Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1418 - The Knife Nourishes The Spirit

On Surging River, knife light rose, and five figures collided and fell. The five of them used their divine arts to enter the path, raising their cultivation to the extreme during the first collision!

There was a saying among the divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace, those who wielded knives were all boorish.

Even though this sentence was a little biased, for example, Butcher might look like a brute, but he was actually a great scholar. However, a person who used a knife indeed didn't have as many tests as those from divine arts school or sword skill school.

Knife was from the battle technique school, and it was the close-combat style of the battle technique school. The close-combat style was even more profound than martial arts. For example, there was a knife skill that had a close-combat style, back to back, back to back, and relied on muscle and qi activity to find the opponent's weakness, killing the opponent in one strike.

Divine arts and sword skills had many probing moves, but the knife was a short exchange of weapons. If the opponent used all his strength, he would be at a disadvantage.

Butcher, Zhe Huali, Tian Shu, and Luo Wushuang attacked Qin Mu almost at the same time. Zhe Huali had experienced numerous battles and sharpening during his years in the Western Front of Eternal Peace.

The battlefield was different from the armed melee in the martial world. The years of training had allowed his knife path to become more profound. This was a skill that had been honed from the killing field. Every move was fatal, and his knife path was profound, becoming more unpredictable.

At the same time, he had the majestic aura of Heaven Knife. His knife skills took up the word 'wonder' and the word 'righteous'. He also fused the algebra of Dao Sect and had Luo Wushuang's spell, which could be considered marvelous.

He had already reached the ninth heaven of Dao Entering with a knife. The moment he clashed with Qin Mu, he immediately felt that Qin Mu's magic power and cultivation were about the same as his. He instantly felt at ease and thought to himself, 'Qin Mu, this brat, ran to the celestial heavens to become Celestial Venerable Mu. He is indeed living like a prince or slacking off. When my cultivation was raised to the Jade Pavilion Realm, he was most likely the same as me. Back then, his cultivation was much deeper than mine!'

Luo Wushuang had already cultivated to the eighteenth heaven of the knife path, and his cultivation realm had even reached the Numinous Sky Realm. The paths, skills, and divine arts of Eternal Peace were flourishing, and when he came to Eternal Peace, his cultivation and abilities had also skyrocketed.

However, when his moves clashed with Qin Mu's knife, he felt that Qin Mu's magic power was endless like a torrential celestial river that flowed endlessly. It was on par with his cultivation, and his heart trembled. 'So powerful! As expected of the Overlord Body. His cultivation has risen so fast, he must be an expert of Jade Capital Realm!'

He knew that Qin Mu was unmatched in the same realm, and only Celestial Venerables could compete with him. Thus, he felt that Qin Mu's Jade Capital Realm was enough to compete with his Numinous Sky Realm.

Butcher's Heaven Knife collided with Qin Mu's knife, and he could feel that Qin Mu's cultivation and abilities were similar to his.

"Mu'er has cultivated to the God Execution Stage Realm all these years, but he isn't slow anymore. It's just that the density of his cultivation isn't as astonishing. Back then, no one in our Disabled Elderly Village could receive his moves at the same realm."

On the other side, Heavenly King Tian Shu revealed his overflowing emperor's might. Behind him, a celestial palace leaped out, and his primordial spirit was majestic as he sat on the Emperor's Throne of Numinous Sky Hall!

With the Imperial Gate Divine Knife in his hands, all of its power was activated. Butcher was right when he said he was an emperor's knife!

Heavenly King Tian Shu headed to the Land of the Great Void to find the Primordial Heart. After experiencing the bloody battle in the Land of the Great Void, the barrier that had trapped him had vanished. He broke through during the battle and cultivated to the Emperor's Throne Realm, becoming another great expert of the Emperor's Throne Realm in the Founding Emperor Celestial Heavens.

Imperial Gate Divine Knife was a divine knife that Sakra Heavenly King had forged for him. For a long time, the power of this knife had always surpassed Tian Shu's own power. With a knife, he sliced off the horn of Earth Count and created a Fengdu.

A knife broke through the Great Ruins mountain range and sealed the strangeness and darkness of Great Ruins.

And now, Heavenly King Tian Shu's power was already enough to perfectly control Imperial Gate!

He was the emperor of knives, and his knife was the devil knife of Youdu that severed souls and seized souls!

