Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1435 - No One Knows You When You're masked

The sea of qi and blood above Qin Mu's head burned, and the Youdu devil qi dyed the sea of blood black. The skin on the surface of his corporeal body even cracked, and he almost couldn't trap his primordial spirit.

The two of them kowtowed again, and their injuries were even worse!

"Take my bow!"

"Take my bow!"


A world-shaking explosion rang out, and the Black Heaven Earth Sect behind Qin Mu exploded. His corporeal body couldn't take it anymore, and black soul sand spewed out from his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose!

On the other hand, Son of Heaven Yin's corporeal body that was looking at him from the other side of the formation suddenly exploded, and he was worshiped into a ball of primordial qi. Even Mingdu Heavenly Gate behind him was turned into powder. Huge pieces of divine weapons dragged strands of primordial qi into the sea.

Qin Mu's body swayed, but he didn't fall. He suddenly executed Soul Guide to restrain the black soul sand that was crumbling. He circulated his divine art and reconstructed his soul!

Butcher wanted to support him, but he saw that he had already recovered. Even though his breathing was weak, he was fine, so he retracted his hand.

"Is Son of Heaven Yin dead?"

Butcher raised his Heaven Knife and shone it around to search for Son of Heaven Yin.

Tian Shu also raised his Imperial Gate Divine Knife and stared at the surface of the knife, searching for Son of Heaven Yin's primordial spirit.

Luo Wushuang also raised his divine knife and surveyed his surroundings.

Zhe Huali raised his demon knife and dragon teeth, but they were the teeth of East Deity Qing Long. The surface of the knife wasn't bright, so it couldn't shine into the depths of the void.

On the other hand, there was a demon eye on the handle of Dragon Tooth. The demon eye rolled around as it searched for Son of Heaven Yin.

Even though Son of Heaven Yin wasn't a Celestial Venerable, his abilities were incomparably strange and godly, making it hard to guard against.

They originally thought that killing Son of Heaven Yin was a small matter, but killing him was indeed a small matter. Taking his life was the harder part.

Not only that, Son of Heaven Yin's Youdu divine art and Dao of Reincarnation also made them have lingering fears.

"Is he dead or gone?" Butcher searched for a long time, but he couldn't find any trace of Son of Heaven Yin.

Qin Mu opened up the third eye in the heart of his brows and swept his gaze around. His gaze suddenly penetrated the void and saw the surging sea of the netherworld in the distance. In the sea, there was a head floating and rushing towards Mingdu. He said, "He isn't dead yet, he has returned to Mingdu. He is also an existence that cultivates the path of Heavenly Yin and is proficient in the Great Dao of Youdu. It won't be easy to kill him. Ignore him, Son of Heaven Yin is merely a tool for us to test our strength. That's all. He's not worth mentioning."

He raised his head and saw the great army of gods and devils of North Heaven Mingdu standing in front of him. Countless majestic gods and devils stood at the bow of the ship, looking at them nervously.

Butcher, Tian Shu, Luo Wushuang, and the rest all took a step forward. Luo Wushuang shook his one-armed divine knife and said indifferently, "Want to kill them all?"

The expressions of the few divine generals in the lead of Northern Heaven Mingdu changed drastically. They activated their divine weapons to protect their bodies.

"No need."

Qin Mu suddenly revealed a smile and waved at the army of tens of thousands of people. "Disperse, all of you, disperse. Your Son of Heaven Yin has already returned to the netherworld sea, all of you should disperse and return home."

Those generals felt as though they had been pardoned. Zhe Huali frowned and said, "They have seen our faces before. If we report it…"

Qin Mu was full of smiles as he took out a black scarf to cover his face. "Can't we see our faces now?"

Luo Wushuang and Zhe Huali were dumbfounded.

If he didn't wear a mask before the incident and covered his face after the incident, wouldn't he be deceiving himself?

Butcher also took out a black cloth and covered his face. It was obvious that he was familiar with it. After all, Priest Qin was famous, and he was from this famous family. He said, "As long as we aren't caught red-handed, we won't admit to it. Who can do anything to us?"

"A mask is actually just a cover. There's no difference whether you wear it or not. Who can you cover?"

