Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1422 - Don't Teach Ghosts and Ghosts to Provoke the Human World

Dazzling blood light filled the eyes of the five of them, and the power of the God Execution Stage of the ancestral court exploded forth. Loud and clear sounds of battle rang out in their ears, as though there were billions of people fighting and killing each other.

The blood light in front of them transformed into countless figures. There were masters of creation and ancient gods fighting for their lives in the sea of blood, their corpses piled up into mountains!

It was a hellish sight!

This was baleful qi, baleful qi!

It was the coalescing of the desire to kill, the condensation of killing intent, and the condensation of the qi and blood of the dead after killing!

Their eyes could no longer see the divine knives formed by the two baleful auras. It was as if they were fighting against the endless desire to kill that had existed for billions of years. The incomparably dense baleful aura corroded their Dao hearts, filling their hearts with the desire to kill.

"Guard your Dao heart and don't be affected by the blood fiends!"

Butcher shouted loudly, "If you are affected by the baleful blood, you will easily be assimilated by it and become a part of God Execution Stage!"

Just as his voice fell, Zhe Huali's entire body suddenly exploded. Endless qi and blood poured out from his body, transforming into a baleful and evil dragon. It slithered and attacked everyone!

Butcher was astonished. He knew that even though Zhe Huali had tempered his knife path will with them, his cultivation was still shallow, and his Dao heart wasn't stable. He had been assimilated by the baleful blood and died an unnatural death!

With Zhe Huali's death, Luo Wushuang was instantly filled with sorrow. He liked this disciple the most. Even though he had expelled Zhe Huali from the sect, he still treated Zhe Huali as his most beloved disciple.

At this moment, the sorrow in his heart turned into anger, and his anger turned into baleful qi. He slashed out his knife furiously, and at the same time, his corporeal body suddenly exploded and transformed into baleful qi of blood. His entire body melted into blood, and he transformed into a fierce dragon that rushed out while shaking its head and tail!

Butcher's heart turned cold, and his eyes suddenly turned blood red before returning to darkness. He instantly knew that his Dao heart was unstable, and he was invaded by the blood baleful aura, cutting his eyes blind!

He wasn't flustered in the face of danger, and his knife light protected his surroundings. At that moment, he heard Heavenly King Tian Shu's furious roar, followed by the sound of his skin exploding.

Butcher's heart sank. Even though his eyes couldn't be seen, he had already 'seen' Heavenly King Tian Shu's corporeal body exploding and his qi and blood transforming into a baleful aura.

"This God Execution Stage is a hundred times more terrifying than what the five of us imagined!"

Heavenly King Tian Shu was the only one among them that had cultivated to the Emperor's Throne Realm. Even though he had only cultivated to the Emperor's Throne Realm for a few years, his cultivation was incomparably dense, and his attainments in the devil nature were extremely deep. Otherwise, he wouldn't have become the mortal enemy of Son of Heaven Yin.

The blood demon also contained a devil nature, but the devil nature of the blood demon crushed Tian Shu's devil nature, causing his desire to grow frantically and thus destroying his Dao heart!

This blood fiend was simply too powerful!

"We can't let Mu'er get hurt."

When this thought popped up in Butcher's mind, the desire to protect in his Dao heart burst forth. From ancient times until now, countless people had wanted to protect their friends and family, their companions, and their baleful qi.

The baleful aura invaded Butcher's body the moment he had this thought. Butcher instantly felt his Dao heart shattering under the baleful aura. His body and primordial spirit were being controlled by the baleful aura and disintegrated.

"Mu'er, go!" His corporeal body exploded and transformed into a blood dragon as he shouted at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's divine treasure realm revolved, and Butcher, Heavenly King Tian Shu, Luo Wushuang, and Zhe Huali woke up one after another. Time seemed to return to the moment before they were killed by the two knives.

The four of them had lingering fears, and the baleful qi in their bodies was still stirring.

The two evil dragons pounced over again, and Qin Mu shouted loudly, "Refine the baleful qi, merge the Dao Realm into one, slash!"

Butcher, Zhe Huali, Tian Shu, and Luo Wushuang swung their knives, and their essence, qi, and spirit gathered together. Their paths overlapped, and they swung their knives down!

