Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1434 - Take My Bow

The expression on Son of Heaven Yin's face had yet to freeze. He didn't expect the power of the five of them after working together to be so terrifying.

Even though Qin Mu had said that he had beaten him up in front of the four great heavenly teachers and heavenly kings of the celestial heavens, the one who had actually been beaten up was Qin Mu. If Qin Mu hadn't forced Bai Yujing to make a move, she really might have been killed by Son of Heaven Yin.

However, times had changed.

Qin Mu's abilities had a world-shaking improvement compared to back then. He had cultivated to the twenty-six heavens of the Dao Realm, and his cultivation realm had also reached the Nine Hells Stage. During the battle in the Ancestral Court's Great Ultimate Star Domain, he could fight Celestial Empress head-on without being defeated and not die after entering the Ancestral Court's God Execution Stage!

He worked together with Butcher and the rest to raise his Dao Realm to the thirtieth heaven and imprint his Great Dao into the thirtieth void!

Qin Mu, who had cultivated to this step, was full of confidence. He even thought that if the five of them worked together, they could take one or two moves from a Celestial Venerable without being wiped out. That was why he insisted on going to Xuandu!

Because Son of Heaven Yin only had four celestial palaces, he relied on the effects of Mingdu Heavenly Gate to have eight celestial palaces. Facing such a fierce five people, he was naturally beheaded with one knife.

However, what Son of Heaven Yin was most powerful wasn't his magic power or his realm. It was his Great Dao of Reincarnation, the divine art of reincarnation.

Even though he was split into two and even the small celestial heavens formed by the eight celestial palaces were split apart, the Mingdu Heavenly Gate behind him burst forth with a strange power and forcefully closed the broken gate.

When his corpse passed through Mingdu Heavenly Gate, a strange sight happened. Under Mingdu Heavenly Gate, the sea suddenly appeared, and the torrential seawater churned. The seawater was formed by the black soul sand and was incomparably pitch black.

The waves of the netherworld sea surged and crashed onto the heavenly gate. The instant Son of Heaven Yin's corpse passed through the heavenly gate, his body vanished. A half-god with the bloodline of the Black Tortoise flew out from behind the gate. He had the head of a dragon and the body of a tortoise, and he stood on the sea surface.

Back then, when Saint Woodcutter and the rest had rescued Di Yiyue, Di Yiyue, Goddess of Heavenly Yin, Tian Shu, King Yama, and the rest of the experts had surrounded Son of Heaven Yin and fought a hundred battles, but they couldn't take him down.

At that time, they had killed Son of Heaven Yin numerous times, and their corporeal bodies had been broken numerous times. However, Son of Heaven Yin could always rely on Mingdu Heavenly Gate to recover completely. When he passed through Mingdu Heavenly Gate, it was equivalent to reincarnating once. Not only could men and women change at will, but even their species could change!

This was the effect of the Dao of Reincarnation.

Son of Heaven Yin was astonished and furious. He raised his head, and another knife light descended from the sky!

That knife light split open the Mingdu Heavenly Gate that had just gathered together and slashed down on the head of this new body.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, your mother…"

Before he could even say a word, he was sliced into two by a knife. He had borrowed the reincarnation of Mingdu Heavenly Gate to be reborn, and before he could even stabilize himself, he was killed by Qin Mu, Butcher, and the rest!

Mingdu Heavenly Gate trembled, and the corpse of Black Tortoise Son of Heaven Yin sank into the sea.

The sea suddenly vanished, and it appeared behind the army of the Northern Heaven Mingdu. The Mingdu Heavenly Gate rose again, and Son of Heaven Yin was revived.

The small boat barged into the army camp of North Heaven Mingdu and crashed through the ships, heading straight for Mingdu Heavenly Gate.

"History shines on the core!"

On the ship, Qin Mu and the rest shouted as they executed the thirty heavens of the knife path together. When this knife cleaved out, it was as if what flew out wasn't the knife light, but countless gorgeous writings that were moving like dragons and snakes. The Dao voice that burst forth from the knife path wasn't as sacred as the Precelestial Great Dao. It was so solemn and profound.

The Dao voice burst forth from the path of the knife, and it was as if a scroll of human history had been unfolded. One by one, glorious and imposing figures stood up from the painting of history, looking majestic and vigorous.

