Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1426 - Celestial Venerable Of Great Pit

Beside the God Execution Stage of the ancestral court, Qin Mu watched as the two Blood Fiend God Execution Knives sliced across his head. The peachwood hairpin in his hand also didn't unleash the unchanging divine art.

Heavenly Lady Qiang appeared on the God Execution Stage with a pale face. Two blood-colored baleful auras circled around her.

Heavenly Lady Qiang gently raised her slender hand, and the two rough dragon scales slid across her palm.

Qin Mu smiled at her and said, "Heavenly Lady…"

"Shut up!"

Heavenly Lady Qiang said ruthlessly, "One more word and I'll burn your bones and scatter your ashes. I'll send your primordial spirit into the Ultimate Void and trap you in the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven forever!"

Qin Mu immediately shut up.

Heavenly Lady Qiang was one of the few Celestial Venerables that could deal with him. After all, she was the Grand Emperor, and her consciousness was unrivaled in the Great Overarching Heaven. Even Celestial Venerable Yun's primordial spirit was thrown into the Great Overarching Heaven of consciousness, let alone Qin Mu.

Even if Qin Mu could use the unchanging divine art to fight to the death, he would only destroy Heavenly Lady Qiang and not the Grand Emperor's source.

Heavenly Lady Qiang looked at the two Blood Fiend God Execution Knives, and the corners of her eyes twitched. The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched as he muttered to himself.

After a moment, Heavenly Lady Qiang let out a shaky breath and muttered, "I… How should I deal with you, Celestial Venerable Mu? I lent you the God Execution Stage out of goodwill, but you were greedy and almost destroyed my treasure!"

Qin Mu immediately said, "Dao brother, you are also harboring ill intentions. You planned to use this God Execution Stage to get rid of me, but you were afraid of being implicated, so you didn't come over. If I die here, you will shirk your responsibility…"

Heavenly Lady Qiang glared at him, and Qin Mu shut up.

Heavenly Lady Qiang's chest rose and fell violently. After a moment, she said something that made Qin Mu's hair stand on end. "You and the other four absorbed so much baleful aura from God Execution Stage. How many more people do I have to kill and create a war to raise these two knives to their peak?"

Qin Mu shuddered.

"From the ancient primordial era until now, the masters of creation have been engaged in countless battles, big and small. In particular, the destruction of the masters of creation caused the masters of creation in the ancestral court to go extinct. The baleful aura created by these battles was absorbed by the God Execution Stage, which resulted in these two divine knives."

Heavenly Lady Qiang swept her cold gaze over and said plainly, "Celestial Venerable Mu, how many wars do you think I have to incite to refine them?"

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he said, "The battle against Heaven Duke is imminent. If Goddess wants to cultivate God Execution Mysterious Knife, don't miss this chance."

Heavenly Lady Qiang snorted and let go of her divine knives. She stood on the stage with her hands behind her back. "The battle of Xuandu is the battle of Heaven Duke's death. Heaven Duke is the prey of Ancestral God King. Ancestral God King got rid of Heaven Duke and absorbed his power to become the new Heaven Duke. If I go, won't I become enemies with Ancestral God King?"

Qin Mu raised his head to look at the heavenly concubine on God Execution Stage and probed, "Just Ancestral God King alone can't do anything to Heaven Duke. Furthermore, if Ancestral God King absorbs Heaven Duke's power, his cultivation and abilities will probably increase by leaps and bounds. It's also possible for him to become a perfected existence of the Celestial Heavens Realm in one go. When that time comes, can Ancestral God King still tolerate other Celestial Venerables? Where does the baleful aura come from? It comes from killing. The place with the heaviest baleful aura in the world is the place where the celestial palace fell! Even the Heavenly Dao has to mobilize the baleful aura for Heaven Duke!"

Heavenly Lady Qiang raised her eyebrows and said, "Continue."

Qin Mu's spirit was roused, and he said solemnly, "The evil spirit of the Heavenly Dao is bound to be incomparably fierce. Goddess, bring the God Execution Stage and the two divine knives forward and refine them into peerless treasures, suppressing everyone with your skills. If you advance, you can take Heaven Duke's cultivation, but if you retreat, you can protect yourself. Why not?"

