Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1419 - Arrival Of The Celestial Heavens

Qin Mu had a grim expression. If the celestial heavens moved to the ancestral court, the next step would be to deal with Heaven Duke!

Heaven Duke wasn't seeking death, but relief. However, from Qin Mu's understanding of Celestial Venerable Hong, even though he was Heaven Duke's reincarnation, he was no longer Heaven Duke.

He was filled with a thirst for power. After breaking free from the restraints of the Heavenly Dao, Celestial Venerable Hong would become a ten Celestial Venerables with boundless power!

If Qin Mu wanted to participate and save Heaven Duke, he had to have even stronger power.

The best shortcut at the moment was to master the Great Dao of the Ancestral Court's God Execution Stage through the sharpening of the Ancestral Court's God Execution Stage!

When that time came, Qin Mu would be able to stand firmly on the realm of Nine Hells Stage. Only then would he have some power to resist the ten Celestial Venerables!

The celestial river rose higher, which meant that the celestial heavens was moving. The situation was urgent, and there was no time to lose!

Butcher, Tian Shu, and the rest stood up, and their gazes landed on him. Butcher said, "You are going to the ancestral court now to face the number one ominous knife in the world?"

Qin Mu nodded.

In these two years and six months, the five of them had raised the path of the knife to the extreme. They first fought with the path of the knife to raise Qin Mu's understanding and comprehension of the path of the knife, and then they each unleashed their own spirit.

Knife nurtured the spirit, and they used their own spirit to fight against Qin Mu. They used their spirit to sharpen Qin Mu's will and raise his knife path, turning his spirit into knife lights.

During this period of time, Qin Mu's comprehension of knife path was raised to the extreme. He used their spirit as a whetstone to sharpen himself.

He could be said to have used all of his intelligence and wisdom to incorporate everything he had learned into his knife path.

In two and a half years, his knife path reached the sixteenth heaven, surpassing Butcher. He soon caught up to Luo Wushuang and reached the eighteenth heaven of entering the path with his knife.

He had used divine arts to enter the path to comprehend the analogies and create his own knife path, one heaven after another. In the end, Butcher, Tian Shu, Zhe Huali, and Luo Wushuang also improved under the sharpening of his spirit.

In the end, their essence, qi, and spirit tempered each other and imprinted layers of void. They deduced together and deduced the knife path to the level of twenty-five voids!

In two and a half years, the five great masters of the knife path had not only raised their knife path to the 25th heaven, but they had also raised their knife path to the level of imprinting the 25th void. This was definitely a huge breakthrough in the knife path, and it could be said to be a magnificent feat that would affect future knife skills and divine arts!

However, at this step, their accumulation was basically exhausted. Even if they could evolve to the first heaven, the time spent would also increase greatly.

Butcher said solemnly, "We will follow you to the ancestral court to meet this number one ominous knife in the world!"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and looked at Tian Shu, Zhe Huali, and Luo Wushuang. The Ancestral Court's God Execution Stage, the number one fierce knife in the world, killing strong practitioners on Emperor's Throne was probably just cutting melons and vegetables. He didn't want to see his good friends taking the risk for him.

However, with his current understanding of the knife path, it was still very difficult for him to enter the God Execution Stage and not die.

He didn't have the confidence to cross this God Execution Stage, not at all.

If his knife path could be raised to twenty-eight heavens, twenty nine heavens, or even thirty heavens, he might even be able to pass the God Execution Stage.

But not now.

Luo Wushuang said indifferently, "I once went to the God Execution Stage of the celestial heavens and didn't die. The knife path of the celestial heavens is fine, and the laws are strict. I'll go to the God Execution Stage of the ancestral court. It might be very helpful to you."

Zhe Huali stretched his body and said with a smile, "I haven't been to the ancestral court yet, so it's good to see the world. I'm not like you, who is extremely daring. I'll just take a look and not go in."

Tian Shu chuckled. "The world's fiercest knife in the world, could it be even fiercer than my Imperial Gate? This knife of mine can chop off the horn of Earth Count! I don't believe that a natural thing can be better than the knife path we have worked so hard to comprehend!"

