Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1486 - Crossing The Chaotic River

The current Qin Mu was still very weak, but he was much better than before.

This experience was truly terrifying. Even he was worried that the World Tree would swallow him whole.

He didn't expect that at the most crucial moment, after the World Tree swallowed his spirit embryo and soul, the tree would finally have his imprint!

In the past, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't refine the World Tree, nor could he imprint himself on it. However, as the World Tree swallowed his spirit embryo and soul, he actually imprinted it on it just like that!

This experience could be said to be one of the most dangerous and terrifying experiences he had ever experienced. In the end, he was able to turn the danger into a blessing in disguise.

His celestial palace was still being reconstructed, and his magic power was also increasing steadily.

Qin Mu stood up and spread out his divine treasure realm. A precious tree stood tall in the ancestral court, and the five great mines surrounded it. It made him feel as if his roots could reach any corner of the realm.

This was the first time he felt like he was in complete control of everything.

He stood under the feet of his primordial spirit, and his primordial spirit stood under the tree. The tree was hidden in the realm of divine treasures, and his primordial spirit was many times taller than his corporeal body. The World Tree was also many times taller than his primordial spirit. On the top was the blue sky, which was clear for ten thousand miles. On the bottom was the earth, which was thick and boundless.

This scenery made people feel that it was heavy and vast.

"If I don't take the risk, don't try, and don't explore the unknown, I will never be able to become one with the World Tree. It can be seen that taking the risk to try might bring me great benefits!"

Qin Mu comprehended silently. Even though his divine treasure realm was formed and his celestial palace was being reconstructed, he could acutely sense that the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique from before was no longer suitable for his current technique.

Many people cultivated a technique from a young age, but he was different. The technique needed to evolve continuously, making the technique more suitable for him.

In every era, his knowledge and foundation were different, and what he knew and comprehended were different. Hence, his technique had to be improved continuously.

Now, he had comprehended too much knowledge. After obtaining the World Tree and planting it in his divine treasures, his comprehension of Tai Shi, Tai Chu, Tai Su, and Taiji had reached new heights. More importantly, he had started to touch the path of the Tai Yi!

In the past, Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique could no longer contain this knowledge. Now, he needed to expand his technique.

He originally had nineteen celestial palaces, and this technique was already extremely complicated. Now that he had the World Tree, it was much easier to coordinate everything.

Different celestial palaces represented different Great Daos. If one cultivated according to the method of the ten Celestial Venerables, it would be very difficult to merge twenty to thirty Emperor's Throne techniques into one to form a Celestial Heavens technique.

Qin Mu had long fused nineteen Emperor's Throne techniques. At his age, achieving this step was already an extremely remarkable achievement. However, this kind of cultivation path became more difficult as it progressed.

For existences like the ten Celestial Venerables, they had fused over thirty techniques, and the time they had spent was calculated in ten thousand years. There were also a few among the ten Celestial Venerables that had cultivated thirty-five celestial palaces, but they were all trapped on the thirty-sixth.

For this reason, they had no choice but to display their abilities and find their own unique path.

For example, Celestial Venerable Hao chose to rely on the Great Simplicity Realm, Celestial Empress' sister chose to devour each other, and God Emperor Lang Xuan tried to break through by refining the Dao fruits of others.

Ancestral God King decided to murder his father, Heaven Duke, in an attempt to break through.

Qin Mu didn't have such a long time to slowly figure it out. When he cultivated to the later stages, his advancement would definitely slow down.

Now, he only needed to use the World Tree as the main body to unify all kinds of Great Daos and all kinds of techniques. It wouldn't be that difficult anymore.

More importantly, there were five Primordial Great Daos!

He stood there and comprehended silently. Not long later, his twentieth celestial palace gradually took shape.

This was Tai Shi Celestial Palace.

He had the most thorough understanding of the Dao of Tai Shi through the World Tree. Originally, he had Tai Shi living in his divine treasure mine, continuously refining divine stones and primordial stones to comprehend the Dao of Tai Shi.

The Tai Shi Dao comprehended in the egg wasn't hidden from him. He comprehended some, and Qin Mu received some. Even though he wasn't as richly endowed as this ancient god, Qin Mu's gains were still great.

And this time, the World Tree directly swallowed the mine vein and the Grand Primordium Divine Stone, which was why the Tai Shi Dao was the most thorough.

The sky gradually turned dark. Qin Mu comprehended and constructed the palace while rising to the top of the newly grown World Tree.

Terrifying tremors came from outside the Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain, and it was a scene of the end of days. Meanwhile, the top of the New World Tree was calm.

The sky suddenly became brighter, lighting up the layers of void. He could faintly see a Dao Tree standing in the Ultimate Void.

The Dao Tree was hazy, and its branches and leaves were like the leaves of the World Tree.

