Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1423 - Apothecary's Handsome Face

Fang Ziyan stopped watching the battle on the God Execution Stage and hurriedly found a god city. This god city was Heavenly Lady Qiang's territory. When the general saw Fang Ziyan injured, he was shocked and hurriedly went to find a famous doctor to treat her.

The other injuries on Fang Ziyan's body were easy to deal with, but her eyes were injured and destroyed. Even the divine physician couldn't treat her. "Madam Fang, you have to wait for a few days. I've heard that there are famous physicians in Eternal Peace who are proficient in the path of creation. You can invite them over to treat you."

Fang Ziyan was furious and shouted, "The people of Eternal Peace are all rebels. Wouldn't inviting them to treat me be a disgrace to the goddess? In the celestial heavens, can't you find a famous physician that's proficient in creation?"

"I can't find it."

The divine physician was rather straightforward as he said, "Eternal Peace has the art of creation, as well as the Creation Mysterious Technique. It's not forbidden for outsiders to learn Emperor's Throne Realm techniques. However, Eternal Peace's Creation Mysterious Technique is based on the Celestial River Divine Treasure. If the people of the celestial heavens don't cripple the Divine Bridge Divine Treasure and reconstruct the Celestial River, who can learn it?"

Fang Ziyan couldn't help but be suspicious as she thought to herself, 'I've seen Goddess execute the Creation Mysterious Technique before. She clearly got it from Eternal Peace, so why can't we cultivate Eternal Peace's Creation Mysterious Technique?'

"I have another way to cure Madam Fang."

The divine physician said, "I can only take away two divine eyes of others. I can dig out the bad eyes for my wife and replace them with new ones. However, these new eyes aren't the eyes of a strong practitioner on Emperor's Throne. I'm afraid Goddess will have to refine them again to recover to her peak."

Fang Ziyan shook her head and said, "My eyes have been trained by me over again. If I want to refine them to their peak, I'm afraid I'll have to spend dozens of years. It's better to invite the famous doctors of Eternal Peace."

The godly doctor acknowledged.

Fang Ziyan waited for more than ten days and felt that the fluctuations coming from God Execution Stage were becoming more intense. Her primordial spirit would frequently leave her body to observe God Execution Stage, and she saw that the clash between the knife path and the two knives on God Execution Stage was becoming more intense.

As time passed, the power of the knife path became stronger. Even here, she could clearly feel the power of the knife.

"Eternal Peace is truly a strange place. It's clearly a tiny place, yet the paths, skills, and divine arts are flourishing. This knife path is clearly the path of Postcelestial, yet it can fight against the blood fiends."

She was puzzled. Even an Emperor's Throne that was proficient in the Connate Great Dao couldn't have lasted so long on the God Execution Stage. For example, she was a strong practitioner of the Emperor's Throne that was proficient in the Connate Great Dao. If she ascended the God Execution Stage, she could at most last one strike, and the second strike would kill her.

Heavenly Lady Qiang had once revealed to her that the baleful aura accumulated on the God Execution Stage was too strong, and it was about to transform into two divine knives. When these two divine knives were born, they would be at the level of a treasure, the number one weapon in the world. Their power surpassed that of the Glassy Sky Pagoda.

When these two divine knives matured, even Celestial Venerables could be killed!

Heavenly Lady Qiang's goal was to subdue the two divine knives and use them to get rid of her enemies.

Even though these two divine knives had yet to mature and only had a form and no substance, it was still unusual for Qin Mu and the rest to last until now under the power of the divine knives.

Fang Ziyan waited for a few more days, and her heart suddenly stirred. 'The two divine knives on God Execution Stage seem to be much weaker…'

She didn't know if it was her imagination, but her primordial spirit immediately left her body and observed carefully. Suddenly, another heaven appeared on the 25 heavens of the knife path!

'Could it be an illusion caused by Celestial Venerable Mu and the rest's increase in Dao Realm and cultivation?'

