Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1470 - Mi Luo Palace's Yuan Sage

This strike was majestic. Ever since the refinement of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, this was the first time the number one treasure in the world was thrown into battle. When its power exploded, it was truly world-shaking!

Qin Mu's muscles expanded, and he jumped around. His magic power and vital qi flooded into the 28 heavens, activating all the precious treasures!

The power of the Glassy Sky Pagoda wasn't inferior to that of the treasure of a Celestial Venerable. It surpassed the arrows of Lan Yutian!


The Glassy Sky Pagoda swept through the wall and blew it open. Even the private tutor was thrown into the painting.

The painting lost its connection and floated in the air. Suddenly, it expanded rapidly and the fragment of the Great Overarching Heaven Net flew out!

The Dao Tree in front of Qin Mu instantly became incomparably majestic. When this strike swept across the tree, it actually couldn't injure the Dao Tree in the slightest.

Under that ancient tree, Scholar raised his head to look at him.

Scholar stood up and walked over. His body was very weak and didn't seem real, as though he didn't have a real corporeal body.

Qin Mu was astonished, and he hurriedly retreated. The Clear Sky Pagoda in his hand spun, and the 28 heavenly generals all entered the heavens in an attempt to escape.

The scholar came to the edge of the Great Overarching Heaven Fragment and couldn't step out anymore. Just as Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief, the Dao fruit on the ancient tree split open, and a private tutor fell out from the Dao fruit. His head was down, and his feet were up. When he escaped from the Dao fruit, he had already turned into his head and feet.

Another Dao fruit split open, and another private tutor walked out.

On the Dao Tree, Dao flowers bloomed, and there was also a private tutor inside!

The three private tutors walked out of the Great Overarching Heaven Fragments and invaded the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

Qin Mu quickly retreated with the Glassy Sky Pagoda and shouted, "Everyone, why aren't you waking up at this critical moment?"

His voice rumbled as it reverberated in the 28 heavens of the Clear Sky Pagoda. The souls of the ancient gods, masters of creation, South Deity Zhu Que, Light Emperor, and the rest that he had absorbed woke up and looked around in astonishment.

Cripple and Lan Yutian also woke up, and they saw three private tutors slaughtering their way into the heavens to attack them.

"Brother Mu!" South Deity Zhu Que exclaimed in astonishment when she saw Qin Mu.

"Mu Qing!" Celestial Venerable Yu also saw Qin Mu and exclaimed.

Light Emperor was left with only his primordial spirit and no flesh. He shouted, "This place is incomparably strange. Everyone, fight with me!"

He was worthy of being the emperor of Crimson Light Era. He took the lead and rushed forward to welcome a private tutor. Even though he only had his primordial spirit left, his abilities were no small matter. With his primordial spirit as his corporeal body, he opened and closed his arms wide, looking like he was going to fight with his corporeal body!

South Deity Zhu Que let out a cry and transformed into a vermillion bird to face another private tutor. She unleashed her killer move!

On the other side, Cripple and Lan Yutian were sprinting. The other ancient gods of creation surrounded the third private tutor and fought him. Cripple and Lan Yutian were secretly shooting arrows from the side.

Qin Mu mobilized the power of the treasures in the Clear Sky Pagoda. After being refined by Blind and Mute, the power of these treasures was incomparably strong. They continuously bombarded the three private tutors.

The 28 heavens were in chaos, and there were people receiving pointers continuously. After receiving pointers, these people became muddle-headed and stopped fighting. Instead, they chanted scriptures loudly.

The whips of those three private tutors seemed to be able to break through all paths, skills, and divine arts. With one whip, they could hit a person, making it impossible for them to dodge.

After being hit and having their Dao heart broken, they would listen to their orders.

In the blink of an eye, many ancient gods and masters of creation were hit. Only Light Emperor, South Deity, and Lan Yutian were able to hold on. As for Cripple, he was suddenly hit on the head by a pointer while he was running, and he was also hit by the pointer.

