Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1469 - Two Dao Fruits

Cripple hesitated and said in a low voice, "This teacher is weird, I'll go in first. You guys stay outside and see what's wrong with him." After saying that, he pushed open the private school door and walked in.

Qin Mu and Lan Yutian stood outside to take a look, and they saw Cripple walking into the private school. He was whipped by the private school teacher in his hand, and he actually sat down to read with the people that were suppressed here. It was catchy, as though he had read it many times.

The two of them felt their blood run cold.

Lan Yutian whispered, "Brother, why is Grandpa Cripple also sitting down?"

Qin Mu had never encountered such a strange situation before. He immediately opened up the vertical eye in the heart of his brows and examined the private school. He saw that most of the people sitting there were souls or primordial spirits. Only Cripple had a corporeal body.

Meanwhile, that private tutor was merely an illusion and didn't truly exist.

Qin Mu carefully searched for the source of this apparition. After a moment, his gaze landed on a painting behind Mister Private Academy.

The old tree in the painting had roots and looked ancient. Its crown supported the blue sky.

On the tree, there were flowers blooming and fruits. Under the tree, there was a person sitting on a rock, holding a book and reading.

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he muttered to himself for a moment before handing the divine bow to Lan Yutian. His consciousness rippled as he transmitted his voice, "I'll go in for a while, you stay outside. If I also fall in, don't go in. Use this bow to shoot at the Dao fruit on the tree."

Lan Yutian acknowledged.

Qin Mu pushed the door open and walked in. That private tutor raised his hand, and the pointer struck towards Qin Mu's palm!

Qin Mu laughed loudly, and his voice was like thunder. "I, Celestial Venerable Mu, have dominated the world for a million years. How can I fall for your tricks?"

Qin Mu's palm received a blow, but he couldn't see clearly how the pointer had landed on his palm!

It was as if he had unknowingly stretched out his palm and taken the initiative to be hit!

When the pointer landed on his palm, Qin Mu instantly lost his sense of Samadhi and his seven senses. His Dao heart sank and became muddle-headed. When he woke up again, he was already sitting on a praying mat next to Cripple, reciting scriptures with him while shaking his head!

'My Dao heart has been suppressed?'

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead. His Dao heart was extremely strong, and his Dao Realm was extremely deep. He had already cultivated to 27 heavens of the divine arts realm, so how could he be suppressed in an instant?

Even Founding Emperor wouldn't have such abilities, right?

"It's the Dao Fruit!"

Qin Mu tried his best to raise his head, but he was still reciting scriptures. He looked at the painting on the back of that private tutor and thought to himself, 'The tree in that painting is the Dao Tree, the flower on the tree is the Dao Flower, and the fruit is the Dao Fruit! This private tutor is the projection of the Dao Tree in the painting!'

The recitation from his mouth was loud and clear. "…The one who is above all, the one who is above all, the one who is above all, the one who is above all, the one who is above all, the one who is above all others, the one who is above all others, the one who is above all others, the one who is above all others, the one who is above all others, the one who is above all others, the one who is above all others…"

At that moment, Qin Mu saw the figure under the tree in the painting gradually becoming clearer. It was as if as they chanted, the person in the painting could walk out from the painting bit by bit.

Qin Mu was astonished. This private school was filled with souls and primordial spirits. Without a corporeal body, they weren't strong. Even after reciting for so long, the man in the painting still couldn't walk out.

On the other hand, Qin Mu and Cripple were living people. Cripple's cultivation wasn't high, but Qin Mu's cultivation and magic power were equivalent to three to five great emperors on Emperor's Throne Realm!

His cultivation was even above South Deity Zhu Que and Light Emperor's souls!

In this private school, his abilities alone surpassed the sum of everyone else by several times!

Qin Mu's arrival caused the people in the painting to leave the painting faster!

