Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1476 - Great Fortune

"As expected of a veteran!"

Shu Jun couldn't help but praise him. "With this move of yours, we won't have to worry about anything else. However, I'm also experienced in the martial world. As long as we walk the path we took, we can retreat safely!"

Wei Suifeng said, "I hope so."

"What do you mean 'I hope so'? What a jinx!"

Shu Jun laughed loudly and walked into the Jade Capital City first.

Wei Suifeng followed behind him, feeling extremely nervous. He looked around and saw that the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court was very different from the Jade Capital City of the celestial heavens.

The Jade Capital City of the ancestral court was very dilapidated. Other than the aura of the Vast Expanse Great Dao that came out from breaking the seal, there was also a peculiar aura of death. It made him acutely sense that under the influence of this aura, the Great Dao law he cultivated actually showed signs of crumbling!

This was the withering aura of the Great Dao. His own Great Dao laws were disintegrating continuously, slowly losing the power of his paths, skills, and divine arts!

He could still feel his corporeal body and primordial spirit being invaded. Originally, his lifespan was the same as heaven and earth, but now, he actually felt that his lifespan had come to an end. Every moment he stayed in this god city, his lifespan would decrease by one day.

As he went deeper into the god city, the speed at which his lifespan was depleting was still increasing!

A hot gust of wind blew over, blowing on the few skulls on the ground. Shu Jun's expression changed slightly, and he hurriedly pulled Wei Suifeng away. They stood under a withered tree and stared nervously at the hot wind.

The hot wind swept past the skull, and a skull made clattering sounds as it rolled under the tree.

The strange thing was that he couldn't feel the hot wind blowing past him as he stood under the withered tree.

Wei Suifeng stretched out his hand and was about to feel the wind when Shu Jun suddenly slapped his hand away.

"We can't touch this wind!"

Shu Jun was extremely nervous, and his voice was hoarse as he said, "I call this the wind of heat and stillness. When you touch it, your primordial spirit will be burned to ashes!"

Wei Suifeng's heart jumped, and he immediately asked, "How strong is the power of this Wind of heat and stillness?"

"Back then, our masters of creation brought numerous strong practitioners and ancient gods to explore this place. This was the first time we encountered such a wind. Other than hiding under the tree, everyone else died."

Shu Jun took out a huge hammer and smashed it ruthlessly at the skull. That skull should be the skull of a master of creation. When it came to the bottom of the tree, it suddenly grew four limbs and gave off cracking sounds. Then, it was shattered by Shu Jun's hammer.

"His body and soul were destroyed."

Shu Jun let out a sigh of relief and waved his hand to throw the broken bones away. He said plainly, "Not even a bit of consciousness is left. Even the Great Dao of the ancient gods has been reduced to ashes."

Wei Suifeng looked at the shattered bones on the ground in confusion.

Shu Jun said, "It was influenced by the tree behind us. This tree should be the Dao Tree that Celestial Venerable Mu mentioned in the past. It's also called the World Tree, and the big black tree is a World Tree. Although this tree is dead, its power is still there. It can withstand the heat and silence of the wind. However, we definitely can't touch this tree. When we escaped to the tree back then, some people changed after touching this tree."

He had a weird expression. "He became another person, or he couldn't be called a human. He killed many of our experts…"

"What an ominous place…" Wei Suifeng shuddered and tightened his collar.

After the wind died down, they left the withered tree. Wei Suifeng looked around and saw that the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court was filled with dilapidated halls and collapsed buildings. Even the Great Dao markings on the buildings had been obliterated, leaving only blurry lines.

There was still chaos qi in the ruins, and it was extremely heavy, like small ponds. Wei Suifeng even saw that the chaos qi had frozen!

Just as they were passing by, a white smoke rose from a frozen Primal Chaotic Qi. It was like a head whose face could not be seen clearly as it breathed out cold air at them.

Shu Jun hurriedly pulled Wei Suifeng to escape, avoiding the cold wind. He quickly said, "That's the cold wind formed by the condensation of the primordial chaos. If the cold wind hits you, everything will melt and become void!"

Wei Suifeng could only run for his life with him. After running for a short distance, Wei Suifeng's expression suddenly turned blank. He saw thousands of palaces and halls in the Jade Capital City in front of him. Even though they were dilapidated, he could still see the grand occasion back then.

However, in front of these palaces stood a withered tree!

The dead Dao Trees!

Hundreds of Dao Trees entered his sight, and Wei Suifeng swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty. His throat was dry, and his mind was blank from shock.

Shu Jun brought him and sprinted. When they reached a withered Dao Tree, they immediately stopped and turned to look at the cold wind blowing over.

Wei Suifeng stood obediently beside him, and Shu Jun said, "Don't touch it."

Wei Suifeng nodded obediently.

Shu Jun stared nervously at the cold and lonely wind and said without taking his eyes off it, "Back then, Sun God King Bo was our big brother. His consciousness cultivation was extremely strong… Well, he was slightly stronger than me. He mainly relied on dragons. He and the dragons worked together to investigate this cold and lonely wind. He told us that when this wind blew past, all substances would melt and no matter would move anymore. The particles that formed the substances would continuously split until they couldn't split anymore. And when they were at their smallest, the distance between each particle would be infinite…"

Wei Suifeng couldn't imagine that kind of situation.

"This is the void. Even the 35 voids aren't as powerful as this void."

The hair on Shu Jun's head was fluffy. He licked his lips and said, "Bo Yang and Long Xiao guessed that there's another void above the 35 voids. It's most likely the void created by this cold wind. He called it the Ultimate Void and guessed that the cold wind in this city might be a fragment of the Ultimate Void. This kind of wind should have been blown out by a ghost that died in the Ultimate Void…"

The void had the ability to turn incorporeal. Any creature or substance that stepped into the void would turn incorporeal.

The so-called void transformation was when a person stepped into the void, his body would become larger and thinner, gradually changing from reality to void.

The distance between the particles that formed this person was constantly stretched and extended. In the end, he turned into particles that were unrelated to each other and disappeared into the void.

This kind of situation was to fade into the void.

Qin Mu's third heaven of the Dao Realm, the Great Overarching Heaven Completion, was formed. The principles used were the principles of the void and consciousness. It was the divine art of the Dao Realm that he had comprehended from the masters of creation's knowledge.

Wei Suifeng looked into the distance in a daze.

Shu Jun stared at the cold and lonely wind, waiting for it to pass. Suddenly, Wei Suifeng tugged at his sleeve, and Shu Jun said, "Wait a while more, the wind hasn't passed…"

Wei Suifeng tugged on his shirt again, and Shu Jun said impatiently, "I'll let you wait for a while. If we go out now, we'll run into the tail of the wind, and we'll be finished with a gentle sweep…"

Wei Suifeng couldn't help but ask, "Shu Jun, when you came here last time, did you find any living people in the city?"

"What living person? This city is a dead city. Not to mention living people, we don't even see a ghost…"

Shu Jun turned back. Wei Suifeng pouted and said with a trembling voice, "There seems to be a living person in front…"

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