Heavenly Lady Qiang pondered.

Qin Mu's words had indeed moved her.

The battle of Heaven Duke's fall was bound to have a strong baleful aura. It was even comparable to the baleful aura created by the battle of the Blood Rust Zone when the masters of creation were wiped out.

If he wanted these two God Execution Knives to recover to their peak state and even form a perfect state, he had to go to Xuandu!

Her ambition didn't stop there.

She even wanted to stab the two divine knives into Heaven Duke's body when he died and take away his qi and blood!

At that time, the two divine knives would definitely reach perfection and become supreme treasures that would surpass the past by leaps and bounds!


"Celestial Venerable Mu, you will give me ideas?"

Heavenly Lady Qiang smiled. "The others came up with the idea of digging a pit, but you came up with the idea of digging a natural moat! Furthermore, it's not a natural moat, but a series of natural moat! If I fall into your pit, I'll skin you alive!"

She knew this very well.

After the Grand Emperor escaped, he went to find Qin Mu and fell into the natural moat that Qin Mu had dug. Qin Mu had promised him the Grand Primordium Origin Stone to stop Celestial Venerable Hao, but in that battle, even the Grand Emperor's corporeal body was almost crippled!

Later on, Qin Mu only gave him three-quarters of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone.

Later on, in the ancestral court, Qin Mu gave the Grand Emperor an idea to use the void beast mother to lure God Emperor Lang Xuan into attacking him.

In the end, Lang Xuan was ambushed by him, but the Grand Emperor was left with only his head.

When the head of the Grand Emperor went to seek revenge on Qin Mu, it was refined into a huge seal by Qin Mu using the seal of the four mines. Even so, Qin Mu was still helping the Grand Emperor with his ideas, looking very enthusiastic.

Heavenly Lady Qiang gritted her teeth in anger when she thought about it. However, she had to admit that Qin Mu's ideas seemed to be good, but when they were implemented, there would be all kinds of mistakes. It would become a terrible idea that connected a moat to a moat.

Qin Mu cried out in grievance, "Goddess, was there anything wrong with my idea just now? I was thinking for you wholeheartedly. I was thinking from your point of view without any selfishness!"

Although she didn't want to admit it, Heavenly Lady Qiang had to admit that even though Qin Mu's ideas were always bad, he always stood on her side and thought for her wholeheartedly without any selfishness.

It was also because of this that he fell three times and almost couldn't crawl out of the pit.

Qin Mu looked at her earnestly, his gaze full of anticipation. "Goddess, think about it. You have refined two supreme treasures and seized the qi and blood of Heaven Duke. Who else among the ten Celestial Venerables dares to fight you? Who else among the ten Celestial Venerables dares to fight you? What Celestial Venerable Xiao? What Founding Emperor? He's not even fit to carry your shoes! Celestial Venerable Hao can only be your dog!"

"Alright, alright! You're getting more ridiculous."

Heavenly Lady Qiang waved her hand and said, "Don't always look at me as if you expect me to fall into your trap. I need to think carefully before deciding if I should jump into your trap…"

She paced back and forth, hesitating.

Qin Mu whispered, "Goddess, the chance can't be lost, it won't come again. There's only one Heaven Duke, if this one dies, there won't be a next time…"

Heavenly Lady Qiang glanced at him and said in astonishment, "You haven't left? Go, go. I won't pursue the matter of you spoiling my treasure. Don't disturb me."

Qin Mu bowed to the ground and turned to leave.

Behind him, Heavenly Lady Qiang, who was on God Execution Stage, stared at his back. She secretly raised her hand, and in her palm was the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven divine art. However, she raised her hand and thought about it before putting it down.

However, before her palm could land, she raised her hand again with killing intent in her eyes.

However, she still hadn't unleashed her divine art, and she was hesitant.

Suddenly, Qin Mu fell to the ground and exploded with a bang, turning into a cloud of black smoke that dissipated.

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