Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1487 - The Jade Capital Trap

Tai Yi fought his way to the center of the river. Suddenly, skeletons rose from the river and blocked their path.

"Dao brother, you are all existences that have become Dao, so why do you still value life and death so much?" Tai Yi stopped and leaned on his cane to ask.

The skeleton seemed to be able to understand his words. Its jaw opened and closed, but Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun couldn't understand what it was saying. It was a profound Dao language.

He seemed to be questioning Tai Yi.

There were many races in this world, and they were like the stars in the sky. This universe had also experienced sixteen lifetimes of destruction, so it was natural that the language couldn't be understood.

However, there was a language that could be communicated, and that was Dao.

Using the Great Dao as a language could reveal one's thoughts. However, to be able to communicate with the Dao language, one's abilities were naturally extremely high.

The skeleton in the river was also an existence that had achieved the path, and his abilities were powerful.

Tai Yi listened for a moment and shook his head. "No matter how well you put it, you are just afraid of death."

The skeletons in the river rushed towards Tai Yi, and at the same time, the Chaotic River boiled. The skeletons rose from the river and attacked Tai Yi from different directions!

And in the chaos river under Tai Yi's feet, there was also a skeleton rushing over!

The divine arts they used were truly unfathomable to Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun. The depth of the Dao Realm was something they had never seen before!

They could understand some of the divine arts of the ten Celestial Venerables, but they couldn't understand the divine arts of the skeletons in the river at all!

Tai Yi raised his cane and tapped it forward. No matter how marvelous the divine arts of the skeletons in the river were, the cane still accurately broke through their divine arts and tapped the heart of their brows!

A skeleton's skull exploded and retreated into the Chaotic River.

The Taiyi crutch flew up and down, tapping, sweeping, and smashing. Every move and every form looked simple and clumsy, yet every strike hit the opponent with incomparable accuracy. It looked slow, but it was actually fast. Soon, all the skeletons were struck down into the chaos.

He put away his cane, and the tip of the cane stopped on the river surface. Meanwhile, the skeleton at the bottom of the river that was preparing to ambush him was precisely tapped on the heart of his brows by the tip of the cane, sinking into the river silently.

Tai Yi said to Shu Jun and Wei Suifeng, who were still in a state of shock, "These people are the Daoists of the past. This Chaotic River is the universe of destruction they are in. They jumped out of the river to kill their way over from their universe of destruction. They just need to send them back into the river and they will return to the universe they are in, unable to come over."

Wei Suifeng asked, "Dao brother, what if they jump out of the Chaotic River and step onto the shore?"

"They jumped out of the Chaotic River. As long as they don't go ashore, it doesn't count as coming to our universe. If they go ashore, I can't do anything about it."

After a long time, they finally reached the other side of the river. The three of them looked forward and saw another huge river of chaos blocking their way.

Tai Yi frowned. Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun were also puzzled.

'This body of mine is old, and even though my divine arts are extremely high, my corporeal body's functions aren't good. If I continue fighting, I will definitely be exhausted.'

Tai Yi said to the two of them, "Stay here and don't move. Wait for me to change my body."

The two of them were alarmed, and they saw Tai Yi jumping into the Chaotic River. After a moment, the water in the Chaotic River churned, and a youth walked out. He had delicate features and a handsome appearance. He held a wooden spear with a few tender green leaves on it. "Let's go."

The two of them didn't know where he had jumped to and who he had changed his body to.

They examined the wooden spear in Tai Yi's hand, not knowing what kind of wood was used to forge it.

The young man, Tai Yi, brought them into the second Chaotic River. This time, the young man wasn't as steady as the old Tai Yi. His spear skills and divine arts had many more tricks, and he was no longer simple.

Even though their horizons weren't as high as Tai Yi's, they could still see that even though the young Tai Yi's spear skills were close combat, they didn't give off the feeling that the old Tai Yi was the most simple.

It was a good thing that the youth was too easy to win because his corporeal body was stronger. It was more dangerous for him to charge forward.

Everyone was on tenterhooks along the way, but they managed to cross this huge river safely.

However, on the other side of the river, there was a huge river of chaos.

The youth frowned and observed for a moment. "This river is hard to cross, let me change my body." After he said that, he jumped back into the river.

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun were already used to it. They stood by the river and waited. After a moment, an alluring woman walked out from the river with a fine sword in her hand. She said charmingly, "Follow me."

The woman brought the two of them across the river, and sword lights flashed like lightning along the way. They scattered in the primal chaos, slicing down the numerous strange dangers in the primal chaos and sending them into the primal chaos.

Along the way, they crossed huge rivers one after another. Tai Yi had also changed over a dozen forms, and the weapons in his hands had also changed over a dozen.

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun were bewildered. They didn't know where he had gotten these weapons from.

They came to another huge river. This time, Tai Yi transformed into a tall and sturdy man with a divine bow on his back.

Wei Suifeng found the divine bow familiar, and the corners of his eyes couldn't help twitching. 'It looks like the divine bow Junior Brother is carrying! Strange, did Tai Yi run to the previous universe to borrow the corporeal bodies and weapons of other Daoists? How did he go to the previous universe? Could this Chaotic River really lead to another universe?'

Shu Jun also saw that this divine bow was similar to the one Qin Mu had dug out from the mine. He was bewildered. 'Tai Yi transformed into all kinds of forms in the past. Could he be borrowing the corporeal bodies of other people who had achieved the Dao? Isn't this too remarkable!'