However, no matter if it was the World Tree in Qin Mu's divine treasures or the New World Tree in the Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain, they were both still young. On the other hand, the Dao Tree in the Ultimate Void was lush and covered an extremely vast area!

That should be a Dao Tree that was too easy.

There was only one Dao fruit on the Dao Tree that was too easy, and there was no Dao flower. However, it was flourishing.

Suddenly, a drop of Dao dew that was giving off light dripped down from a leaf. The iron bucket that Tai Yi had given Qin Mu had also melted. He took out the iron bucket that he had refined and strolled leisurely on the leaf, receiving the Dao dew that had dripped down from the Ultimate Void.

The Ultimate Void was silent and charming. It appeared in front of him just like that, as if it was within reach.

Tai Yi's Dao Tree was also there, and it seemed like he could touch it just by raising his hand.

However, Qin Mu knew that place was incomparably far away, and it wasn't a place he could reach. He was still a Dao Seeker on the path of Dao Realm, and he had yet to touch that realm.

The night was busy and fulfilling. When the sun rose, the last drop of Dao dew fell, and the Ultimate Void and Tai Yi Dao Tree vanished. The iron bucket in Qin Mu's hand also received a bucket of Dao dew.

And his Tai Shi Celestial Palace was also just in time.

Qin Mu walked down from the World Tree and carried the iron bucket to the Hundred Thousand Mountains to search for the black mountain that had been shattered last night.

When someone in the mountain saw this, he couldn't help becoming astonished. "Tai Yi has transformed into the appearance of Imperial Preceptor!"

Qin Mu didn't explain and went to find the black mountain that had split open. He used the Dao Dew to repair it, and when the Dao Dew was used up, he just finished repairing the mountain peaks that had been shattered.

'Tai Yi is still unfathomable.' He put down the metal bucket and couldn't help sighing ruefully. He began to comprehend the Dao of Great Simplicity again, planning to cultivate the Great Simplicity Celestial Palace.

It was rare for him to have peace and quiet. During the past few days, he repaired the cracked black mountain during the day, and at night, he carried the iron bucket to the crown of the World Tree to receive the Dao dew that was dripping from the Ultimate Void.

A few days later, he consecutively opened up the Great Simplicity Celestial Palace and the Great Ultimate Celestial Palace. When he opened up the Great Beginning Celestial Palace, Qin Mu was suddenly stunned, and a drop of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

"The eggshell of Celestial Emperor Tai Chu has been swallowed by my World Tree!"

More beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. These two eggshells were the treasures he planned to use to save Celestial Venerable Ling!

He was prepared to bring the eggshell into the part of the celestial river that had already transformed into unchanging substance and use the unchanging divine art to seal Celestial Emperor's corporeal body!

He was preparing to seal the Grand Emperor's primordial spirit that resided in Celestial Emperor Tai Chu's body!

The World Tree had swallowed and refined the eggshell, which meant that he had lost his greatest reliance!

If he went to save Celestial Venerable Ling, he would have to face the Grand Emperor's primordial spirit controlling the corporeal body of Celestial Emperor Tai Chu!

"This time, it's going to be tricky!"

Qin Mu composed himself and continued to comprehend the Grand Primordium Celestial Palace. Since he couldn't put Celestial Emperor's corporeal body and the Grand Emperor's primordial spirit into the eggshell, understanding the Grand Primordium Great Dao was the best way to deal with the Grand Emperor and Celestial Emperor!

After a few days, he opened up the Taiyi Celestial Palace, but he encountered a problem when he was opening it.

Even though he had some understanding of the Dao of Taiyi through the World Tree, this Great Dao was simply too obscure. Furthermore, Taiyi had already absorbed all of the divine stone and primordial liquid from the Taiyi mine, not leaving a single drop.

This time, the World Tree had swallowed and refined the Taiyi eggshell, allowing him to understand the Dao of Taiyi. If he wanted to comprehend it completely, he needed great perseverance, great comprehension, and great opportunities!

Furthermore, the World Tree in his divine treasure had indeed stopped growing, just as Tai Yi had said. Qin Mu's divine treasure wasn't the real universe, and it lacked nutrients for the tree to grow.

The current World Tree was still only a sapling. Although its roots were still gradually growing, the tree hadn't grown taller, nor had it grown any more branches.

Qin Mu counted. There were five main branches of the World Tree and nineteen branches. They were compatible with the Great Dao he cultivated and should correspond to the Great Dao he cultivated.

Among them, the five main branches represented the five precelestials, while some of the other branches were still splitting into different branches. For example, the celestial palace of the devil path had 64 branches, which should represent the 64 Great Daos of Youdu.

