Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1468 - A Guest Comes From Afar

Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun nodded solemnly.

Yan'er looked over eagerly, and Qin Mu hesitated for a moment before saying, "We need to pass through the layers of seals at an extremely fast speed and enter Hall of Fragrance without alerting the seals. If we bring you along…"

Cripple shook his head. "Little fatty and I are already having a hard time bringing Mu'er along. If we bring you along, we won't be able to take it."

Qin Mu's face turned red, and he muttered, "My speed is also very fast, and I've also cultivated Celestial Venerable Yue's Extreme Void Scripture. Crossing space is a piece of cake…"

Lan Yutian kindly reminded him, "Brother, space divine art can't pass through the seal without alerting the seal. You have to be extremely fast to pass through the seal without touching it."

"Of course I know."

Qin Mu said resentfully, "I'm the number two god thief in the world after all…"

"It's third, not second."

Cripple kept retreating and reminded him, "Are you ready? If you are, then…"


With a shout, three figures rushed out in an instant, their speed increasing frantically. However, they weren't heading straight for the Hall of Fragrance, but towards the center of the hundred thousand black mountains.

In just an instant, explosions rang out, and the speed of the three of them increased to the limit of what their corporeal bodies could reach. They then took a step forward and transformed into three light shadows. The three people in the light shadows seemed to disregard space, and their figures were like flowing light!

Even so, their speed was still increasing. Qin Mu's magic power was dense and his abilities were the strongest, but in terms of speed, he was still slightly slower than Cripple and Lan Yutian. When the three of them reached the center of the hundred thousand black mountains, their speed had already reached the extreme!

Three figures of light flashed continuously from the hundred thousand black mountains as though they were jumping, getting closer to everyone!

After their speed was raised to the extreme, a strange sight appeared in everyone's eyes.

Their bodies didn't seem to be made of any substance. Even when they touched the mountain peaks, they didn't seem to encounter anything as they passed through them!

Swish, swish, swish!

The three figures of light crashed into the Hall of Fragrance and vanished one after another, passing through the seals one after another. However, those seals didn't move and allowed them to pass through, leaving the people outside dumbfounded!

What everyone saw was different from what Qin Mu and the rest saw. They could only see them passing through, but in the vision of Qin Mu and the rest, they were passing through huge seals.

Those seals were incomparably gorgeous, and they presented different structures. There were giants that were indomitable, strange beasts of all shapes and colors, all kinds of ancient gods, and there were also strange and extraordinary algebra runes that were constructed like incomparably intricate machines.

Other than that, there was also the vast starry sky formed by consciousness. Within it, there was an innate Great Emperor of Ten Thousand Dao. Heaven Duke's hand of the Heavenly Dao came crashing down, and Earth Count shook the underworld river with his unparalleled power, turning it into a long whip to seal the shrine!

There was also the abyss of the Ruins of End that spun crazily, swallowing everything!

They also encountered the seals of the ten Celestial Venerables. The great divine arts of Hao, Huo, Gong, Lang, Zu, Hong, Qiang, Yan, and the other Celestial Venerables coiled around and gathered together. It was extremely dangerous!

To the people outside the hall, it was only an instant for the three of them to pass through the seals, but to them, it was an incomparably long time. The three of them sprinted with all their might, crossing an unknown distance in a flash. However, after running for over ten days, the seal of the Hall of Fragrance still had no end!

Qin Mu's speed was slightly slower, and he gradually fell behind. After a dozen days, he gradually caught up to Cripple and Lan Yutian.

Cripple and Lan Yutian's speed was indeed above his, but their cultivation wasn't too high. After running for so long, their magic power couldn't hold on any longer.

Qin Mu immediately unleashed his divine treasure realm and covered the two of them, providing them with his own magic power.

Cripple and Lan Yutian's spirits were roused, and they grabbed Qin Mu from the left and right, sprinting frantically.

They sprinted with all their might for dozens of days, but all kinds of seals flew past their eyes like wild flowers. Cripple and Lan Yutian were both astonished. They felt that the magic power pouring from Qin Mu was still boundless like a vast ocean, as if it could supply them with abundant vital qi forever.

'Even though Mu'er's speed isn't fast, his magic power is truly dense!' Cripple couldn't help exclaiming in admiration.

Suddenly, a gate appeared in front of them, and an ancient and majestic bronze gate appeared in their eyes. Their spirits were roused, and with a rumble, they broke through the last seal. Their bodies instantly couldn't stop, and the three of them tumbled into the gate.

On both sides, thick bronze pillars flashed past their eyes, and they even saw green lamps in a hurry.

While they were sliding, Qin Mu suddenly rose into the air and spread out his arms. Vast magic power spread out and froze the three of them, finally stopping their momentum.

Lan Yutian hurriedly got up and helped Cripple up. Qin Mu slowly descended and stood in front of the two of them to protect them. He stretched out his hand to take down the divine bow from the previous universe era and held it in his hand.

Cripple also took out the Glassy Sky Pagoda and shook it. The 28 heavens swirled and bloomed to protect them.

At this moment, they heard the sound of reading coming from the hall. The sound was clear and pleasant to the ears. "…The nature of destiny is called nature, the nature of nature is called Dao, and the path of cultivation is called teaching. Those who follow the path cannot be separated from one another! They can be separated, but those who aren't…"

Qin Mu was astonished and carefully walked towards the source of the sound. The three of them passed through the long corridor, and the path in the Hall of Fragrance was actually full of twists and turns. It was very complicated.

After walking for an unknown distance, the three of them finally came to the place where the sound of reading came from. They saw that it was like a private school classroom with many students sitting there.

Lan Yutian looked in through the window and couldn't help being stunned. He saw another Lan Yutian sitting on the ground and reciting scriptures while shaking his head!

Meanwhile, Qin Mu's gaze landed on a woman in a red dress who was also reciting scriptures. It was South Deity Zhu Que!

Other than South Deity and Celestial Venerable Yu, there were other strange people in this private school. There was a tall and sturdy master of creation, an ancient god with a strange appearance, and a person that made Cripple's body tremble. He cried out softly, "The soul of Light Emperor…"

Qin Mu's heart jumped, and he hurriedly asked, "Which one is Light Emperor's soul?"

Cripple stretched out his finger and lowered his voice. "It's that one. He looks cultured and refined. I saw his head in the place where Light Emperor died in battle. He was dismembered and torn into countless pieces. In Light Emperor Battlefield, his limbs and head were chopped off everywhere…"

Qin Mu hurriedly looked over and indeed saw a soul that was as handsome as a scholar. It was completely different from the fierce Ming Huang that was rumored to have three heads and six arms!

In this private school, no matter if they were emperors, ancient gods, or the most outstanding Celestial Venerables of the human race when they were alive, all of them were reading seriously. It was indescribably strange!

Qin Mu shifted his gaze away to see who the teacher was. He saw a private tutor sitting on a lecture, shaking his head and closing his eyes as he listened to everyone reading. He twirled his beard with one hand and held a teaching whip with the other, gently tapping on the table.

"This is the strong practitioners of the previous universe era?" Qin Mu had a weird expression.

That private tutor suddenly opened his eyes and looked out of the window. He tapped his pointer and chuckled. "A guest has come from afar, what a pleasure. Since the Dao friend outside the window is here, why don't you come in?"

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