Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1420 - Five Experts

The last time Qin Mu came here, he didn't have a deep understanding of the knife path, so he didn't dare to look at the God Execution Stage in detail. Now that he had a deeper comprehension of the knife path, he looked at the God Execution Stage again and discovered many things that he hadn't discovered before.

Those were two knives that were like swimming dragons swimming in the baleful qi. These two divine knives had peerless fierceness and were able to absorb the baleful qi that had accumulated over a long period of time to gain sentience!

Not only that, the two knives naturally contained the Great Dao of God Execution Stage. Logically speaking, they should have formed creatures similar to ancient gods, but for some reason, they had formed two divine knives.

The knife qi they felt came from these two divine knives!

However, the two knives were still in the formation. They had form but no substance. If they were separated by the five phases formed by the universe, these two knives belonged to the stage of the Grand Primordium.

Butcher's comprehension of knife path was even higher than others, so he was the first to sense the two knives in God Execution Stage. Others couldn't.

Qin Mu's divine eyes were peerless, and he could also see it.

The five of them walked towards God Execution Stage, and Heavenly King Tian Shu drank fine wine while swinging his arms. He was timid, and only by drinking could he restrain the cowardice in his heart.

The other heavenly kings of Founding Emperor often mocked Tian Shu, saying that before he drank, Tian Shu would massage Founding Emperor's shoulders and back. After drinking, he would ask Founding Emperor to massage his shoulders.

Among the five of them, Tian Shu was originally at the back, but as he drank, he ran to the front of the five of them. He stretched out his hand and tore off his clothes, revealing his chest. He laughed and said, "Heavenly Lady Qiang, this lady is pretty, but it's a pity I can't get close to her… Uh, this lady is alone, let her come out and make me happy…"

Heavenly Lady Qiang's disciple was an existence on the Emperor's Throne Realm. Her name was Fang Ziyan, and she couldn't help frowning when she heard that. She suppressed her impatience and thought to herself, 'This shifty-eyed fellow seems to be the traitor Tian Shu, the one who dared to fight with Son of Heaven Yin. Celestial Venerable Mu looks cultured and refined, so how did he end up with such a thief?'

Her cultivation realm was extremely high, and she led the way. The knife qi of the God Execution Stage posed a huge threat to her, and the closer she got to the God Execution Stage, the more unbearable it became.

Not only did the knife qi from God Execution Stage invade her body, but it also invaded her Dao heart, creating a huge disturbance.

What was even more terrifying was that countless knife qi invaded her primordial spirit, making her primordial spirit feel like ten thousand blades were stabbing into her body. She would feel a stabbing pain from time to time.

Furthermore, the baleful qi in the knife qi made her distracted. The baleful qi invaded her body, causing her temples to throb and her blood qi to surge upwards. She wanted nothing more than to hack the drunkard beside her to death!

However, Tian Shu, that drunkard, kept moving closer to her, asking her when Heavenly Lady Qiang would come to entertain him.

"If it wasn't for Celestial Venerable Mu, I would have sliced you into minced meat and braised you…" Fang Ziyan smiled as she gritted her teeth.

Her Dao heart was still inferior to Qin Mu, Butcher, and the rest. Even Tian Shu was much stronger than her.

The sober Tian Shu was as timid as a mouse, but the drunk Tian Shu had a clear Dao heart and his demonic nature was stimulated. He was fearless and his Dao heart reached the 25 heavens.

When they were ten miles away from God Execution Stage, Fang Ziyan couldn't take it anymore. She hurriedly took out the amulet Heavenly Lady Qiang gave her and hung it around her neck.

This jade talisman gave off a marvelous Dao runes that swept away the power of the knives on the God Execution Stage, preventing the power of the two knives from invading her body.

When they came to the huge God Execution Stage, the jade talisman that Heavenly Lady Qiang had given her seemed to be unable to withstand the pressure and gave off a soft sound.

Frightened, Fang Ziyan hurriedly said, "The God Execution Stage is here. Celestial Venerable Mu, I can only send you guys here! This God Execution Stage is extremely dangerous. Celestial Venerable, be careful."