They shone brilliantly. Some used a brush as a knife to scold the unfairness of the Heavenly Dao. They blamed the incompetent monarchs and the deities.

Some used their bodies to move, and when mountains blocked the road, they would move mountains. When a flood came, they would open up a canal, and when a great river blocked the road, they would build a bridge and cross it. When the gods descended, they would kill the gods!

History follows the heart of the pill, bearing the weight to sharpen it.

The moment Minghai, Mingdu Heavenly Gate, and Son of Heaven Yin appeared, a painting scroll that looked like it had been written in history unfolded. The knife light killed the gods and destroyed the hearts, vaporizing vast amounts of Mingdu Heavenly Gate.

Son of Heaven Yin gave off a miserable scream and vanished along with the rest of the sea.

At this moment, the small boat sped past the camp of Northern Heaven Mingdu and appeared at the back of the camp. At the bow of the boat, the five of them each held onto the handle of their knives and looked around. However, the last strand of the netherworld sea had vanished.

"Turn around, behind!"

Qin Mu raised his leg and gave a heavy stomp. The entire fast ship moved horizontally across the Celestial River, and they passed through the camp of North Heaven Mingdu. At this moment, the gods of Mingdu in the camp turned around, and the sea of Mingdu had already arrived behind the formation of the Mingdu army.

The dilapidated Mingdu Heavenly Gate rose up from the sea once again. Son of Heaven Yin had reincarnated this time and transformed into a woman in a red robe. She had a shawl on her shoulders, and her body floated in front of Mingdu Heavenly Gate. She shouted sternly, "Qin Mu, Tian Shu, Zhe Huali, Luo Wushuang, Dao Liuzhao, accept my bow!"

The woman, Son of Heaven Yin, bowed. Butcher and the rest were about to execute their knife path divine arts again when Qin Mu's expression suddenly changed drastically. He spread out his cape to protect the four of them and cupped his fists. He pushed forward and also bowed!

"Yin Chaojin, accept my bow as well!"

Behind him, a Black Gate of Heaven and Earth appeared. Heaven Influence Heaven connected to the earth, and it went up to the Heavenly Dao, Xuandu, and down to Youdu. It was the second heaven of his divine art!

The instant Qin Mu bowed down, the twenty-sixth heaven of entering the path with divine arts, as well as the co-traversing of the primordial chaos and Dao, also bowed!

The two of them bowed to each other across the tens of thousands of gods and devils of North Heaven Mingdu.

Son of Heaven Yin bowed, and he saw the huge ships in front of her. In the beautiful and sinister formations, the primordial spirits of the gods and devils suddenly shattered into pieces, and their souls disintegrated into black soul sand.

Rolling black sand spewed out from their eyes, ears, mouths, and noses. There were also souls in their lower abdomen, which spewed out smoke from their nine orifices after being shattered. It was incomparably terrifying!

On the other hand, Qin Mu pushed his hands forward and bowed. The gods and devils of Mingdu in front of him also couldn't withstand his bow. Their primordial spirits crumbled and their souls exploded!

Son of Heaven Yin had used Youdu divine art, and Qin Mu's bow was also Youdu divine art. There was no difference in their attainments!

Not only that, Qin Mu's bow contained a primordial chaos and Dao traveling together. Wherever he bowed, space would turn into fine powder. The corporeal bodies of the gods and devils that he had worshiped to death would explode and transform into wisps of primordial qi!


The two divine arts collided, and the fast ship under Qin Mu's feet couldn't withstand the pressure and exploded. The qi and blood above his head spewed out and transformed into a sea of blood.

It was as though the sea of blood had been burned open, and steam rose from it. The steam carried black smoke, and it was Youdu devil qi.

On the other side, Son of Heaven Yin's body trembled violently, and blood spewed out from his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. The blood he spewed out transformed into wisps of primordial qi, and the Mingdu Heavenly Gate behind him also gave off cracking sounds. It was covered in cracks, and strands of primordial qi dispersed!

He shouted sternly, "Qin Mu, receive another bow from me!"

Qin Mu shouted, "Yin Chaojin, accept another bow from me!"

The two of them shouted like thunder and bowed down again. Another loud boom rang out, and Son of Heaven Yin's body trembled violently. He retreated repeatedly, and blood spewed out from his mouth. His eyes were red, and his eyes looked like they were going to turn into primordial qi from the worship. He cried out miserably, "Qin Mu, receive another bow from me!"

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