Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1471 - Pester

"Ignorant child, zoom in."

The three private tutors didn't mind and said, "You were able to escape because of the leaves of the Dao Tree that an expert gave you. However, you are still far from being able to do anything to me. I have supreme marvels and opportunities are right in front of you. If it was anyone else, they would have bowed their heads and learned my supreme paths, skills, and divine arts."

A private tutor tapped his pointer lightly, and an image appeared in the sky. "This is the situation when the ruler of your world met me back then and kowtowed to me. They were already like this, but you are an ignorant person."

Qin Mu looked at the painting and saw that the people in it were the masters of creation like the Grand Emperor, the palace, and a bunch of ancient gods. Celestial Emperor Tai Chu was also among them. It must have been when they were exploring the Jade Capital City.

However, Shu Jun and the rest weren't in the painting. Shu Jun and the rest must have taken a different path and didn't encounter the Hall of Fragrance.

The scholar in the painting was still sitting under the Dao Tree. The Grand Emperor and the rest were kowtowing to him, begging him to impart the supreme sacred art. Even the ancient gods were kowtowing to him. Only Celestial Emperor Tai Chu stood at the side and looked at him with disdain.

This scene was vivid and lifelike, vivid and lifelike. It reflected everyone's expressions and even their hearts back then, so it shouldn't be a lie.

Back then, the people of the Grand Emperor Palace had indeed worshiped this Miro Palace Yuan Sage and begged him to teach them supreme techniques.

However, they didn't know if Mi Luo Palace's Yuan Sage had imparted it to them.

'Could it be that the Grand Emperor's ability to cultivate the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven and imprint his consciousness in the Ultimate Void has something to do with this Illusory Palace's Yuan Sage?'

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. The Grand Emperor's Grand Overarching Consciousness Heaven had a huge flaw. Even though he had imprinted his consciousness in the Ultimate Void and refined it into a Dao Tree, Dao Flower, and Dao Fruit, he couldn't achieve perfection.

His attainments in the Dao Realm were also mediocre, neither high nor low. Furthermore, his cultivation had been accumulated by the sacrificial power of other masters of creation and not cultivated by himself.

"It's most likely that when the Miluo Palace's Yuan Sage imparted the supreme technique to him, he had some crooked thoughts and purposely left behind many loopholes so that the Grand Emperor's refinement would become more biased. Even though he has great power, he is getting further away from achieving the Dao."

Qin Mu guessed the crux of it, and his gaze flickered. He said with a smile, "In that case, why did they want to seal you?"

Another private tutor said, "This is a long story. Come in and listen, I'll tell you."

Qin Mu laughed loudly and shot out an arrow with his bow. "Even if you didn't say it, I would have known! They fell for your trick and got whipped by you, becoming tools that you used to help you escape! Your supreme technique is most likely to use faith or sacrificial offerings to achieve the Dao. The Grand Emperor's cultivation was spoiled because he believed you!"

The three private teachers flew up and their pointers struck the arrow one after another. However, the power of the arrow that Qin Mu had shot out was peerless. When the three pointers landed on the arrow, they couldn't block it at all!


The arrow shot into the fragment of the Great Overarching Heaven, and the Dao Flower on the Dao Tree fell. One of the private tutors vanished with a bang.

Qin Mu shot another two arrows, and two arrows landed on two Dao fruits. The other two private tutors also vanished one after another!

The private school was silent. Lan Yutian, Cripple, and the rest woke up again.

Qin Mu utilized the Glassy Sky Pagoda and smashed the private school into pieces with a single strike. He planned to bring everyone away and said with a smile, "The one who saved them was most likely Grand Primordium. Only he wasn't bewitched by you. That's why they sealed you here, preventing you from escaping!"

That Flower Dao Fruit flew up again and hung on the tree. The three private tutors appeared again and came over aggressively. They shouted loudly, "You don't know how to appreciate favors. I swear I won't let you off today!"

The three pointers flew up and down, and there was almost no one who could withstand a single blow. After beating Lan Yutian and the others once, everyone became obedient again.