After experiencing the comprehension of the Surging River, every one of them had a huge harvest. They nurtured their vital qi to be indestructible, and they trained their will to be like their knives.

"Four stinky craftsmen can at least match a Celestial Venerable Mu."

Butcher said indifferently, "The five of us have already stepped onto the peak of the knife path. There's no peak above us that we can reach. The number one knife in the world, no matter what, the five of us have to go there. Since you feel that you can't even protect yourself, why don't the five of us try ascending this God Execution Stage together?"

Tian Shu licked his lips and said, "Our abilities have already been imprinted in the twenty-fifth void. Even if we die, our Great Dao won't be erased because of our deaths. With such achievements, our lives are enough. Even Founding Emperor only surpasses us by ten heavens."

"Thirty-five voids of the Sword Dao!"

Luo Wushuang was in a daze as he muttered, "If my knife path can't reach the 35th void and compete with my sword path, how sad would that be? Maybe the God Execution Stage of the ancestral court will be our chance to improve our knife path."

Qin Mu looked at them and felt the heart of their fists. He was touched.

The so-called Dao Seeking was actually just worried about his safety.


Qin Mu laughed loudly. "Let us five stinky skin makers walk together!"

Everyone laughed loudly. "Five stinky craftsmen, how could they be inferior to a Founding Emperor of the Sword Dao? Let's go together!"

In the ancestral court, the light of the eleven Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges connected together to form an incomparably huge bridge. The location of the eleven Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges was determined after the precise calculations of the experts of Dao Sect.

The positions of these mutual shift bridges could be connected into one, and the light of this bridge could incorporate the entire celestial heavens.

On this day, countless gods of the celestial heavens moved out, and countless battleships sailed out of the celestial heavens. One end of incomparably thick chains was tied to the ship, and the other end was tied to the celestial heavens. They tried their best to drag this behemoth.

In the celestial heavens, on the celestial palaces and temples, there were incomparably powerful existences that executed the power of the celestial palaces and the seventy-two halls, gradually increasing the speed of the celestial heavens.

At this moment, the celestial river warped and moved along with the celestial heavens.

In the sky above the ancestral court, a corner of the vast celestial heavens had already been revealed from the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. Huge ships were firing at full force, dragging the chains as they tried to pull the celestial heavens into the ancestral court.

With just the power of the bridge, it was difficult to move this behemoth in a short time and move it into the ancestral court. Almost all of the gods in the celestial heavens were mobilized, but even so, the celestial heavens still moved slowly.

This sight was incomparably spectacular and majestic. The shadow of the celestial court shrouded the sky above the ancestral court. When the shadow gradually grew larger, the starry sky above the ancestral court lost its color and the sun lost its luster.

The space of the ancestral court was even squeezed and distorted, and violent tremors spread in all directions!

As the celestial heavens squeezed into the ancestral court, spirit energy spewed out from the mutual shift bridges, and the light allowed all the living beings in the Primordial Realm to see clearly.

That light came from the spirit energy that was spewing out from the ancestral court, the spirit energy that was being transferred out!

In the Primordial Realm, eleven beams of light formed by spirit qi and spirit energy could be seen. The beams of light spewed out, and boundless energy gathered together. They gradually formed stars above the original location of the celestial heavens, forming a landmass, and a world barrier!

Magnificent heavens formed with the departure of the celestial heavens, making the place where the celestial heavens had vanished look gorgeous and colorful.

In the ancestral court, eleven Celestial Venerables stood beside their respective Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges and looked up at the sky.

The celestial heavens descended to the ancestral court bit by bit. However, even though the calculations of the celestial heavens' Dao Sect were ingenious, the celestial heavens was too big, so there were still some mistakes during the relocation.

The borders of the celestial heavens couldn't completely enter the bridge, and they were sliced by the light of the bridge, instantly separating from the celestial heavens. There were also some ships that caused the celestial heavens to tilt or shift slightly when they dragged the celestial heavens, so they were cut off by the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. Fragments fell from the sky.

These fragments dragged along a long trail of flames that stretched for hundreds of thousands of miles. They fell from the sky into the ancestral court, and only after ten days did they fall into the ancestral court.

