Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1475 - Ancestral Court Jade Capital City

The huge buddha walking over had his hair tied up in a tight bun, and he was different from the other monks. He didn't wear the robes of a monk and looked like an ordinary person in the secular world. However, when he walked over, his buddha voice was vast and mighty, and buddha rays surged forth, transforming into rings of light behind his head.

In the halo, the heavens of the Buddha Realm appeared. There were a total of twenty-eight heavens, and in the center was a Great Meru Mountain. All the buddhas and gods stood in the heavens, chanting buddhist scriptures with heavenly flowers blooming from their mouths. This made Cripple and Blind, who were fighting, calm down and stop fighting.

This huge buddha was Old Ma of Disabled Elderly Village, Divine Constable Ma, Rulai Ma.

He walked over, and buddha rays shone behind him. The 28 heavens of the Buddha Realm looked more real. All kinds of buddha treasures hung in the heavens, and precious light lingered around them, looking solemn and extraordinary.

Old Ma ignored everyone and came to Qin Mu's side. He raised his finger and tapped on Qin Mu's dream realm.

The dream realm actually opened up just like that. Old Ma walked into Qin Mu's dream realm and came to the heart of Qin Mu's brows, sitting in a lotus position.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Numerous tremors rang out, and the 28 heavens of the Buddha Realm behind Old Ma's head revolved, hanging on the back of Qin Mu's primordial spirit. The buddhas in the heavens chanted loudly, and buddha voices coiled around them. The buddha voice rang out in the heavens.

Old Ma slowly closed his eyes, but the eye in the heart of his brows slowly opened up.

Rulai Ma's third eye was a buddha eye, and it was usually closed. When it opened, it meant that the situation was extremely urgent.

However, when this buddha eye opened up, a ray of buddha light shot out from it and fixed onto the body of the buddha Qin Mu. The buddha Qin Mu in the dream realm immediately stopped assimilating.

Beams of buddha rays shot out from the vertical eye at the heart of Rulai Ma's brows, freezing all the Qin Mus in the dream realm. He gave a soft shout and said, "Wang."

The Qin Mus in those dreams instantly shut their mouths. Some of them struggled to open their mouths, but the moment they opened their mouths, they started talking nonsense. They were no longer the scriptures of Miluo Palace's Yuan Sage.

Rulai Ma's eyes were tightly shut, but the third eye in the heart of his brows was still open. He continued to fix the countless Qin Mus in the dream realm and said, "I can help Mu'er hold on for a few days, but I can't hold on for long. I have junior brother Zhan Kong, and his buddha heart is brilliant. He lives in Great Thunderclap Monastery, and his buddha nature has already reached Brahma Heaven. Cripple, invite him over."

Cripple's spirit was roused, and his primordial spirit quickly returned to his corporeal body. Suddenly, his body flashed, and Blind cried out in astonishment. His clothes were all stolen, and even his socks were gone.

Blind hurriedly used Divine Spear Long Tuo to protect his lower body and said angrily, "Cripple, you hate beating people up and taking your anger out on me!"

Cripple had long left, throwing Blind's underwear, socks, shirt, and shirt everywhere.

Mute brought over a set of clothes, and Blind immediately ran to a secluded place to put them on. He said angrily, "Hate beating people up with a rod, damned Cripple. It was clearly Granny Si who beat you up first. I was just helping out. If you have the ability, go steal Granny Si's clothes…"

Before he could finish his sentence, a series of divine arts of magnetism came crashing down. Blind was instantly pressed down to the ground, unable to move.

Another series of divine arts came crashing down, and Blind could only kick his legs. Even Divine Spear Long Tuo was forced to submit and grumbled at him endlessly.

After a few days, Cripple rushed back as fast as lightning, carrying a devil ape with black and shiny fur in his hands. The devil ape's body was as big as a mountain, but it was still sleeping soundly and snoring thunderously.

Blind only let out a sigh of relief when he felt the pressure on his body lighten. He immediately got up. He had been suppressed for a few days, so Granny Si must have seen Cripple rushing over with Devil Ape Zhan Kong. Only then did she let him off.

