Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1473 - Celestial Venerable Yu And Lan Yutian

Wei Suifeng and the rest didn't know what they had encountered in the Hall of Fragrance, but Qin Mu gritted his teeth. It was obvious that he had suffered a huge loss.

Qin Mu told them the location of Jade Capital City and checked on Cripple's injuries while saying, "You guys go ahead and send the Hall of Fragrance into Jade Capital City. Once the seal on it is activated, leave immediately. Don't stay any longer."

"Don't worry, I've been there before. Even though I didn't enter the deepest part, I more or less know some of the arrangements inside."

Shu Jun quickly said, "With me leading the way, there shouldn't be any mistakes."

Wei Suifeng put away the Hall of Fragrance and left with him.

Qin Mu took out the herbs and refined pills for Cripple to consume. Cripple's aura was dispirited as he carried Qin Mu through the seal of Hall of Fragrance, damaging his life and injuring his origin. Only after Qin Mu's treatment did he feel better.

But to recover to his peak state, he still needed some time to recuperate.

Qin Mu then refined some pills and classified them into categories. He handed them to Granny Si and told her when to give Cripple the medicine.

Granny Si was astonished. She saw Qin Mu taking out the Glassy Sky Pagoda and handing it to Yan'er. He then took out the souls of South Deity, Light Emperor, and the rest from his vertical eye and handed them over to Lan Yutian and Xu Shenghua.

Granny Si jumped in shock and immediately pulled Qin Mu over. She said worriedly, "Mu'er, don't scare me. Could you have suffered an incurable injury in the hall?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "I fell into a trap. Granny, I need to stay in my dream for the next few days and use Dharma to defend against the invasion of the Primordial Sage of Miluo Palace. You guys guard me. If you see me chanting all the scriptures in my dream…"

He hesitated for a moment and took out a divine bow to hand to Granny Si. He gritted his teeth and said, "Then shoot my primordial spirit!"

Granny Si's expression changed drastically, and she threw the divine bow aside.

Qin Mu hurriedly said, "Even if my primordial spirit is shot to death, I won't die. I can reenact my soul. At most, I'll cripple my primordial spirit's cultivation and re-cultivate it. If that Primordial Sage of Mi Luo Palace borrows my power and comes out of the Hall of Fragrance, even the ten Celestial Venerables working together won't be able to do anything to him! Granny, if necessary, you must shoot my primordial spirit. Don't hesitate!"

Granny Si had a complicated expression as she silently picked up the divine bow and handed it to Blind. Blind took it and muttered to himself for a moment before shaking his head, "I can't do it."

He wanted to hand the divine bow to Mute, but Mute shook his head. "I can't lay my hands on the child I raised…"

"Let me do it."

Granny Si took back the divine bow and took in a deep breath. She said resolutely, "Mu'er was picked up by me back then. It's better for me to do it personally. I'm ruthless!"

She breathed heavily. It was obvious that her heart wasn’t as ruthless as she had said.

Qin Mu said to Lan Yutian, "Whether you merge with your own broken soul or not, you have to make the decision yourself. No one else can make the decision for you."

Lan Yutian hesitated and nodded.

Yan'er had taken South Deity Zhu Que's soul, and the mother and daughter had finally reunited. Naturally, they had a lot to talk about.

Only Light Emperor's soul was floating on this unfamiliar land, and he was slightly confused. "Where is this? Didn't I die?"

He looked down at the heaven and earth. This world was actually so unfamiliar to him. He didn't even know how long he had died, nor did he know why he had come here.

"Don't leave this place!"

A little girl stopped him and looked up at him. Her voice was clear and pleasant to the ears. "This is the Hundred Thousand Holy Mountains, a place that Youdu can't cover. You are a ghost, and if you leave this place, Earth Count will take you to Youdu! You must have done many bad things when you were alive, right? Earth Count will whip your butt ruthlessly!"

Light Emperor didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He stopped and asked, "Who are you? Why are you blocking me?"

"My name is Hua Xuanxiu, and this is Wen Yuan, my senior brother."

The girl pulled over a handsome youth and said with a smile, "He's the young cult master of our Heavenly Saint Cult. After a few years of examination, he will be able to inherit the position of cult master. Of course, the old cult master is still alive, so our Heavenly Saint Cult's rules are that it's best if the young cult master can get rid of the old cult master before he can take over the position. I'm afraid Wen Yuan won't have this chance, our old cult master is strong…"

Ancestral Master Wen Yuan said helplessly, "Those are the bad habits passed down by the previous cult masters who had misunderstood Ancestral Master Wei's teachings. Now that Young Patriarch Wei has returned, there's no such rule anymore. Light Emperor, you don't have a corporeal body now and are in the form of a ghost, so it's best for you to stay here. When Cult Master wakes up and finds the shattered pieces of your previous corporeal body, he can reconstruct your corporeal body and revive you."

When Light Emperor saw how adorable the two of them were, he couldn't help but feel close to them. He said, "I'm now a lonely ghost with nothing on me. Why don't I impart my ultimate arts to you siblings as compensation…"

Hua Xuanxiu and Wen Yuan looked at each other and raised their heads. "Is it Anasrava Creation Mysterious Technique?"

Light Emperor was stunned for a moment before nodding his head. He was bewildered. 'Even the little child knows about my Anasrava Creation Mysterious Technique? What era is it now? Could it be that even my secret technique has become cabbage?'

"We've all practiced."

Ancestral Master Wen Yuan thought about it and said, "That's right. When Cult Master mentioned you in the past, he said that the reason you were killed was because your Anasrava Creation Mysterious Technique couldn't cultivate your primordial spirit, so it couldn't transform your primordial spirit into three heads and six arms along with your corporeal body. Since you can't leave now, we shall impart Crimson Emperor's Three Primordial Spirit Undying God Consciousness to you."

