Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1436 - Xuandu Battlefield

Zhe Huali and Tian Shu also came over to ask about the marvel of the Jade Pool. Qin Mu told them about what he had learned during this period, and everyone was envious.

"I was in a hurry, so I didn't measure the four great heavenly gates, Jade Pool, and Nine Hells Stage. However, Xu Shenghua, Lan Yutian, and the rest are doing these."

Qin Mu gave it some thought and said, "Even for them, they would need ten to twenty years to be able to measure all of the Jade Pavilion of the Heavenly Gate and the God Execution Stage of the Nine Hells Stage. However, as long as they do, the cultivation system of the celestial palace will have a huge change!"

Tian Shu had a grim expression. "It's more than a huge change? It's simply a world-shaking change! Dao Realm and Celestial Palace Realm becoming one, this is really, really…"

He couldn't find a word to describe it.

Butcher said, "When the Dao Realm and the celestial palace combine, it's equivalent to having Founding Emperor's Dao, as well as Celestial Venerable Hao's power."

Qin Mu pondered and said, "It should be slightly stronger. After all, there's an additional Nine Hells Stage, and the Ancestral Court's Jade Capital is said to be incomparably dangerous. Back then, even the Grand Emperor and Celestial Emperor Tai Chu almost couldn't escape unscathed. I reckon the real Jade Capital will have a huge change in the original Jade Capital Realm."

Luo Wushuang's heart trembled violently. "What you mean is that after the Dao Realm and the cultivation system of the celestial palace merge, they will be much stronger than Founding Emperor and Celestial Venerable Hao?"

Qin Mu sighed ruefully. "How much stronger? He's not much inferior to me! Of course, he's still slightly inferior, but it's already extremely remarkable."

Everyone didn't hear the second half of his sentence at all. They only heard the first half, and the shock in their hearts was incomparable.

"At that time, it will be the final cultivation system, right?"

Zhe Huali muttered, "The cultivation system is so perfect that it can't be improved. It's both a good thing and a bad thing… I'm afraid there won't be any reformers like us in the future."

"Where is the ultimate cultivation system?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "Have you developed the Xiantian Realm of Five Great Realms? Have you developed the cultivation system of Postcelestial Great Daos? After achieving Dao, is there still room for improvement? How do I cultivate the Dao Tree, Dao Flower, and Dao Fruit? These are all unknown. Furthermore…"

He said leisurely, "The people of the future will be different from us. We are slowly exploring and investigating the marvels of the path. What we are investigating now might only be basic knowledge to the people of the future. They will continue to change on our foundation. Maybe the future cultivation system will be completely different from today."

Butcher nodded his head and said, "If it was thirty years ago, I wouldn't have thought about the drastic changes in the current cultivation system."

Everyone nodded.

Thirty years ago, who would have thought of the Celestial River Realm? Who would have thought of combining the seven great divine treasures into one? Who would have thought of the system of Dao Realm? Who would have thought of the Four Heavenly Gates and the Nine Hells Stage?

And now, they had all emerged.

They, the reformers, could see further. In the future, they would reach the five great realms and the Dao Tree, Dao Flower, and Dao Fruits, waiting for them to discover them. There were also all kinds of Postcelestial Dao that required generations of evolution.

On the ship, Butcher was grinding his Heaven Knife while Tian Shu stared at the wine jar in Zhe Huali's hand. Zhe Huali was holding the wine jar to feed his Devil Blade Dragon Tooth while Luo Wushuang was pacing on the deck. Every step he took was precise and blurry.

Qin Mu stood at the bow of the ship to control the direction and looked at the approaching Xuandu.

Xuandu was like the sky. It looked like a ball that was fastened to the thousands of worlds in the heavens, but in reality, there were a lot of different worlds and spaces that were crisscrossed and complicated. It wasn't a real ball.

In any world, one could look up and see Xuandu. If one had enough patience, strength, and lifespan, they could fly to Xuandu.

Heaven Duke of Xuandu could see any world with his gaze. It was very similar to Qin Mu's divine treasure realm.

Heaven Duke was like a four-faced god in Xuandu, and his back couldn't be seen.

He only had one shadow, and that was his feet. That was Heavenly Yin. The Heavenly Yin Sea of Heavenly Yin World also looked like the shape of his feet.

