Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1474 - Rulai Ma

"Ma ha!"

In Qin Mu's dreams, numerous tiny Qin Mus gathered together. Some had solemn expressions, some had wild auras, some wore beast skins, shorts, and short robes. Some were like barbarians, some were like cultured and refined scholars, some were barefoot and carried knives like butchers, and some had the demeanor of an expert.

There were also monks that came running over like buddhas that had attained the Dao. The buddha rays around their bodies shone brightly.

The little ones in these dreams gathered together and surrounded the dream realm beside Qin Mu's primordial spirit.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit was vast, and his body broke through layers of dream realms like a Mount Meru that pierced through countless worlds.

Numerous dainty Qin Mus spoke one after another to express their opinions. They racked their brains and analyzed the theory behind the divine art of Miluo Palace's Yuan Sage. How could they avoid being assimilated by him?

The first few days were peaceful, but on the third day, a small child was excitedly talking about how he could break the spells of a Yuan Sage. Just as he was getting excited, the Maha Maha language suddenly changed.

"The nature of destiny, the nature of nature, the Dao, and the path of cultivation…"

He instantly became an anomaly among the little ones, and he was swarmed by numerous dainty Qin Mus and killed on the spot.

However, not long after, there were more dainty Qin Mus that were assimilated and turned into people chanting scriptures. Even if they were killed, there were still new dainty Qin Mus that fell.

"Ma ha!"

"Gu ji!"

In the dream realm, countless dainty Qin Mus were in chaos. At this moment, a buddha Qin Mu stood up and formed an immovable mudra. With a loud and clear bell ringing, it resounded throughout the entire place, suppressing the chaotic little people and stabilizing their minds.

Golden springs poured out from under the feet of the buddha Qin Mu, and lotuses rose from the springs to lift him up. He was sacred and solemn, and countless dainty Qin Mus looked at him.

"Ma! Ha!"

The buddha Qin Mu formed a seal and slowly sat down. He chanted buddhist scriptures that outsiders wouldn't be able to understand, but the flustered Qin Mus seemed to be able to understand. They sat on the ground and chanted along with the buddha Qin Mu.

In Qin Mu's numerous dreams, an extremely spectacular sight instantly appeared. Tens of thousands of Qin Mus sat down on the vast plains like a forest formed by monks. They chanted the same buddhist scriptures in unison, their voices becoming more resonant and unified!

That voice was like a flood of faith that swept through all the dreams. It was vast and wide, and even though they couldn't understand it, it was extremely shocking!

His dream realm was like a buddha country, a buddha world. The buddha rays expanded from every dream realm, bright and boundless. The buddha voice was vast and mighty, calming the hearts and souls of people.

When Granny Si, Mute, Blind, and the rest saw this sight, they couldn't help letting out sighs of relief. Cripple had also gotten much better after a few days of recuperation, so they were relieved.

Granny Si put down her divine bow and said in a low voice, "The Dharma of Great Thunderclap Monastery is the study of the heart and not the belief. It's the belief and the training of the heart. Maybe we can deal with that Miluo Palace's Yuan Sage."

Cripple's face was still a little sallow, and he said, "Mu'er has raised his conviction and achieved the heart of a vajra to subdue the Inner Ape. There should be no one in this world that can disturb his mind."

The few of them waited quietly. On the tenth day, a discordant voice suddenly rang out in Qin Mu's dream realm!

The corners of Granny Si and the rest's eyes twitched. They saw tens of thousands of Qin Mus like great buddhas sitting in the heavens around Qin Mu's primordial spirit. That voice came from the lowest heaven.

"…The one who is struck by it is the true self of the world; the one who is reconciled is the one who achieves the Dao…"

This voice disrupted buddhism, and the interference wasn't strong. However, it was like a plague, gradually infecting the other dainty Qin Mus.

The expressions of Granny Si and the rest became more solemn. They saw the second dainty Qin Mu being assimilated. Soon, he started to chant the scriptures of the Essence Saint of Miro Palace, followed by the third and the fourth…

In the end, hundreds of dainty Qin Mus were assimilated, and the rate at which they were being spread increased exponentially. They continued to spread to the center, and more dainty Qin Mus were assimilated. Layers of dream realms were contaminated!