Fang Ziyan examined it carefully and calculated if the power of the two divine knives on the God Execution Stage had weakened. She recorded it down and after a few days, her heart couldn't help but tremble. 'The power of those two divine knives is indeed a little weak! Celestial Venerable Mu and the rest are taking the chance to seize the power of the divine knives and refine the baleful aura for themselves!'

She suddenly stood up with murderous intent and thought to herself, 'I have to report this to Heavenly Consort, or else those two divine knives will be even further from maturing! I don't know when they will be formed!'

She was about to head to the Great Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge to report to Heavenly Lady Qiang when a divine physician came to report. "Madam Fang, a famous physician from Eternal Peace has arrived!"

Fang Ziyan was slightly anxious and said, "Invite a famous doctor in and quickly diagnose me. If he can treat my eyes, I'll reward him handsomely. If he can't, I'll beheaded! I still have important matters to attend to, so I can't delay!"

At this moment, a gentle and magnetic voice that was unique to men traveled over, causing her heart to become tranquil. "Madam Fang, there are no injuries in this world that I can't treat. Madam, don't worry, your injuries are easily treated by me."

Fang Ziyan's heart pounded violently, and she felt that this voice was very pleasant to the ears. Her primordial spirit secretly left her body and looked at the doctor.

This doctor was tall and sturdy, and he had a heroic spirit. He was dressed in green, but he wore a bronze mask on his face. Under the mask, there was a pair of moving eyes that seemed to be able to speak, and they were all sweet words.

"Famed doctor of Eternal Peace, why are you wearing a mask and not daring to show your true face?" Fang Ziyan asked with a smile, the anxiety in her heart vanishing.

The bronze-masked man didn't hide anything and said, "Reporting to my lady, my appearance is ugly, and I'm afraid I will scare the patient, so I use my mask to cover my face."

Fang Ziyan smiled and said, "You're lying. Your eyes are so beautiful, so you definitely can't be that ugly. In front of me, you don't have to wear a mask. I don't trust people who wear masks, especially the famous doctors who treat me."

The bronze-masked man hesitated for a moment and said, "Madam's eyes are unrivaled. Actually, it's because I'm handsome that I'm afraid of attracting unnecessary trouble, so I often use a mask to cover myself."

He said with a bitter smile, "I often practice medicine in all directions and have a lot of love debts. I'm quite miserable."

Fang Ziyan was even more curious and insisted that he take off his mask. The bronze-masked man was helpless and could only take off his mask. "Madam, a doctor has the heart of a parent. Please treat me like a doctor."

When the mask was taken off, Fang Ziyan's primordial spirit had a feeling of being electrocuted. She felt that the world was beautiful and nothing else. All of it was focused on the man in front of her.

"Madam, I'd better put on my mask," the man said.

Fang Ziyan immediately stopped him and said with a smile, "You treat me while I admire your beauty, isn't that the best of both worlds? What's your name?"

The man walked forward, and their faces were almost touching. Fang Ziyan could clearly feel the sensation of his breath, and her heart couldn't help but beat faster.

"Everyone calls me Apothecary. As for my previous name, it has long vanished with my past."

That Apothecary gave a gentle smile and said, "The injury in your eyes is a Dao injury, a Dao injury left behind by the knife path and baleful aura. The divine physician of the celestial heavens can treat the symptoms but not the root cause. Even though the injury on the surface has been cured, the baleful aura hasn't been removed for you and will affect your Dao heart. However, I can remove the baleful aura for you and also heal the Dao injury in your eyes."

His gentleness was as sweet as honey, sweet to the heart. Fang Ziyan said gently, "As you wish."

On God Execution Stage, the knife light was like a tide, and the path was like the sky. Two huge blood fiend dragons surrounded the sky and fought fiercely. They were extremely powerful, but their power was no longer at their peak.

After a few days, the twenty-seventh heaven of the knife realm was formed, and the power of the two evil dragons weakened even faster.

At this moment, Fang Ziyan was in the gentle care of that handsome apothecary, unable to extricate herself and completely forgetting about this matter.

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