Qin Mu saved a few people, but they were also whipped down by Mister Ke, and they went back to reciting scriptures.

Three private tutors, three whips, struck Qin Mu's head. However, the heart of his brows was protected by the leaves of the Dao Tree, so they couldn't do anything to him. There were only a few bumps on his head.

The three private tutors changed their strategy and used the pointer to pick the willow leaf on the heart of his brows. Qin Mu pressed down on the heart of his brows with one hand and waved the Clear Sky Pagoda with the other.

Suddenly, the Great Overarching Heaven Fragment expanded and attacked him. The scholar under the tree stood up and prepared to kill him personally.

Qin Mu was helpless and could only retreat.

The private school returned to its original state, and the scholar returned to the bottom of the tree. He still held the book and looked at Qin Mu from time to time.

The Great Overarching Heaven Fragment also transformed into a painting and hung on the wall of the private school.

After a moment, Qin Mu shot another arrow at the Dao Fruit and Dao Flower. The three private tutors were furious, and the Dao Fruit Dao Flower fell from the tree. They all vanished, and when Qin Mu rushed in to save everyone, the Dao Fruit Dao Flower returned to the tree. The three private tutors came over angrily, and there was another commotion. Lan Yutian, Cripple Ming, and the rest were suppressed once again, reciting their scriptures obediently.

Qin Mu escaped again and stopped outside the private school. He adjusted his breath and shot again.


The scholar under the tree also couldn't hold back his anger. He stood up and rolled the book into a book tube. He pointed at Qin Mu and said angrily, "Are you done? If I wasn't trapped here, a leaf could have killed you!"

On the Dao Tree, the Dao Flower Dao Fruits split apart frantically. One by one, private tutors walked out of the Dao Flower Dao Fruits and rushed towards Qin Mu.

Outside the private school, Qin Mu wasn't afraid of them at all.

The Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm was activated, and Qin Mu used the Green Sky Pagoda as a hammer to sweep away all the private tutors. The power of the Green Sky Pagoda burst forth, crushing those private tutors into pieces!

The power of the Clear Sky Pagoda was powerful. Not to mention these private tutors, even the Hall of Fragrance was shaking non-stop. The buildings in the hall were crushed into powder!

The strange thing was that this hall was destroyed and gathered together. No matter how astonishing his destructive power was, the hall quickly returned to its original state.

Those private tutors poured over continuously, and their pointers flew up and down. Every strike was so exquisite that they struck his head without any obstruction.

Qin Mu's head was dizzy from the beating, and he became ruthless. He didn't block the pointer and only focused on activating the power of the Clear Sky Pagoda, killing one private tutor after another!

More and more private tutors poured out from the Dao Fruit, and they came pouncing over like a flood. Many private tutors broke through Qin Mu's defense and rushed in front of him to grab the willow leaf on the heart of his brows.

Just as the willow leaf was about to be plucked off by them, Qin Mu's primordial spirit suddenly rose from behind him, and his huge hand covered Qin Mu's forehead.

Those private tutors were furious, and their whips flew up one after another, beating Qin Mu and his primordial spirit until their heads were covered.

Outside the hall, Granny Si, Blind, Mute, and the rest stared at the hall nervously. The hall was trembling non-stop, and there seemed to be huge monsters fighting inside. Everyone outside the hall was astonished.

After swaying for six to seven days, the activity in the hall finally calmed down.

"There are still things in this world that Cult Master Qin can't dismantle," Xu Shenghua couldn't help sighing ruefully.

In the hall, under the Dao Tree, the figure of the scholar became dimmer. The past six to seven days had also exhausted a lot of his energy, but he still couldn't kill Qin Mu, which gave him a headache. He could only recall those private scholars and stop attacking Qin Mu.

Qin Mu came to harass him again and shot his Dao fruit. The scholar was also afraid of him, and a private tutor said, "You are shameless and pestering me without a care in the world. If I don't fight with you, who do you want to save? I'll send them out for you. However, the rest must stay."

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