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead as he tried to execute Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. However, his Dao heart was in a mess, and he was suppressed to the point where he couldn't condense his Dao heart. When he executed his technique, his vital qi couldn't circulate and was in a mess.

He tried his best to gather his Dao heart and slowly raised his palm. In his hand was a leaf. It was the leaf on the Taiyi Dao Tree.

It was incomparably difficult for him to raise his palm, and every inch forward seemed to be bearing a tremendous pressure. Finally, the leaf reached the heart of his brows.

That private tutor stood up and came to his side. He raised his pointer and whipped his head, saying angrily, "You didn't listen attentively in class, you're asking for a beating!"

Qin Mu was struck, and the leaves of the Dao Tree in his hand instantly floated down and landed on the ground. His Dao heart that had just formed a line was scattered once again.

Right at this moment, a loud bang was heard, and an arrow light shot over from outside the private school, striking the painting with a thud.

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched. "Lan Yutian, you missed…"

Lan Yutian's arrow didn't hit the Dao fruit on the old tree and only nailed it to the trunk.

The power of this arrow was extremely strong. Even though it couldn't kill a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne, it was still extraordinary. However, when the arrow entered the painting, the power of the arrow seemed to be very small, and it didn't create much of a disturbance.

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched again. "There's not only the Dao Tree in the painting, there's also a fragment of the Great Overarching Heaven. It was a strong practitioner from the previous universe who refined the fragment of the Great Overarching Heaven into a painting and tried to smuggle it out…"

He couldn't help but be worried for Lan Yutian, but at this moment, two more arrows whooshed through the private school. It was obvious that Lan Yutian had never learned archery before. The first arrow missed, but the second and third arrow hit the Dao fruits on the tree with incomparable accuracy!

His talent was simply too high. The first arrow allowed him to master the technique of using the bow and arrow, while the last two arrows seized his heart!

The power of these two arrows was extremely great. With two consecutive arrows, the Dao fruit fell from the tree!

That private tutor turned around and saw the Dao fruit falling. His expression changed slightly, and his body dispersed with a pop, vanishing without a trace.

At the same time, the scholar under the tree also revealed a look of astonishment and raised his head to look at the tree!

"Brother, I shot that Dao fruit down."

Lan Yutian carried the divine bow and walked into the private school with a smile. "The power of this divine bow is indeed powerful…"

"Don't come in!"

Qin Mu shouted loudly and bent down to pick up the leaves. His voice rumbled like thunder, "There's more than one Dao fruit on that tree!"

Lan Yutian's smile froze on his face. His gaze landed on the painting from the corner of his eyes. He saw the ancient tree in the painting spinning at a steady pace. The back of the tree turned to the front, and there was another Dao Fruit hanging on the tree!

The Dao fruit spun to the front, and that private tutor suddenly appeared in the private tutor again. He came in front of Lan Yutian and shouted with a grim face, "Disrupting the classroom, extend your hand!"

Lan Yutian smiled and said, "I'm not your student…"


His palm received a blow, and he walked to an empty praying mat to sit down. At that moment, Qin Mu had already picked up the leaf and stuck it on the heart of his brows. Instantly, his Dao heart came back. At the same time, the Dao fruit that had been shot down flew up unsteadily and was about to hang on the Dao Tree again!

Qin Mu reached behind Cripple and grabbed the Glassy Sky Pagoda, stopping it in the middle of the classroom with a thud. He exerted strength in his hands and spun around, shouting, "Open!"

The canopy of the Glassy Sky Pagoda revolved, and the 28 heavens bloomed outwards. In an instant, everyone in the private school was shrouded in it. The sun, moon, and stars appeared in the 28 heavens, and the power of countless heavy artifacts that had been forged by Blind and Mute burst forth. With a boom, the entire private school was shattered and turned into powder!

Qin Mu roared angrily and pulled up the Glassy Sky Pagoda along with the 28 heavens. Using it as a hammer, he swept it towards the only wall that hadn't been broken!

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