Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1424 - The Butterfly Loves The Heartless Flower

The blood-colored baleful aura of God Execution Stage was refined by Qin Mu, Butcher, and the rest and stored in their bodies. Their cultivation grew stronger, and their comprehension of the realm of God Execution Stage also grew deeper.

Their attainments in the path of the knife also rose with the tide.

The Dao contained in the God Execution Stage wasn't the Dao of Knife, but the Dao of baleful aura in the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. At the same time, it also contained the tempering of the Dao heart.

Refining the baleful qi and forcefully seizing the power of the Blood Fiend Divine Knife could only raise their cultivation, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of the path of baleful qi and not raise their attainments in the path of the knife.

The reason why they had such a huge improvement in their knife path was actually because of the improvement in their Dao heart, as well as comprehending their own knife path in the process of resisting the baleful aura divine knife. Thus, they had improved.

Among the five of them, other than Qin Mu, every one of them was lacking in the tempering of their Dao hearts. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn't be able to enter the God Execution Stage. Just the test of their Dao hearts alone was enough for them to not be able to withstand the slaying of the God Execution Stage.

However, Qin Mu's Dao heart was strong enough to comprehend the Dao on the Surging River. The five of them combined their vital qi and spirit into one and imprinted the twenty-five voids with their knife path. It was also led by Qin Mu's Dao heart that forcefully raised the attainments of Butcher, Zhe Huali, and the rest.

The reason Butcher and the rest could stand on God Execution Stage was because they had comprehended the Dao on Surging River and imprinted 25 heavens on their knife path.

If Qin Mu was alone, he wouldn't have been able to stand on the God Execution Stage. The power of the two Blood Fiend God Execution Knives was simply too strong. Even though his Dao heart could withstand it, his corporeal body and primordial spirit couldn't be preserved. His Great Dao would also be severed.

Standing alone on the stage, he would only be killed again, unable to comprehend it.

Even though his Dao heart was strong, his attainments in the knife path were still slightly weak. When comprehending the Dao on Surging River, the reason why he could imprint the 25 heavens of the knife path was because of the cooperation of the other four ancestors of the knife path. It wasn't the work of one person.

Only when the five of them worked together could they reach this height and have the capital to fight against the God Execution Stage.

Now, their knife path was imprinted in the 27 voids, and they relied on the five of them working together to borrow the power of God Execution Stage and the wisdom of the five of them to raise their knife path to the 27 heavens!

They needed five people to work together to execute the power of the twenty-seventh heaven of knife path.

Five stinky craftsmen still couldn't compare to a Founding Emperor.

Founding Emperor had deduced the Sword Dao to thirty-five heavens by himself and imprinted thirty-five voids. He was much stronger than them.

However, their knife path was still improving. They were about to break through the 28 heavens and imprint their knife path into the 28 voids!

However, the further one went, the more difficult it became. It wasn't easy to raise it to the 28 heavens.

The power of the two Blood Fiend God Execution Knives on God Execution Stage was still extremely strong, and they were still a huge threat to them. Butcher and the rest still had to do their best to defend against the two divine knives, but even so, they were still getting injured continuously.

Luckily, Qin Mu's divine treasure realm contained unchanging divine art, so he could always restore them to their peak state before God Execution Stage seized their qi and blood.

Meanwhile, in the divine city far away, Apothecary carefully nursed Fang Ziyan's body and removed the baleful aura in her body. He then brought her to some treasure grounds in the ancestral court to gather herbs and prepare to refine spirit pills and miraculous medicines to treat her eyes.

With this handsome Apothecary by her side, Fang Ziyan felt that the days passed by quickly. When they returned after picking the herbs, they saw that Rain Master, Water God, River God, and Dragon King had gathered beside the Great Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. Thousands of gods controlled the water to cool the bridge down.

During this period of time, the celestial heavens' Dao Sect adjusted the location of the ships that were dragging the celestial heavens, and the celestial heavens relocated again, increasing their speed greatly.

Presumably, it wouldn't be long before the celestial heavens completely migrated to the ancestral court. At that time, the celestial river would change its path again and recreate the grand occasion of the ancient ancestral court!