Granny Si had a grim expression as she picked up the divine bow she had thrown away and held it tightly.

Cripple stared at her hand and his gaze landed on the divine bow in her hand. His face suddenly sank. "Granny, what are you trying to do?"

"It's none of your business!" Granny Si said coldly as she continued to stare at Qin Mu's dream realm.

Cripple was restless and paced back and forth. Suddenly, he moved and snatched the longbow from Granny Si's hands!

Granny Si was already on guard. She raised her other palm, and a series of explosions rang out. Magnetic force burst forth from the center of her palm, and the great divine arts of magnetism pressed down on Cripple's body one after another, crushing him to the ground. His speed couldn't be unleashed at all!

"Cripple, you were severely injured earlier, so you don't know the whole story!"

Granny Si said angrily. She pulled her divine bow back and continued to stare at the tiny Qin Mu that was being assimilated in the dream realm. However, the divine bow she pulled back only wanted Qin Mu's primordial spirit in the center of the dream realm.

"I don't know!"

Cripple propped himself up on all four limbs and tried his best to stand up. However, a few loud rumblings came crashing down again, crushing him to the ground.

Cripple's eyes were bloodshot as he struggled with all his might. He hissed, "Si Youyou, you stinky b * tch, I don't know why you had to shoot Mu'er to death! However, I know that you were the one who picked Mu'er up, but you were the one who sent him away every time! You were the one who found it troublesome to raise him, and I was the one who stole him back every time!"

He was unable to break free from the magnetism divine art, and he suddenly roared, "Mu'er was raised by me! Primordial Spirit Sun Changing!"

His body didn't move, and his primordial spirit left his body. With a whoosh, he broke through the great divine art of magnetism and instantly came to Granny Si's side, grabbing towards the divine bow.

Granny Si put away her divine bow and turned around. The divine rays of magnetism transformed into countless stars, and the star power between the stars formed chains that weaved up and down, interweaving, and laying down a huge net!

Cripple's primordial spirit rushed into the net, but he wasn't caught. Instead, he shuttled through the starry sky and said angrily, "If it wasn't for me, you would have long given Mu'er to someone else! If you want to kill him, kill me first!"

His primordial spirit suddenly expanded and became incomparably majestic. Star Shifting, disrupting Granny Si's divine art, and the ultimate skill of Godly Thief were all vividly displayed on his body!

"Cripple, don't mess around!"

Blind flew forward and his divine art burst forth, instantly connecting with Granny Si's divine art. The two divine arts actually perfectly merged together!

Blind had used the star constellation formed by Granny Si's magnetic divine light to lay down all kinds of formations to trap Cripple. His attainments in formations were number one in Eternal Peace, and even Yan Yunxi, the number one formation master of Founding Emperor Era, admired him greatly.

Cripple was furious, and the speed of his primordial spirit increased to the extreme. He shouted sternly, "I'm already here in the Hall of Fragrance, so how can I be afraid of a blind man like you!"

Blind also couldn't help becoming furious. He leaped into the stars and personally took charge of the formation. He raised Divine Spear Long Tuo and said angrily, "The seal is dead, and the formation is alive. Do you think you can escape from the formation?"

The two of them clashed and fought fiercely. Their bodies shuttled through the starry sky continuously.

Mute looked at Qin Mu's dream realm and saw that in this short period of time, Qin Mu's dream realm was almost completely corrupted. Only the last buddha Qin Mu wasn't assimilated.

That buddha Qin Mu chanted buddhist scriptures and tried his best to fight against the billions of tiny Qin Mus that were assimilated. However, the buddhist scriptures in his mouth were intermittent.

"If we don't act now, it will be too late." Mute sighed and looked at Granny Si.

Granny Si gritted her teeth and pulled back her bow, wanting to kill Qin Mu's primordial spirit with one arrow. At that moment, buddha rays shone brightly outside the huge black mountain, and the sound of buddhism rang out loudly. Granny Si turned back and saw a middle-aged buddha walking over from the layers of buddha rays.

"Old Ma…"

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