appeared on the surface of the Tai Yi eggshell.

Not long later, more cracks appeared, and they became more dense. The Tai Shi Egg secretly cried out that something was wrong, and then the Tai Yi Egg exploded. The eggshells were annihilated by the power of the World Tree and transformed into the Dao of Tai Yi that was absorbed by the World Tree!

The Taishi ancient god in the egg almost fainted. He saw the roots of the World Tree rolling towards him. They might even crush his eggshell and absorb the primordial liquid in his egg!

It was one thing to absorb the liquid, but if this strange tree absorbed it as well, wouldn't he die before he was even born?

At that moment, a light hole shone down from the sky. The egg of Tai Shi immediately flew up and rushed towards that light.

Behind him, the roots danced around like tentacles and grabbed at him. Just as the roots almost grabbed him, the egg of Tai Shi finally flew out of the light.

He rushed out of the light and realized that the place where the light was shining down was actually the eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows. This eye opened up and let the light shine down, giving him a chance to escape.

Otherwise, if he was caught by the roots of the World Tree, he would definitely be completely absorbed!

The egg of Tai Shi escaped and finally let out a sigh of relief. He saw Qin Mu lying on the ground like a dried corpse. He hurriedly landed beside Qin Mu and saw that his body was stiff and couldn't move. The eyeball in the heart of his brows was moving around.

The egg of Tai Shi stood beside him and was still in a state of shock. "You always like to mess around. Now you've created a huge mess, right? This tree is absorbing the power of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. Without the power of the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, it can only absorb you…"

When he said that, the World Tree in Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure had nothing to swallow, so he stopped absorbing it.

In his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, other than Qin Mu's spirit embryo and soul, only the World Tree was left. Everything else no longer existed!

Luckily, most of the treasures that Qin Mu had collected were stored in the vertical eye in the heart of his brows and not in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. These treasures were all preserved and not swallowed by the World Tree.

Suddenly, the World Tree swallowed Qin Mu's spirit embryo and primordial spirit into the tree.

Right at this moment, a strange thing happened.

Qin Mu felt himself becoming one with the tree, and his primordial spirit seemed to have completely merged with the World Tree. He could sense the branches, leaves, and roots of the tree.

The branches were like his arms, and the leaves were like his palms. The roots were like his nerves, allowing him to clearly sense everything outside.

Not only that, he also felt that his body seemed to be formed by Great Dao. Those Great Dao were Great Dao that he had painstakingly comprehended, like creation, like consciousness, all kinds of Connate Great Dao, all kinds of Postcelestial Great Dao.

Some were Great Daos that he had just touched on the borders of, such as the Tai Su, the Tai Chu, the Tai Shi, and Taiji. There were also Great Daos that he had never come into contact with before.

Now, all the Great Daos became incomparably clear, as though they had become his instinct, his consciousness, and the marvel contained in the Great Dao had become his thoughts.

In his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, the World Tree suddenly trembled gently.

Chaos opened up, and in an instant, his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure seemed to have experienced the creation of heaven and earth!

The moment the universe was created, it was first a boundless void without anything. It was like the ultimate void Great Overarching Heaven in the legends.

However, in the next moment, the creation of heaven and earth evolved into a creation. This was Primordial energy that emerged in his divine treasures!

As soon as the Primordial energy appeared, the universe became something like liquid primordial soup, turning into a state of pure energy. The formless energy filled the entire primitive universe.

Energy exploded, and the primordial universe expanded rapidly. Space was born, and primordial matter spewed out along with the pouring energy into countless dimensions. It didn't coalesce together, so it had shape, substance, and no body.

In the end, the primordial universe expanded to a certain extent, and the primordial substances gathered together to form brilliant stars and galaxies that surrounded each other. Yin and Yang were separated and operated together, forming taiji diagrams in the universe.

The most ancient landmass transformed into the ancestral court. The World Tree took root on it, and the Great Dao was abundant. On the ancestral court, it transformed into the four great heavenly gates, the Jade Pool, and the Jade Pavilion. The baleful aura condensed into the God Execution Stage, and the starlight gathered to form the Celestial River Celestial Sea.

The sky sea reflected the boundless starry sky, and Xuandu appeared. The Heavenly Dao gathered the stars of Xuandu and shone on the substance in the dimensions. The substance in those dimensions formed numerous heavens.

At this point, the Primordial Realm rose, Youdu was established, and the four poles were born.

In the stars, stars, and constellations, ancient gods were born. Above them were Heaven Duke, below them were Earth Count, and in the center was Mother Earth. In the four poles of the universe were the four deities of the ancient gods.

There was Heavenly Yin World under Heaven Duke's feet, and there was Ruins of End under Earth Count's feet.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit had unknowingly separated from the World Tree. He stood under the tree and looked around. He saw five Great Daos born from the five phases formed by the universe forming five mines in the ancestral court.

In the mine, divine stones were being born and embedded into the depths of the mine. Multicolored light gathered there, containing the power of the surging Great Dao.

In fact, the Tai Yi mine that he yearned for day and night was actually forming!

The Tai Yi mine was filled with chaos, and there were actually divine stones forming.

Qin Mu looked at this scene in a daze. All kinds of comprehensions regarding the Five Great Dao of Connate came flooding in. Some of them were things he had never comprehended before, but now, they seemed to be knowledge that he was born with, appearing in his mind.

"…That World Tree is a monster born from stealing the spirit energy of heaven and earth. Now you know fear, right?"

The egg of Tai Shi was still chattering non-stop beside Qin Mu. "It's useless to be scared! I can't save you now, and I'm helpless against that strange tree. Even my Grand Primordium Origin Stone was swallowed by it… Hold on for a moment, I'll go find Tai Yi. I'm an egg-born ancient god like him, so he should at least give me some face…"

He was about to jump away when Qin Mu suddenly sat up straight and turned to look at him. "Dao Brother Tai Shi, quickly come to my divine treasures!"

The egg of Tai Shi jumped in shock and hurriedly escaped. "It's reanimating! That demon tree controlled Celestial Venerable Mu's body to trick me, how could I fall for it?"

Just as he jumped up, a beam of light shot out from the vertical eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows and shone on the egg of Tai Shi, pulling it towards the heart of his brows.

In the egg, Taishi was angry and anxious. He tried his best to knock on the eggshell with his fists, but he couldn't break it.

He was getting closer to Qin Mu, so he could only stick to the inner wall of the eggshell and kick around. However, he was still sent into the divine treasures by Qin Mu.


The Tai Shi egg landed in a brand new Tai Shi mine, precisely on the sacrificial altar.

Tai Shi was stunned. The round egg rotated one round on the sacrificial altar, and he felt that the sacrificial altar was even more complete than before. The mine was also more complete than before, and the Dao of Tai Shi contained in it was also so pure that there were no more impurities.

He was surprised and delighted. For a moment, he forgot to escape and settled down here.

He suddenly saw the World Tree, and the round egg trembled a few times. It wanted to escape, but it couldn't bear to leave its new nest, so it could only be secretly on guard.

At this moment, he saw Qin Mu's primordial spirit sitting under the tree. He seemed to be comprehending, but also seemed to be cultivating.

'Celestial Venerable Mu is so miserable. The celestial palaces that I painstakingly refined are all gone…'

Just as he thought that, countless runes of Great Dao interweaved and transformed into bricks, pillars, stone steps, and pavilions.

All kinds of magnificent runes of the Great Dao piled up and covered the buildings, halls, and palaces. Soon, a celestial palace was formed.

In the distance, celestial palaces were rapidly forming, gradually forming a vast celestial heavens!

Qin Mu's body was also slowly recovering its color.

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