Qin Mu temporarily gave up on the idea of continuing to study the Taiyi Celestial Palace. Now that he had 23 celestial palaces, his cultivation had increased by quite a bit.

What made him feel even more important was to use the opportunity of the World Tree to walk further on the Dao Realm!

In the next few months, Qin Mu repaired the cracked black mountain while receiving the Dao dew while comprehending the Dao in peace. Everyone in the Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain was astonished at first, but they gradually got used to it and let him be busy.

However, Qin Mu would occasionally wake up from this busy state, and he was slightly bewildered. 'Tai Yi has to leave this place for half a year, what is he going to do?'

Ancestral Court Jade Capital City.

Tai Yi possessed the body and observed the huge cauldron that Wei Suifeng had left outside the city. There was an incense stick in the cauldron, and it was about to burn to its roots. However, it was still moving automatically in the cauldron, drawing a winding path.

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun were still alive, and they were planning to cross the river.

They didn't know how wide and long the huge river in front of them was. They carefully walked along the river bank. Shu Jun stubbornly believed that they had come from the opposite shore, so he wanted to find a path to cross the river.

However, this huge river didn't have a bridge, so it was impossible to fly over it. Terrifying skeletons would appear from time to time in this huge river of primal chaos, giving off a heaven overflowing might that even the river couldn't destroy!

They even saw the skeletons of the people who had achieved the Dao emitting light, and incomparably dangerous light was moving on the river surface.

From time to time, distorted vengeful spirits would appear on the surface of the river. They would struggle, roar, and pull anything they could catch, as though they were scapegoats looking for a substitute.

Even though Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun were extremely daring, they didn't dare to cross the river. They could only continue to search for a way out.

At this moment, a white-haired elder walked over with a cane. He stopped in front of them and said, "You guys have taken the wrong path."

"Could it be Dao Brother Taiyi?" Wei Suifeng asked hurriedly.

That elder nodded his head and said, "If you guys cross the river, you really won't be able to return. There are danger zones all around, and once you reach the other side of the river, you will be the residence of the master of Miluo Palace. Even if you guys cross the river, you will still die."

The two of them were astonished. Shu Jun asked politely, "Can Senior bring us away?"

Tai Yi shook his head. "I want to cross the river, I have no time to send you guys off."

Shu Jun was slightly disappointed. Wei Suifeng hurriedly asked, "Dao brother, is my junior brother looking for us? Did he find the geographical map I left behind?"


The elder said too easily, "This place is too dangerous, so don't walk around casually. I was looking at the geographical map that you guys had just passed by outside the city and only then did I find this place. If you guys continue to move forward, you will definitely die without a burial ground. Don't go back either, the Chaotic River is constantly changing. If you guys go back, you won't be able to find your original path, you will just die in vain."

The two of them cried out bitterly, and Wei Suifeng immediately said, "Is it safe to stay here and not move?"

The elder was too easy to observe and said, "In half a day, this place will be drowned by the Chaotic River."

Shu Jun said resolutely, "Senior, please be pitiful and bring us away!"

Wei Suifeng also hurriedly said, "Dao brother is pitiful!"

The elder was helpless and said, "I'm going to meet the master of Miluo Palace. This trip is also incomparably dangerous, and I don't have the confidence to return alive. That person has remarkable abilities, and he's even above me. If he follows me, it will only be more dangerous. If there's no danger, I won't lie to Celestial Venerable Mu and let him guard Big Black Wood for half a year."

There was still something he didn't say. If he couldn't come back alive, Qin Mu wouldn't just be guarding for half a year. He would have to guard the big black tree for a long time to come.

At that time, Qin Mu would become Tai Yi's successor and would never be able to leave.

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun didn't know the inside story, so they smiled and said, "Who can do anything to you? Dao brother, don't joke around. My junior brother has never tried to save me. Now that we are at our wits' end, I hope Dao brother can help us!"

Tai Yi could only bring them along and said, "Follow me, don't fall behind, or else you will die."

The two of them nodded repeatedly and followed closely beside Tai Yi. Old Tai Yi walked to the surface of the Chaotic River with his wooden cane and saw that the river suddenly seemed to be boiling. Twisted vengeful spirits stretched their hands out to grab the three of them!

Tai Yi swung his crutch and beat the vengeful spirits until they sank into the river. He shouted, "Don't let them touch you! They died in the Great Overarching Heaven and became nothing. They want to capture you to exchange for their dead universe and their souls!"

The two of them were scared witless. Just a casual grab from the souls of those who had achieved the Dao made them feel that no divine art could defend against them. If they weren't by their side, they would probably have fallen into the previous universe in the next moment, their souls dispersed, and their Dao would have vanished!

"This old Tai Yi is quite fierce!"

Shu Jun saw Tai Yi fighting his way through and couldn't help but admire him. "Old but vigorous!"

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