Qin Mu was prepared. He took out three pieces of black cloth and handed them to Tian Shu, Zhe Huali, and Luo Wushuang. "As long as you aren't caught red-handed, you won't admit to it. If you fight a lawsuit, there will be something to say. Black can be said to be white, and dead can be said to be alive. You guys can lie first."

The three of them silently took the black cloth and covered their faces.

Qin Mu suddenly remembered something. He pulled open his black cloth and said to the army of the Northern Heaven Mingdu that was about to retreat, "I'm Celestial Venerable Mu. I'm heading to Xuandu to supervise the battle. I encountered bandits who damaged the treasure ship and conscripted one of your fast ships."

The officers of the Northern Heaven Mingdu were all stunned. They were already stunned when they saw their faces after the incident. Now, Qin Mu didn't even cover his face and used Celestial Venerable Mu's identity to command their ship. His skin was so thick that even Celestial Emperor's sword couldn't pierce through it!

The few generals looked at each other in dismay. Suddenly, one of them came to a realization and hurriedly ordered people to free up a fast ship to send it over personally. The few of them trembled in fear and didn't dare to speak.

Qin Mu looked at them with a smile that wasn't a smile and said indifferently, "Aren't you leaving? I'm preparing to wear a mask. If I wear a mask, I won't be Celestial Venerable Mu, but a criminal that even dared to kill Yin Tianzi."

Those generals scrambled away.

The five of them boarded the fast ship, and Butcher looked at the army that was retreating from North Heaven Mingdu. He saw that even though the army was retreating, their formation wasn't messy at all. It was orderly, and even when they were retreating, they seemed to be changing their attack and defense. He couldn't help frowning.

"Son of Heaven Yin has mastered the Zenith of Military Strategy."

He had a grim expression and said solemnly, "If Son of Heaven Yin isn't angered and comes over in a fury, he will mobilize the Mingdu army and activate the formation to trap us. We will probably be lambs waiting to be slaughtered."

Tian Shu, Zhe Huali, and Luo Wushuang were also generals that led the army. Luo Wushuang was originally the leader of the Spirit Elite Guards, while Zhe Huali was placed in an important position by Emperor Yanxiu, Ling Yuxiu. He was a general in the western border, and Tian Shu was one of the four great heavenly kings under Founding Emperor. He controlled the army of Founding Emperor Era.

They could also see how strong Son of Heaven Yin was in commanding the army, and they all frowned.

The battle power of a single Mingdu god was insignificant to them. Even the generals of the army were at most at the Jade Capital and Numinous Sky Realm.

However, when these gods and devils gathered into an army and were united by the formation, the power they could unleash would be terrifying!

Even an Emperor's Throne Realm existence wouldn't dare to face the combined attack of sand and pagoda.

In a large-scale battle between gods and devils, the power of the formation definitely couldn't be underestimated!

"In the future, if Eternal Peace goes to war with the celestial heavens, Blind who has the divine mind eyes will become the main pillar."

Butcher stood at the bow of the ship and looked at the torrential celestial river flowing down the ship. He said calmly, "The celestial heavens has four great heavenly kings, four great heavenly teachers, four great emperors, and Son of Heaven Yin is only one of the four deities. If Blind wants to fight against such an existence on the formation, he will have to be ruthlessly spurred on and let his formation enter deeper into the path."

Qin Mu came to his side and had the same feeling in his heart. He nodded his head and said, "No matter if it's Grandpa Blind or Grandpa Mute, I have been ruthlessly spurring them to work harder."

"You are shameless."

Butcher took a glance at him and reprimanded him. He then asked with concern, "How are your injuries? Does Ying not affect the battle in Xuandu?"

"I've cultivated to the Jade Pool Realm of the Ancestral Court's Jade Pavilion, and I'm a huge Jade Pool and Jade Sea. There's primordial liquid in the sea, so any injuries can be healed naturally as long as they aren't Dao injuries."

Qin Mu smiled. "Even if your cultivation is damaged, you can recover quickly."

Butcher saw that his aura was indeed recovering continuously, and his recovery speed was astonishingly fast. He couldn't help clicking his tongue in wonder and said, "We have already seen the Ancestral Court's God Execution Stage Realm and can refine baleful qi for our own use. The Ancestral Court's Jade Pavilion Realm actually has a marvelous aspect?"

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