Light Emperor stared with his eyes wide open, and his mind was in a daze. He nodded his head subconsciously and suddenly came to a realization. "Little Dao friends, what era is this?"

"Eternal Peace!" Hua Xuanxiu and Ancestral Master Wen Yuan said in unison.

Lan Yutian looked at his other self, which was Celestial Venerable Yu. The current Celestial Venerable Yu was a remnant soul that carried his memories from a million years ago. He was a little hesitant as to whether it would merge with his own remnant soul and become Celestial Venerable Yu.

Celestial Venerable Yu was also looking at him, and the two youths looked almost identical. Of course, Lan Yutian was slightly fatter. With Yan'er around, it would be hard for him to slim down.

There was still a childish look on his face, and Celestial Venerable Yu seemed much more mature. It was just that his body was illusory, and he didn't have a corporeal body. Furthermore, his soul was severely damaged.

Lan Yutian looked at his former self in a daze. Even though their souls were the same and he was also born from this body, he felt that he wasn't Celestial Venerable Yu.

Celestial Venerable Yu seemed to see through his confusion, and he smiled warmly. "Can you tell me about your experiences over the years?"

Lan Yutian hesitated for a moment and nodded.

A man and a broken soul sat beside a cliff. Lan Yutian slowly talked about his encounters over the years.

From the time he revived and lost all his memories, to the time when Celestial Venerable You brought him back to Youdu and sent him out of Youdu, entrusting him to Qin Mu, to the time when Qin Mu brought him to tour the various academies to learn all kinds of basic runes.

When Qin Mu had entrusted him to the elders of Disabled Elderly Village to learn from them, when Eternal Peace Calamity had erupted, he had returned to Youdu, and after the calamity, Cripple had stolen him out of Youdu.

Only then did he realize that his experiences over the years were so colorful and extraordinary.

He talked about how he walked around and comprehended the Dao, taking in many disciples and making many friends. He couldn't help revealing a smile as he stuttered to explain all kinds of strange divine arts and thoughts to his broken soul.

He even talked about his numerous disciples as if he was very familiar with them. He talked about the matters between him and his friends. The big-headed Shu Jun had been captured by Apothecary and had been soaked in the medicinal cauldron with him for research.

He was like an expressionless Xu Shenghua, but there was a burning heart in his chest.

He was like the mature yet crafty Dao Master Lin Xuan, the stubborn Immortal King Muran of Little Jade Capital, the South Deity Princess Yan'er who always liked to serve people, the Founding Emperor Qin Ye who was obsessed with Sword Dao, and the Qin Fengqing who only knew how to eat and how to communicate with him…

He had met too many interesting people, and as he spoke, he couldn't help but laugh.

He didn't know why he had so much to say. Even though Celestial Venerable Yu was his broken soul, he gave off the feeling that he was his closest brother.

Celestial Venerable Yu listened with a smile. Lan Yutian talked until sunset, but he didn't finish his story. He went from sunset to the rising sun, till the east spat white.

Celestial Venerable Yu asked, "Did you encounter any danger?"

"My brother carried it for me."

Lan Yutian turned his head back to look at Qin Mu who was currently in a dream and muttered, "He has carried it all. No matter how great the danger is, he will carry it all by himself. He wants me to focus on comprehending the Dao and doesn't want those disputes to disturb me. He doesn't want me to get involved in those disputes. I know his intentions…"

"Do you know?"

Celestial Venerable Yu propped his hands on the ground and leaned back. He looked at the white sky and tilted his head to look at himself beside him. He smiled and said, "My experience is different from yours. Before the Dragon Han Era, the human race suffered too much, and it was hard for them to survive. Back then, I sincerely hoped that there would be someone to shoulder all the suffering of the human race, and there would be a hero to shoulder it. Later on, I realized that no one was here to be this hero. Therefore, I stood up. With no one to be this hero, then let me do it."

His gaze was filled with intelligence. Even though it was a period of suffering, he said it with incomparable ease. He said softly, "I have to rack my brains. I have to think about how to strengthen the human race while raising my own strength. I have to find a way to survive in the tens of thousands of life and death situations. I always feel tired, both my body and my heart are exhausted. For this ideal, I had given up my path of seeking the Dao while waiting for more human experts to rise."

He stood up and faced the rising sun. He opened his arms and said, "You are luckier than me. There are more people standing up in this era. They are heroes. They carry a heavy burden for you and carry it forward. Dao Seeker Lan Yutian, you are the real Lan Yutian!"

His body slowly became transparent, and his memory was like a fleeting cloud of smoke.

He turned back and looked at Lan Yutian with a pure smile on his face.

"I'm not the real Lan Yutian, I'm just the Lan Yutian who was suppressed and changed by the era. Celestial Venerable Yu is just a memory of Lan Yutian."

He waved at Lan Yutian, bidding farewell to himself of this era.

Lan Yutian hurriedly got up, only to see Celestial Venerable Yu quickly disappearing, leaving behind only a gentle voice.

"These memories will delay you and make you the me of the past. Let the memories of the past be buried with history…"

Lan Yutian reached out to grab him, but he didn't manage to grab him. He only managed to grab a few strands of his own remnant soul.

The broken souls sensed his soul and entered his body to merge with him.

Lan Yutian looked at the rising sun and couldn't help but cry.

He felt like he had lost something, but also like he had gotten something.

He walked towards the sun, and the sunlight gradually became dazzling. He raised his hand to block the sunlight and saw Qin Mu sitting on the ground. The layers of dreams expanded outwards.

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