Dozens of days later, the fast ship arrived at Xuandu. They saw the huge ship of the Celestial River Navy floating on the river surface of the Celestial River. It was majestic, and its face stretched for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Not only were there big ships, but there were also small ships. Of course, the small ones were only for the ships of the celestial heavens. If these small ships were placed in the mortal world, they would also be huge ships.

Countless gods and devils stood on the ships, while some dove into the celestial river to hunt down the enemies.

The battle at the bottom of the river was extremely intense, and there were gulps of blood on the surface of the water from time to time. The star sovereigns stationed in Xuandu had led the rebel army into the celestial river in an attempt to ambush the Celestial River Navy.

However, the Celestial River Navy had many water gods and dragon gods, so how could they succeed?

On the frontlines, huge suns were pushed over by the rebel army. On the suns, majestic god cities floated on the surface of the suns. On them, Xuandu's Sun Guardian controlled a huge fire, waving a flag to ignite the Sun Fire to burn the Celestial River Navy.

Qin Mu and the rest drove the small boats away from the celestial river and avoided the battlefield. The flames of war raged in Xuandu, and tens of thousands of moon guardians in Xuandu drove bright planets to rush into the battlefield.

The Moon Guardian was mostly a woman who worked with the Sun Guardian. The moon guided light from the sun and transformed it into rays of death light.

There were also numerous star sovereigns controlling numerous stars, and there were divine cities in between the stars. Between the stars and the stars, there was starlight that connected them together. They mobilized the power of the stars and rushed to the battlefield.

Chains of light burst forth from the stars, suns, and moons, clashing fiercely with the Celestial River Navy.

The cannon rays and divine weapons pouring out from the Celestial River Navy's ship collided with the sun, moon, and stars of the rebel army in Xuandu. It was a magnificent sight that was unforgettable.

Qin Mu and the rest came to Xuandu, and there were huge star fragments streaking past their ship. They were the ashes of the shattered sun. There were many of them, and the further they went, the more there were.

Between the fragments, there were also corpses of huge gods and devils floating quietly in the starry sky.

It was the corpse of the Sun Guardian that had died in battle.

The Sun Guardian, Moon Guardian, and Star Sovereign of Xuandu were originally priests in charge of the operations of the sun, moon, and stars in the thousands of worlds. On the surface, they listened to the orders of the celestial heavens, but they were actually supporters of Xuandu Heaven Duke.

Heaven Duke controlled the operation of the stars in the thousands of worlds, and the sun and moon operated. Naturally, there were countless fanatical followers.

On the surface, the celestial heavens' power was the greatest, but in reality, the ancient gods that ruled over an area each had their own huge power.

The reason why the celestial heavens didn't touch these ancient gods was because the power they controlled was also a force that couldn't be underestimated.

The reason why the rulers of the heavens and myriad worlds had to participate in the Heaven Alliance Meeting was because Xuandu Heaven Duke had his own power in all of the worlds.

Qin Mu and the rest retracted their gazes. Here, they could feel the aura of the Heavenly Dao.

Heavenly Dao was originally something that couldn't be easily felt. It required extremely high cultivation in the Dao Realm to be able to feel the circulation of the Heavenly Dao. Now, the Heavenly Dao of Xuandu was so dense that anyone who entered Xuandu could easily feel it!

"Xuandu should have also sensed that the situation was bad, which is why the Heavenly Dao is so strong, blessing these people guarding Heaven Duke."

Butcher felt the power of the Heavenly Dao surging over and filling his corporeal body, filling it with incomparably strong power. He said solemnly, "The Heavenly Dao can't attack directly, and the Great Dao has no power. The ones with power are the divine arts and those who have mastered them, so the Heavenly Dao is supporting us."

Tian Shu and the rest also felt the blessing of the Heavenly Dao. The Great Dao was formless, but when it poured into their bodies, all kinds of apparitions appeared, transforming into the forms of the forty-nine Heavenly Dao treasures to protect their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits.

Qin Mu's understanding of the Heavenly Dao was the deepest, and he immediately caught the fluctuations of the Xuandu Heavenly Dao. He said solemnly, "Let's go to Tianfang City!"

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