Suddenly, Light Emperor cried out and was knocked to the ground by the pointer. South Deity was then knocked over, and Lan Yutian executed his divine art of entering the path. When he was done, he wanted to use it again, but he was whipped.

When he woke up, he saw Light Emperor, Cripple, and the rest gathered together. The private school had appeared again, and they were sitting in the private school, studying!


Lan Yutian cried out in his heart and looked at his other self. He saw that Celestial Venerable Yu was also sitting there reading, and he instantly gave up.

'The other me was suppressed here for a million years and couldn't escape. Looks like I can't escape either…'

Qin Mu rose into the air and sprinted away. With a thought, the divine bow flew over, and Qin Mu turned around to shoot. With a whoosh, he sent the three private tutors flying.

The three people immediately chased after him and attacked him from three different directions. Qin Mu couldn't run in time and immediately executed his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm. No matter which direction the three private tutors attacked from, they would always attack his front.

Three pointers flew up and down. Qin Mu threw the divine bow in his hand, and the primordial spirit behind him rose up. He grabbed the divine bow and shot. Meanwhile, he gripped the Glassy Sky Pagoda tightly with both hands and fought the three private tutors!

The three private tutors flew up and down, attacking repeatedly. Suddenly, Qin Mu couldn't defend in time and was struck on the forehead by a whip.

Qin Mu shook his head and smacked that private tutor away. With a bang, that private tutor exploded.

Pa, pa, he received two more pointers on his head. Qin Mu raised the Glassy Sky Pagoda and swept the other two private tutors away, splitting them into pieces in the air!

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and stood up. He saw a few private tutors walking down from the broken pieces of the Great Overarching Heaven Pagoda, and his heart trembled.

The three private tutors didn't make a move on him again. One of them flicked his sleeves and said, "You have the leaves of an expert's Dao Tree, so they can't do anything to you. Forget it, just leave."

Qin Mu touched the willow leaf on the heart of his brows and let out a sigh of relief. "Luckily, before this trip, I had Yan'er bring Lan Yutian to shamelessly ask Tai Yi for a leaf. Otherwise, even I would have died here…"

The abilities of these private tutors were incomparably strange. When Qin Mu unleashed his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure realm, he was practically invincible. Unless he crushed him with great magic power, there was no way to break through his defense.

This kind of realm was even more perfect than Light Emperor's three heads and six arms, yet it was easily broken by these private teachers. Luckily, the pointer didn't have much power, or else Qin Mu's head would have long been shattered.

The private school that had been shattered by him was restored to its original state, and the clear sound of reading could be heard from inside.

Qin Mu let out a shaky breath and used the Glassy Sky Pagoda to walk towards the private school again. He said solemnly, "Dao brother, you are an existence that has become a Dao, so why are you making things difficult for us people of the secular world? Could it be that the existences of the previous universe were all bullying the weak?"

"If you can see that I have achieved the path, then I'm not stupid like them."

One of the private tutors turned his head around and said, "I'm an Essence Saint of Miro Palace. I want to borrow their chant to help me escape. I won't hide it from you. I'm not an existence from the previous universe era, but I've already lived for three universe eras and achieved the Dao twice. Thus, I cultivated two Dao fruits."

Another private tutor said, "In my third life, I didn't manage to achieve the Dao in time and only cultivated the Dao Tree and Dao Flower. The universe was destroyed, and the great calamity erupted. I knew I couldn't protect myself, and the World Tree was severed by someone, cutting off the path to the future universe. Therefore, I had no choice but to beg the master of Miluo Palace to hide in Miluo Palace and receive his help to tide through the great calamity."

The third private tutor said, "There are four phases of the universe having Success, Survival, and Destruction. Your universe is still at this stage and has yet to experience the two phases of Destruction, so you don't know how terrifying it was during the apocalypse. If you can help me break free, I will teach you the method to achieve the path. In the future, when this universe is broken, you can also avoid a calamity."

Qin Mu stood on the Green Sky Pagoda and smiled. "Why don't we do this? You teach me the Dao Formation technique, then hand them over to me. I won't kill you, and I'll leave. What do you think?"

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