However, when the Imperial Gate Divine Knife collided with the knife qi that Qin Mu's vital qi had transformed into, Heavenly King Tian Shu's aura couldn't help fluctuating, and he was secretly astonished. 'So powerful, to be able to withstand one hundred percent of my magic power, as expected of a Celestial Venerable that Founding Emperor couldn't forget. He managed to cultivate to the Emperor's Throne Realm in just a dozen years! However, I drank wine, and even if Earth Count and Son of Heaven Yin aren't weak, Celestial Venerables can still hack me! One hundred percent battle power isn't my limit!'

He gave a long and furious roar, and his body moved like a phantom. Sometimes, his body would transform into devil qi and vanish. Sometimes, he would be like a devil sun hanging high up in the sky. Other times, his muscles would be sinister. He had the head of a snake and the body of a human. His body was majestic, and he controlled the Great Dao of Youdu. Other times, he would have the head of a goat and the body of a human. He was incomparably small, making it hard to find him.

However, the power of his knife was determined, and the power of his knife skills didn't leak out. It had the unique style of Founding Emperor Era.

The four great practitioners of knife path attacked at the same time and clashed with Qin Mu's knife. They had different conclusions and felt that Qin Mu's cultivation realm was similar to theirs.

The five figures rose and fell like rabbits and falcons, each displaying their Dao perfectly in their knife skills.

Zhe Huali's evilness, Luo Wushuang's decree, Tian Shu's overbearingness, the devil path, Butcher's magnanimity were all revealed!

Qin Mu, on the other hand, had gathered all of their demonic and evil techniques into one body during their collision.

He used the knife path celestial palace as the main celestial palace and the other celestial palaces as the auxiliary celestial palaces. One of the knife path celestial palaces was a divine knife formed by vital qi. It moved around freely and blocked the four great knife path experts at the same time.

Previously, he had followed Butcher to train and sharpen his knife path and Dao heart. No matter if it was the degree of legislation or guarding the mountains and rivers, they were all to sharpen his knife path heart and comprehend the most basic divine art of entering the path from the sharpening.

It was unyielding, which was why it was unfair to knock on the Southern Heavenly Gate. Therefore, it had to be enforced to protect and to kill.

The knife nourishes the spirit.

Only by mastering the basic consciousness of these three knife paths could one be considered to have officially entered the sect.

In the future, no matter how his knife path changed, how it evolved, what couldn't be abandoned, and what couldn't be deviated from were these three kinds of spirits. If he abandoned them and deviated from them, it would be the knife path that abandoned him.

Butcher couldn't teach him more and give him more pointers, so he wanted to incorporate everything he had learned and comprehended.

Around the Surging River, the fishing boats had already stopped fishing. On the shore of the river, there were fishermen and divine arts practitioners who stopped to look. However, they saw knife lights crisscrossing in the river like sunlight shining on the surface of the river.

However, that wave of light didn't stick to the surface of the river. Instead, it suddenly leaped up and filled the blue sky. Knife lights also passed through the river like huge fish or green dragons.

Rays of light crisscrossed and split open the sky, leaving black lines in their eyes.

Black blood instantly flowed out of the eyes of the divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace, and knife wounds instantly appeared on their bodies. They couldn't help being astonished, and they immediately restrained the fishermen on the river bank, preventing them from looking anymore to avoid hurting their eyes.

When the battle in the river reached this extent, even though the power fluctuations of battle technique school weren't as strong as divine arts and the range of the divine arts' power was much wider, the spirit hidden in battle technique school that mainly used knives could easily damage the Dao heart and spirit of the spectators.

This was especially so for Qin Mu, Butcher, and the rest, who were great grandmasters that had entered the path with knives. Their moves didn't seem to have affected this place, but every move and every form contained their Dao. With one look, their vital qi and spirit were all stirred, and they were like sharp blades that reached their bodies!

The stronger one's cultivation was, the stronger this reaction would be, and the more serious the injuries would be!

The divine arts practitioners were restraining the fishermen, and the dragon palaces in Surging River were also migrating. Divine dragons of all sizes swam under the river, and they closed their eyes to follow Surging River Dragon King upstream or downstream.

"Hide in the heavens in the heart of Surging River, lock the door tightly, and close your eyes. Don't look, don't listen, don't feel, don't accept!"

Surging River Dragon King was called Dragon Rearing Sovereign, and he was also a great expert of the river. His cultivation was profound, and he was very pleased with himself. He shouted, "Amazing, right? My lord is back!"

The edge of a treasured sword was sharpened, and so was the blade.

Qin Mu used qi as a knife, and his essence, qi, and spirit had been polished by the four great experts to become stronger and sharper. The same kind of divine art that entered the path, different frame of mind, and different moves, when executed, the knife skills would be different.