On God Execution Stage, three world-shaking knife lights burst forth, and the knife lights shattered. They swept in all directions, transforming into countless knife rain that swept everything with God Execution Stage as the center!

Countless knife lights clashed in the air and shattered into fine knife lights that spread out at an extremely fast speed, forming a terrifying knife light storm!

Soon, the knife light storm hit Heavenly Lady Qiang's chambers below. Even Heavenly King Tian Shu couldn't enter the chamber because the door was sealed by Heavenly Lady Qiang. However, under the storm, the entire chamber was stained with blood. The blood aura invaded Heavenly Lady Qiang's seal, causing the palace to be riddled with holes!

Heavenly Lady Qiang's seal burst forth, and even the Celestial Venerable's seal was corroded by countless flying knives that collided inside the seal, weakening its power.

A thousand miles away, Fang Ziyan raised her head and saw a storm of knife light sweeping over. She forcefully suppressed her injuries and flew up, but in the next moment, she was swept up by the storm.

Amidst the storm, purple smoke rolled about. Her celestial palace was instantly riddled with holes, and her corporeal body was also covered in injuries.

Luckily, her life force was strong, and she forcefully rushed into the distance in the storm. Finally, she broke free from the storm and stumbled in the air. She was shocked and furious. "These five guys don't want their lives anymore!"

Suddenly, an incomparably grand voice came from over a thousand miles away. "The Dao Realm opens up the heavens, and the great Dao lies in the void!"

Fang Ziyan hurriedly looked back and saw that on the incomparably majestic God Execution Stage, twenty-five voids had opened up, and the knife path that was entrusted in the twenty-five voids burst forth from the void, connecting with the knives of Qin Mu and the rest!

The knife path in the twenty-five voids swirled furiously, merging into one with the knives in Qin Mu and the rest's hands. It transformed into a long knife that was breathtakingly beautiful as it collided with the two blood fiend dragons!

"Battle technique convergence?"

Just as Fang Ziyan thought of this, an incomparably bright blade light shone into her eyes. Instantly, her eyes turned pitch black, and two streams of black blood flowed down from her eyes. She couldn’t help but be alarmed as a storm of blade light swept over and swept her up.

"Knife Opening the Bright Moon Ring!"

"Seeking Dao to slay the sky!"

"However, I need to take a look with my long knife. If I don't teach ghosts and gods to provoke the world!"

In the storm, Fang Ziyan heard bold and unrestrained shouts. It was as if a strong man was holding a knife and fighting between heaven and earth.

She did her best to protect herself in the storm and leave this place. She was terrified and uneasy. "Lunatics, they are a bunch of lunatics who don't care about their lives!"

On God Execution Stage, knife lights clashed time again. Suddenly, Fang Ziyan felt an incomparably powerful throbbing. Her primordial spirit immediately left her body and borrowed her primordial spirit to take a look. However, she saw that God Execution Stage had become incomparably bright. That was the phenomenon caused by the activation of the Great Dao of God Execution Stage!

In the sky, the two bloodthirsty evil dragons severed their necks and sliced downwards, shattering the 25 voids and erasing all of their imprints. The five figures on the God Execution Stage turned into nothingness in the blood light!

"Even Celestial Venerable Mu is dead?"

Fang Ziyan was astonished and thought to herself, 'If Heavenly Consort knew about this, she would probably be worried to death. After all, Celestial Venerable Mu is the alliance master of the Heaven Alliance. If he dies here…'

What she didn't know was how happy Heavenly Lady Qiang would be if she heard about Qin Mu's death. She would dance.

However, before Fang Ziyan could get rid of this thought, she saw light flowing on God Execution Stage. Qin Mu and the rest recovered from their destroyed state.

Fang Ziyan was flabbergasted. Only then did she remember that Heavenly Lady Qiang once got angry and scolded a certain scoundrel. She went forward to ask who the scoundrel was, and Heavenly Lady Qiang said it was Celestial Venerable Mu.

Back then, Fang Ziyan didn't know why Heavenly Lady Qiang said Celestial Venerable Mu was a scoundrel, but when she saw the scene on the God Execution Stage, she understood what a scoundrel meant.

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