Even so, these fragments didn't burn cleanly. They still smashed into the ground of the ancestral court, causing the mountains to crumble and the earth to crack. Fiery hurricanes roared, and meteors rained down like rain as natural disasters occurred continuously.

The eleven Celestial Venerables ignored this and continued to supervise the relocation of the celestial heavens.

The celestial heavens that had been severed only occupied a fraction of this colossal entity. It was insignificant.

Right at this moment, the Northern Heavenly Gate was sliced open, and the huge Heavenly Gate tilted and fell from the celestial heavens. The majestic Heavenly Gate transformed into bright stars in the sky. The stars were torn apart by the magnetic force of the ancestral court, and as a result, they split into dozens of pieces like dozens of dazzling stars.

Suddenly, Celestial Venerable Hong frowned slightly and summoned a disciple of Dao Sect. He asked solemnly, "Why has the speed of relocation slowed down?"

That disciple of Dao Sect hurriedly said, "Celestial Venerable, the mutual shift bridge is too hot. When the spirit energy is shifting, the spirit energy will rub against the sacrificial altar, and the sacrificial altar won't be able to take it anymore. We are mobilizing the Rain Masters and Water Gods of the various great heavens to cool the bridge down. Dao Master also said that we should adjust the flying ship now so that the celestial heavens won't be cut too much by the mutual shift bridge."

Celestial Venerable Hong nodded and said, "Quickly summon the Rain Masters, Water God, and the dragon kings of the seas from the various heavens!"

The Daoist left in a hurry.

On the other side, the other Celestial Venerables also asked about it. Heavenly Lady Qiang sent the Daoists of the Dao Sect away and thought to herself, 'It will probably take another month to mobilize the Rain Master Dragon King of the various heavens…'

Just as she thought that, another disciple came to report, "Goddess, Celestial Venerable Mu is here. He said he's going to the God Execution Stage of the middle-aged man in your territory."

Heavenly Lady Qiang was slightly stunned. She smiled and said, "This brat is crude and came to die. Let him go."

The gatekeeper hurriedly said, "There are also four weird people that came with Celestial Venerable Mu. One of them is missing an arm, one is an alcoholic, one looks like a pig butchered, and one is sloppy. He has a demon knife on his back and an eye on the demon knife. Celestial Venerable Mu said that he brought a few friends and planned to ascend the God Execution Stage together."

Heavenly Lady Qiang waved her hand and said indifferently, "No matter how many people come, they will all die. Go back and tell Celestial Venerable Mu to go up the God Execution Stage. I still have to stay here to manage the situation. I'll go over and help him later."

That disciple immediately acknowledged and flew off.

In front of the God Execution Stage of the ancestral court, Qin Mu and Butcher stopped when they were a hundred miles away from it. They looked at the two incomparably terrifying divine knives, and their expressions changed. They praised in unison, "What fierce knives!"

Rumbling sounds came from their surroundings. It was because the power of the number one fierce knife on God Execution Stage was too strong. When the five great masters of knife path came here, the knife consciousness formed by the two baleful auras collided with their knife consciousness!

The God Execution Stage was formed naturally and had been absorbing the baleful aura of heaven and earth for a long time. After being nourished by the baleful aura brought about by the countless years of war in the ancestral court, it had become incomparably powerful and fierce.

It was a good thing that the five of them were all experts in the path of the knife and weren't affected by the power of the fierce knife.

Tian Shu's face turned ashen, and he turned to leave. He chuckled and said, "I suddenly remembered that I still have something important to do. You guys can go, I'll go first!"

Butcher pulled him back and said, "I still have a ship of fine wine here."

Tian Shu's expression wavered, and he gritted his teeth. "I have to let God of Thieves steal another ship, I'll drink it later!"

Butcher said with a smile, "That's easy. Everyone, have you guys noticed?"

Everyone looked over.

Butcher said with a smile, "These two baleful auras have been in contact with the spirit for a long time and are about to transform into two peerless divine knives! If we can subdue them, these two knives will probably be considered supreme treasures!"

Everyone's hearts trembled, and they hurriedly looked at the two baleful auras, but they couldn't see anything.

The eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows opened up, and he also looked at the two baleful auras. His body couldn't help trembling slightly as he praised in a low voice, "What incredible divine knives!"

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