However, later on, the five of them used their divine arts to enter the path thousands of times, but they couldn't do anything to Qin Mu. They couldn't force him to take another step forward and comprehend an even higher realm of the path.

Three days later, there were no longer any all-powerful figures on the Surging River. There were only five figures left standing on the surface of the river in an orderly fashion. They stood still, their vital qi clashing.

This sight was even more terrifying!

The spirit of the knife qi permeated the river surface, causing space to distort. Thousands of knife qi clashed in the air like a school of fish.

The knife nourishes the spirit.

They were fighting with their minds!

Nearby, numerous scholars of Surging River Academy and Surging River Sect hurried over after hearing the news. Just as they reached the riverside, their spirit weapons flew up uncontrollably and clashed with the knife qi in the air.


The spirit weapons shattered in the air, shocking the scholars.

The closer they got to Surging River, the faster the spirit weapons shattered.

The strange thing was that this kind of knife qi was harmless to the human body, and it didn't harm the plants, trees, insects, and fish at all. It seemed to only be targeted at weapons.

"Sect Master Su!"

A few scholars of the academy quickly passed through the dense forest on the river bank and came to the riverside. They saw a few gods standing beside the river and looking at the heart of the river. The one in the lead was Su Yunzhi of Surging River Academy.

What shocked these young scholars was that Su Yunzhi and the gods of Surging River also had their divine weapons floating in the air uncontrollably, giving off waves of overflowing divine might. It was as if they were fighting against the spirit of the knife path coming from the heart of the river.

Meanwhile, the divine weapons of these gods were already filled with knife marks.

The spirit of the knife path seemed to have formed a huge spirit imprint here. This kind of imprint became stronger, covering the entire sky. It made the people who came here lose control of their spirit weapons and divine weapons.

Furthermore, this kind of imprint was getting deeper.

They stood beside the river and could see numerous knife paths, big and small, in the heart of the river. They were imprinted in layers of void, and the deepest part was already eighteen layers of void!

The Dao Realm was like a dome that covered the surroundings, giving people an incomparably shocking feeling.

"If you comprehend with your heart, you can touch their spirit."

Su Yunzhi said to those scholars, "This is a rare chance. If you guys want to have a deeper comprehension on the path of the knife, grab this great opportunity."

Another half a year passed, and the imprints in the void became deeper and clearer. This place had almost become a sacred ground. The youths and gods of all realms of Eternal Peace had to rush here to pay their respects.

Around Surging River, divine weapons floated in the air and surged continuously, giving off all kinds of divine might.

This was a trick that someone had come up with to use the power of the knife path here to sharpen their own Dao and the power of the divine weapons.

However, there were even more young divine arts practitioners and gods from all over Eternal Peace. They sat there without moving, cultivating their spirit, sharpening the will of the knife, and sharpening their vital qi.

A year later, on both sides of the Surging River, swords and knives were erected like a forest!

This place had already become a sacred ground. There weren't many people cultivating knives in Eternal Peace, and most of them were refining swords to cultivate their sword hearts. Once the sacred ground of the knife path was formed, it created a trend of learning knives.

Meanwhile, the sky hut of the knife path in the void seemed to have materialized. The figures of the five people in the river were imprinted in the eighteenth void and could be seen clearly.

"In ancient times, there was the previous Imperial Preceptor, Jiang Baigui, who used the sword to meet his friends, defeating all the battle techniques and divine arts schools in the world, raising the position of sword skills to the level of the number one technique in Eternal Peace! From then on, the sword path would prosper!"

"Today, the five sages of the knife path will comprehend the Dao beside the river and establish the sacred ground of the knife path. It will be even more shocking than back then! The path of the knife will also prosper!"

Another year later, the sky of the knife path suddenly trembled and appeared in the 19th void.

The Dao might of the knife spread out, and one could clearly feel it for ten thousand miles.

Two years and a month later, the sky of the knife path shrouded the twentieth void.

The next moon shrouded the 21st void.

Two years and three months enveloped the 22nd void.

Two years and six months later, the 25th void was shrouded.

The power of the knife had already shrouded half of Eternal Peace.

The five knife path grandmasters of Jiang Xin were honored as the five ancestors of the knife path.

On this day, the Surging River suddenly trembled. The Surging River gradually rose into the sky and floated higher. It was like a pure white and transparent ribbon that floated up from beside the magnificent divine mountains.

Qin Mu suddenly opened his eyes. It was time.

The eleven Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridges of the ancestral court were completed, and the celestial heavens started to migrate. The entire celestial heavens and countless gods would move to the ancestral court through the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge Matrix!

The time to eradicate Heaven Duke was almost here!

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