Just as she was about to leave, Tian Shu saw a palace from the corner of his eye. The surroundings of this God Execution Stage were completely bare, and even the soil of the ancestral court was sliced into incomparably fine pieces by the knife qi. There were no plants or mountains. This palace was actually preserved in such a dangerous place, and he couldn't help clicking his tongue in wonder. He immediately wanted to barge in.

'This must be Heavenly Lady Qiang's chambers, warm and fragrant!'

The drunken heavenly king dragged his Imperial Gate Divine Knife and barged into the palace. "Heavenly Lady Qiang is a rare beauty. Come out and let Grandpa Tian enjoy himself! Hehe, Celestial Emperor is sleeping, but I can't?"

Fang Ziyan couldn't hold it in any longer and her anger burst forth. She chased after him and shouted sternly, "How dare you barge into the Empress's chambers?"

Suddenly, a world-shaking explosion came from the palace, and Tian Shu flew backward. It was obvious that there was an extremely powerful seal in the palace, and it sent Tian Shu flying back towards Fang Ziyan.

Fang Ziyan was slightly relieved. She raised her hand to strike Tian Shu's back and used eighty to ninety percent of her strength. She thought to herself, 'This fellow is a traitor. I won't kill him on account of Celestial Venerable Mu, but I'll teach him a lesson. As long as he suffers a little injury, his qi and blood will be sucked dry by this God Execution Stage. Even if Celestial Venerable Mu blames him, he won't blame me…'

Just as her palm was about to land on the back of Tian Shu's heart, the handle of Tian Shu's Imperial Gate Divine Knife suddenly turned, and he was one step ahead of her. He struck first and gently knocked into Fang Ziyan's chest.

The jade talisman on Fang Ziyan's chest suddenly cracked!

Fang Ziyan was astonished, and the murderous aura instantly reached her body. Knife marks immediately appeared on the surface of her skin. The knife qi from God Execution Stage had injured her skin!

The instant the knife qi injured her skin, the baleful qi had invaded her body, injuring her primordial spirit and damaging her Dao heart!

The moment her Dao heart was damaged, the qi and blood in her body lost control and gushed out from the wounds on her body. They were drawn by the baleful aura of the God Execution Stage and rushed towards the God Execution Stage!

"I've been tricked!"

Fang Ziyan instantly knew something was wrong, and she quickly glanced at Qin Mu and the rest. She saw Qin Mu, Butcher, Zhe Huali, and Luo Wushuang watching coldly from the side. When she tried to assassinate Tian Shu, these four people didn't help.

Not only that, even the drunk Tian Shu seemed to have sobered up and was staring at her fixedly.

'They want to shatter my jade talisman and use it to check the power of the God Execution Stage!'

More wounds appeared on Fang Ziyan's body, and her qi and blood flowed faster. She shouted angrily, and the celestial palace appeared behind her.

Her primordial spirit sat on the throne of the Numinous Sky Hall in the Jade Capital of the celestial palace. At this moment, there were knife lights everywhere in her celestial palace, especially in the Numinous Sky Hall. The knife lights were like a tide, causing her primordial spirit to be riddled with injuries!

Fang Ziyan mobilized all the power in the celestial palace to forcefully resist the power of the knife on the God Execution Stage. She flew backward and rushed into the distance!

The qi and blood that poured out from her body was like a long rainbow, held back by the God Execution Stage. Even though the purple smoke rushed out a hundred miles, it still couldn't break the God Execution Stage's swallowing.

She sprinted a thousand miles, and only then was the God Execution Stage unable to swallow her qi and blood. She couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. Suddenly, her vision turned black, and she almost fainted.

The gazes of Qin Mu and the rest followed her figure closely. Only when the God Execution Stage stopped swallowing her qi and blood did they retract their gazes.

Tian Shu was incomparably calm, and he didn't look like he was drunk and talking nonsense anymore.

'The knife power of God Execution Stage first broke through Fang Ziyan's skin, then destroyed her Dao heart, causing her Dao heart to collapse and her qi and blood to go out of control. Her cultivation would then fall drastically, and her qi and blood would be devoured by God Execution Stage.'

He said solemnly, "Once you enter the God Execution Stage, you must not suffer any injuries!"

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