The two of them didn't ask any more questions and looked down the river. However, the primal chaos below was dense and they couldn't see what was under Clear River.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew past, and the tall and sturdy Tai Yi stretched out his hand to block it. Instantly, the Chaotic River churned, and the surface of the water became thinner. Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun immediately rushed over as if they were standing on clouds, and below them was the boundless ancestral court!

However, that wasn't the current ancestral court. It was an even more ancient and dilapidated ancestral court!

That ancestral court was actually crumbling!

Below, not only was the ancestral court collapsing, but the entire universe was collapsing. There was only a majestic giant tree standing upright between heaven and earth that had not been shaken by the apocalypse!

The two of them shuddered, and they could faintly see incomparably powerful figures coming to the roots of the huge tree as the universe collapsed. Their strong and powerful bodies could change the world, shift the stars, and fight to create a magnificent god city!

Right at this moment, the violent wind stopped, and chaotic qi filled the river, blocking their vision.

The two of them were extremely shocked. They looked at each other and remained silent.

Tai Yi bent his bow and shot down the peculiarities in the river.

They came to the sixteenth great river, and Tai Yi said, "Miluo Palace's master is waiting for his exhaustion. I need to meet him in my strongest form. Please wait a moment."

He jumped into the river again, and after a moment, a man with a tall and sturdy body walked out from the river. He had a body full of muscles and looked sinister. He carried the Chaotic Axe and said to the two of them, "I didn't prepare enough, but that's all I can do for now. After we cross the river, you guys stay outside, I'll go in to see him."

The two of them could only nod.

The sixteenth huge river was extremely wide, and Tai Yi wielded his ax as he brought the two of them over. The surface of the river was calm, and it wasn't as strange as before.

The two of them were trembling in fear and became even more vigilant. They saw layers of fog on the other side, and the primordial qi was like a fog blocking their vision. They followed Tai Yi through the primordial qi and saw huge shadows standing in the primordial qi from afar. They couldn't see what they were.

The two of them became more nervous, but when they reached the opposite shore of the Chaotic River, they realized that the shadow on the other side was actually a tall, majestic jade palace and all kinds of strange buildings.

"A magnificent city!"

Wei Suifeng couldn't help but praise, "The Jade Capital, the Jade Capital, the White Jade Capital. This is the real Jade Capital. Compared to this place, the Jade Capital of the celestial heavens is truly a pile of dirt!"

Shu Jun nodded repeatedly in admiration.

"This place can be called Jade Capital or Miluo Palace."

Tai Yi carried the Chaotic Axe on his back and took a step forward. With each step he took, Wei Suifeng and the rest would have to sprint a hundred steps to catch up to him. Tai Yi said, "The Numinous Sky Hall of the celestial heavens is a huge hall in this Mi Luo Palace. Look there!"

He raised his ax and pointed. The two of them hurriedly looked over and indeed saw a Numinous Sky Hall!

However, this Numinous Sky Hall was even grander and more imposing than the Numinous Sky Hall in the celestial heavens. At the same time, it had a natural Great Dao aura that lingered around the hall!

The Numinous Sky Hall of the celestial heavens couldn't be compared to this hall.

"The Numinous Sky Hall of the celestial heavens was actually visualized by the masters of creation. The Grand Emperor must have seen this hall and visualized the shape of the Numinous Sky Hall, but he couldn't recreate it," Tai Yi said calmly.

Wei Suifeng was flabbergasted when he heard that. Suddenly, he remembered something important, and he hurriedly said, "This Numinous Sky Hall wasn't formed naturally. Was it refined by the master of Miro Palace?"

Tai Yi nodded and said, "This treasured hall is refined by the Great Dao, and the entire Jade Capital City is also refined by the Great Dao of those who have achieved the Dao. Thus, it possesses supreme power."

Wei Suifeng felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on him from head to toe. His heart turned cold, and he cried out, "In that case, what are the origins of the Jade Capital Realm, Numinous Sky Realm, and Emperor's Throne Realm? These three realms were created according to the Jade Capital of the celestial heavens. If the Jade Capital Realm was created by imitating this place, doesn't that mean… doesn't that mean…"

He shuddered and didn't dare to continue.

Shu Jun suddenly said, "Doesn't that mean that these three realms are all traps?"

Jade Capital Trap!

Jade Capital Realm was a trap, Numinous Sky Realm was a trap, and even Emperor's Throne Realm was a trap!

What kind of person had such great abilities, such powerful methods, such a profound scheme, such a terrifying trap, to catch all the experts in the world in one fell swoop?

Could it be that Miluo Palace's master?

They looked at the palace that was getting closer in front of them, and they couldn't help but shudder. A chill surged up from the bottom of their hearts, crawling up their spines to their necks, then to the back of their heads, and into their brains.

Tai Yi didn't say anything, nor did he confirm their guess. However, they verified their guess from the clues.

"Back then, we discovered Ancestral Court Jade Capital City by chance."

Shu Jun muttered, "Bo Yang and I came in from another path, while the Grand Emperor and Tai Chu took a different path from ours. Could they have been here before? If the master of Miluo Palace had set up the trap, they should have started from then…"

"You guys stay here."

Tai Yi stuck a crutch into the ground and walked towards the Miluo Palace with the ax on his back. He said solemnly, "I'll go meet him! If I can stop him, everything will be fine, but if I can't…"

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