Apothecary finished refining the spirit pills and applied the medicine for Fang Ziyan. He said softly, "Madam, you can recover after resting for a day or two. I have left Eternal Peace for quite some time, so I have to return."

Fang Ziyan was reluctant to part with him. She held his hand and said, "Even though I've been conferred the title of madam by the imperial court, my late husband has already died a long time ago. If mister doesn't mind…"

Apothecary pulled out his palm without batting an eyelid and said, "Madam, I owed too much dissolute debt in my early years, and now I just want to practice medicine everywhere to make up for the debt from back then. Madam has feelings, but I can't bear it."

Fang Ziyan was disappointed and frustrated as she let him leave.

Another two days passed, and the Dao injuries in Fang Ziyan's eyes vanished completely. She opened her eyes and looked around weakly, feeling that the magnificent mountains and rivers of the ancestral court had lost their color.

At this moment, she suddenly noticed the God Execution Stage, and her expression changed. She saw that the baleful aura on the God Execution Stage wasn't as strong as before, and the scale of the baleful aura had shrunk by nearly half!

"This is bad, I was intentionally heartless. I was only focused on my romance with that apothecary and forgot about the proper business!"

Cold sweat broke out on her forehead. From afar, she could see that the knife path on God Execution Stage was like the sky, imprinting thirty layers of void. With layers of seals, the two Blood Fiend Divine Knives were actually trapped inside, trying to capture and refine the two divine knives!

Even though the two divine knives could break through thirty heavens of the knife path, they didn't have the terrifying power they had back then. They were no longer a threat to the five people on the stage.

The power of the thirty heavens of the knife path was peerless. The five of them stood on the stage, and every time they combined their power to execute the battle technique merging together, their power would overflow into the sky, causing the two divine knives to be unable to fight fiercely.

'If I let them continue, I'm afraid they will swallow and refine the two divine knives into the knife qi in their bodies!'

Fang Ziyan immediately flew up and rushed towards the Great Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

On the God Execution Stage, Qin Mu had already comprehended the Great Dao hidden within and transformed his own God Execution Stage.

He had nineteen celestial palaces. Not only did he have to reconstruct the God Execution Stage of the nineteen celestial palaces, he also had to reconstruct the God Execution Stage in the ancestral court of his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

When the twenty God Execution Stages were erected, he felt his cultivation rising once again, and his Dao heart became even rounder.

However, after the God Execution Stage of the ancestral court was erected, the changes it brought were beyond his expectations. The formation of the God Execution Stage actually immediately absorbed his baleful qi!

The more he killed, the heavier the baleful aura around his body became. For example, Mother Earth had massacred millions of gods and devils in Xuandu back then, causing the baleful aura to coil around his body and affect his Dao heart.

Mother Earth's Dao and virtue had been completely corrupted, and she had ultimately died in Qin Mu's hands. It was the baleful aura that had taken effect.

Ever since Qin Mu had left Great Ruins and entered Eternal Peace, he hadn't killed many people and his hands weren't stained with much blood.

It could be said that he hadn't caused much killing in the past few decades. Even though his cultivation and abilities were strong, his hands were the cleanest among those with his level of cultivation.

However, the number of living beings that had died in the hands of his elder brother Qin Fengqing was uncountable. Just when Qin Fengqing was still a baby, he had already devoured countless souls, and at that time, Qin Mu's consciousness had yet to be born!

Back then, when the two of them were still one body, Qin Mu's baleful aura had surrounded him, and these lives were all on him.

Qin Mu was proficient in the Great Dao of Youdu, so the baleful aura couldn't interfere with his consciousness. However, it wasn't a good thing to have so much baleful aura coiling around him.

Now, once the God Execution Stage in his divine treasure ancestral court was formed, all the baleful qi gathered on the God Execution Stage and transformed into two baleful knife lights that tangled endlessly!

Not only that, but the baleful aura of Heavenly Lady Qiang's God Execution Stage was also absorbed and refined by it to strengthen itself!

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