Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1472 - Ambush

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief. These few days of fighting had made him unable to take it anymore. If they continued to fight, he would probably vomit blood from exhaustion.

"I want these few people."

His gaze flickered, and he pointed at Lan Yutian, Celestial Venerable Yu, Cripple, South Deity, and Light Emperor. The scholar hesitated when he pointed at South Deity and Light Emperor.

South Deity and Light Emperor were the two strongest in the private school, and it was very beneficial for him to break free as soon as possible.

Qin Mu saw his hesitation and was about to shoot again when a private tutor hurriedly said, "They can give it to you. However, you have to swear not to enter the hall to harass me again."

Qin Mu nodded and said with a smile, "This Hall of Fragrance isn't a good place, and the others have nothing to do with me. I can't wait to leave here, so why would I bother you?"

"You have to swear to bring these people and leave immediately. Don't push your luck!"

The scholar in the painting stood up and muttered to himself for a moment. He then broke off a branch from the Dao Tree and cut it into a pointer that was as thick as a finger, sending it out of the painting.

A private tutor borrowed the teacher's whip with both hands and sent it out of the private school. He held the teacher's whip with both hands and said, "This teacher's whip is refined from the branch on the Dao Tree, and it contains my Great Dao spirit. Swear to the teacher's whip and bring these people away immediately. This teacher's whip will attach itself to you, and no matter where you go, it will follow you. If you break the oath, the teacher's whip will lash down."

Qin Mu hesitated and didn't take it. Instead, he examined it carefully.

However, the pointer was straight and seemed soft. The markings on the bark were extremely strange, like the markings of the Great Dao. They were the marvels of the Great Dao of an entire universe.

Compared to the other pointers, this pointers whip looked much more exquisite. The Dao markings on its skin would burst out from time to time and revolve around the pointers, giving off a pleasant Dao voice.

It was obvious that the whip of Mister Private Academy wasn't refined by the branch on the Dao Tree. Its power and marvel were inferior to this whip.

Qin Mu took a glance at the scholar under the tree and said suspiciously, "You broke one of the branches on the Dao Tree and made me swear to the branch. You also said that this branch will follow me. If I didn't break my promise, doesn't that mean this pointer is mine?"

The scholar sat under the tree and didn't say a word. The private tutor in front of Qin Mu said, "If you don't break your oath, there's no harm in giving this pointer to you. My cultivation is something you can't estimate. This pointer of mine is good at hitting the primordial spirit and Dao heart. No matter who it is, as long as the pointer is raised, it will hit the primordial spirit. Once the primordial spirit is hit, the Dao heart will become ignorant."

Qin Mu was skeptical.

The scholar under the tree raised his eyebrows and sneered, "You are more suspicious than anyone else, so you must be someone with no fate. If you continue to be suspicious, our deal will be canceled. Continue to shoot, I want to see how many tens of thousands of years you can shoot me!"

Qin Mu immediately smiled and said, "I swear." After he said that, he grabbed the pointer with one hand.

That private tutor wasn't willing to let go and immediately said, "The pointer is in my hands, swear to the pointer in my hands!"

Qin Mu snatched it over and smiled. "It's better to swear in my hands. It's not that I don't trust Yuan Sage… Well, I just don't trust him!"

He snatched the teaching whip over and examined it in detail. He then used his vital qi and consciousness to examine it one by one. He then took off half of the willow leaf on the heart of his brows and secretly examined it with the vertical eye on the heart of his brows. He didn't find any hidden methods in the teaching whip and only then was he at ease. He then pasted the willow leaf back properly.

That private tutor said angrily, "Are you a thief? You always worry that others will scheme against you!"

"That's right, I'm a thief."

Qin Mu didn't deny it and let Scholar release Lan Yutian and the rest. When everyone regained their consciousness and came behind him, Qin Mu then swore to the pope that he would never step into the Hall of Fragrance again after leaving.

Once the oath was completed, Qin Mu instantly felt that his consciousness was connected to the pointer. Not only was it connected to the pointer, his consciousness was even connected to the Dao Tree, Dao Fruit, and Dao Flower in the fragment of the Great Overarching Heaven!

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he immediately severed his consciousness. He asked coldly, "You schemed against me?"


He raised the Glassy Sky Pagoda and shattered the private tutor in front of him.

Scholar Under the Tree laughed loudly and said, "Praise my name and bestow me with eternal life! Your guess is right. I, Yuan Sage, use faith to achieve the Dao. When you swear and recite my name, it will help me escape! Even if you sever your consciousness, as long as the oath is still there, no matter where you are, you will provide for me continuously!"

Qin Mu's face was ashen. With a flick of his sleeves, he collected everyone into his third eye, leaving Cripple and Lan Yutian behind.

Chanting came from the private school again and lingered in Qin Mu's mind for a long time.

Cripple had a worried expression and asked in a low voice, "Mu'er, this fellow schemed against you? Is it serious?"

"Don't worry, let's talk after we get out!"

The three of them came to the front of the hall. The layers of seals outside were even more complicated than when they entered the Hall of Fragrance.

Qin Mu looked at Lan Yutian and Cripple and said, "Yuandong Yuan Sage borrowed my oath to imprint the sound of the private school scriptures into my Dao heart, making me involuntarily chant along with him. It still can't affect me now, but the longer it takes, the greater the effect will be. Now, I don't have enough confidence to leave this place. Can you bring me along?"

Cripple carried Qin Mu on his back and said solemnly, "Don't worry, even if I die from exhaustion, I can still send you out!"

The two of them retreated and suddenly sped up, rushing into the layers of seals!

Qin Mu closed his eyes and focused, resisting the chanting in his mind. Qin Mu executed the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm and used his own magic power to continuously pour into their bodies to make up for the exhaustion of their cultivation.

The journey was as fast as lightning, and Cripple raised his speed to the extreme. The skin on his legs exploded, and fresh blood burned. He tried his best to sprint forward to catch up to Lan Yutian!

Over ten days later, even with Qin Mu's magic power supporting him, his corporeal body's power couldn't be replenished. His corporeal body's power was exhausted, and he could only rely on his will to persevere.

Lan Yutian slowed down, and Cripple gritted his teeth as he hissed, "Don't stop, no one can escape if you stop!"

Lan Yutian could only brace himself and rush forward.

Two days later, Lan Yutian rushed out of the layers of seals in Hall of Fragrance. He turned back to take a look but didn't see Cripple and Qin Mu. His heart sank.

A tremor rang out, and a figure covered in blazing blood rushed out from the seal. He tumbled and crashed into a black mountain. Everyone outside the hall rushed forward in a hurry, only to see Cripple scorched black like charcoal. Qin Mu fell to the side.

Everyone wanted to go forward, but Qin Mu had already climbed up. His ten fingers moved up and down to stabilize Cripple's scattered soul. He then executed Creation Mysterious Technique to treat his corporeal body and replenish his exhausted qi and blood.

"Shu Jun, Big Senior Brother!"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and said coldly, "Send the Hall of Fragrance to the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court! Activate the seal on it and attract the ten Celestial Venerables. I want to borrow their hands to completely destroy this shrine! I'll see how you die, Yuan Sage of Miluo Palace!"

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