"Zhan Kong Rulai is still sleeping, so you brought him here?" Blind went forward and asked.

Cripple carried Zhan Kong Rulai to Qin Mu's side and placed him down. The hair of Devil Ape Zhan Kong Rulai was even longer than before, and he didn't look like a huge buddha with a vast buddha heart. Instead, he looked like a monster from Youdu.

"He was sleeping, and there were monks and buddhas everywhere. I tried to wake him up, but I couldn't, so I had to steal him."

Cripple said with dissatisfaction, "The monks and buddhas of Great Thunderclap Monastery are also stingy, actually chasing after me with knives and weapons. Luckily I was fast enough."

Blind was speechless.

Old Ma's voice came from Qin Mu's numerous dreams. "Even though Junior Brother Zhan Kong's magic power and cultivation are lacking, his cultivation is above mine. He's the only one that's close to Old Rulai. With him around, he can last another month."

He sat in the heart of Qin Mu's primordial spirit, and his body was on the verge of collapsing. The buddha rays in the heart of his brows also dimmed, making it hard for him to fix those Qin Mus and stop them from talking nonsense.

Devil Ape Zhan Kong suddenly stood up, but his eyes were still closed. He snored like thunder and walked into Qin Mu's dream.

In Qin Mu's dream realm, he was still snoring loudly as he fell asleep on the ground, unlike Old Ma who still needed to execute buddhism to suppress him.

Everyone outside looked at each other in dismay. They saw Qin Mu in the dream realm actually falling asleep under his snoring. He was breathing with him and entering the dream together, sleeping sweetly.

When everyone saw this, they finally relaxed.

Granny Si put down the prehistoric divine bow and said in a low voice, "With two buddhas here, we can last another month. I wonder if Ancestral Master Wei, Shu Jun, and the rest have already found the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court and attracted the ten Celestial Venerables…"

She looked up at the sky.

On the peak of Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain, one could see Xuandu even if they looked up at the sky.

Among the ten Celestial Venerables, more than half of them should still be in Xuandu, dividing the benefits of Xuandu, subduing the Heavenly Dao, and refining Heaven Duke's corporeal body.

It would take a long time to travel from Xuandu to the ancestral court.

Although there were Celestial Venerables overseeing the celestial heavens above the ancestral court, there weren't many of them.

"Furthermore, most of the ten Celestial Venerables are injured. Can they really rush to the ancestral court in a month to find the Jade Capital City?"

Granny Si said in a low voice, "Even if they find Jade Capital City, can they break open the Hall of Fragrance and beat that Miluo Palace Yuan Sage to death…"

She was worried.

At that moment, Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun stood in the air, relying on the wind. The heart of Shu Jun's brows suddenly opened up, revealing a Grand Primordium Divine Stone. His consciousness burst forth, visualizing all kinds of strange sights in the air. He said solemnly, "Back then, I was part of the one who sealed the Jade Capital City of the ancestral court. Even though everyone said that they would forget the experience in the Jade Capital City and not think about what happened inside, how could they not think about it?"

He was one of the Sealers of Jade Capital City, so even though he couldn't completely undo the seal, he could still do it.

When Shu Jun undid the seal, an ancient and boundless aura rushed into the sky, shaking the heaven and earth of the ancestral court!

Crack, crack!

Violent tremors traveled over, and an incomparably ancient god city suddenly appeared in front of them!

The aura of the Vast Expanse Great Dao rushed towards them, shaking their bodies. Wei Suifeng and Shu Jun's faces were wrinkled from the impact!

When the aura of the Great Dao rushed past, Wei Suifeng shook off the dust on his body and looked at the magnificent building and the terrifying sight in the god city that suddenly appeared in front of him. He muttered, "If I didn't have to save Junior Brother, I wouldn't have come to such a place even if I was beaten to death…"

Before he entered the city, he left behind a huge cauldron filled with star sand and stuck an incense stick in the sand.

Shu Jun was puzzled.

Wei Suifeng said, "After we enter, this incense stick will draw the geographical map of our path on the star sand. If we fall in, the others can follow the map to save us."

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