Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1417 - The World's Saber Dao

"Grandpa Butcher, where are we going?"

"To pay respects to the strongest person in the world of knife path."

Dozens of days later, they came to the Surging River. On both sides of the river were beautiful and majestic mountains, and on the river surface were fishing boats that floated in the waves.

It was noon and the sun was blazing. The fishing boats sailed to the shore to avoid the scorching sun.

The two of them stood on the river surface, and Qin Mu's hands were empty. He couldn't help feeling bewildered. Butcher didn't let him forge a knife this time. Could it be that he didn't need to use a knife this time?

Furthermore, wasn't Butcher himself the strongest person in knife path in the world?

At that moment, a loud and clear voice suddenly came from the river bank. He laughed loudly and said, "Qin brat, are you here in Eternal Peace again?"

Qin Mu looked towards the source of the voice and saw a young general covered in divine armor carrying a demon knife on his back on the river bank. The young general suddenly took a step in the void and leaped forward. Thousands of knife lights moved under his feet and carried him over!

The thousands of knife lights under his feet suddenly gathered and transformed into a demon knife. It swam like a dragon and slashed towards Qin Mu!

Qin Mu raised his hand and pinched the knife light with his index and middle finger, cutting it in half. He said indifferently, "Zhe Huali, long time no see."

Zhe Huali landed on the river surface, and the surface of the river exploded. The river water splashed all over Qin Mu's body, and he laughed loudly. "You are very happy in the sky. You are Celestial Venerable Mu, and your reputation is terrifying. However, every time you come back, you have to be thick-skinned and gnaw on your elders! What are you gnawing on this time?"

Demon Blade Zhe Huali, who had been in charge of guarding a god city on the west side of Eternal Peace, and Heaven Source Divine City at the source of the Surging River, had also become an extraordinary general.

Qin Mu's face couldn't help turning black, and he said resentfully, "Old gnaw? You guys stay in Eternal Peace and gnaw on old gnaw every day. When I come back once in a while, you guys come to visit me…"

Zhe Huali said with a smile, "The paths, skills, and divine arts of Eternal Peace are no longer the same as when you left. Today, there are many talents, and there are countless experts. I'm really afraid you will fall behind."

Even though he said that, his eyes flashed with light and he was eager to give it a try. The demon knife and dragon teeth on his back also let out a series of low hums like those of a demon dragon. He seemed very excited and wanted to immediately fight to teach Qin Mu a lesson.

Back then, when Qin Mu had taught Zhe Huali a lesson, he had also taught the Dragon Tooth Knife a lesson more than once.

This demon knife was sentient, and it was formed from the teeth of East Deity Qing Long. It was very supernatural and bore grudges.

After a moment, knife lights suddenly flashed in the sky. Each knife light had a heaven, and there were a total of eighteen heavens.

The knife lights of the eighteenth heaven poured down and went straight for Qin Mu!

Qin Mu seemed to not stop. Suddenly, knife qi rushed into the sky above his head and transformed into a knife path celestial palace. His knife path primordial spirit stood in the Nine Hells Stage and gathered qi as a knife, slashing the eighteenth heaven of knife path in reverse.

There was a loud bang in the sky, and the knife lights scattered all over the sky. All of the knife lights suddenly retracted and turned into a divine knife that shot up.

Above them, an arm stretched out and grabbed the divine knife. A one-armed figure landed on the river surface with a loud crash, and the water splashed up like knives as it flew in all directions.

Zhe Huali crossed his arms and stood motionlessly on the river surface. The knife light in front and behind him was like a skill that severed all the knife lights transformed from the river water.

That one-armed god was none other than Divine Knife Luo Wushuang.

Luo Wushuang greeted Butcher and Zhe Huali. Butcher returned the greeting, but Zhe Huali lowered his hand and said, "Greetings, Dao Brother Luo."

He had severed his master-disciple relationship with Luo Wushuang, and Luo Wushuang had chased him out of the sect. Thus, he could only call Luo Wushuang Dao brother. However, because he was once a disciple, he was half a step lower.

Luo Wushuang greeted Qin Mu and said, "Overlord Body Qin."

However, he didn't refer to Qin Mu as Celestial Venerable. Instead, he referred to Qin Mu as Overlord Body. Even though the grudge between the two of them had been resolved and Luo Wushuang had also walked out of the shackles of his knife path, Luo Wushuang still held a grudge against the two of them back then, so he called him Overlord Body Qin.

"Divine Knife Luo," Qin Mu returned the greeting.

Divine Knife Luo, on the other hand, was what Qin Mu called Luo Wushuang. They had gone through thick and thin in the Great Void and fought side by side. Qin Mu was very impressed by his knife skills and character.

Especially when Luo Wushuang had drawn his knife to kill Mistress Yuanmu and Celestial Empress' clones, Yun Chuxiu and Lian Huahun. He was ruthless and merciless. No woman was more important than the knife. He was the most ruthless person in Qin Mu's heart!

Luo Wushuang said, "Heaven Knife, those that came today are all strong practitioners of Eternal Peace's knife path. Can we begin?"

Butcher shook his head and said, "Not yet, we still need to wait for another person. That person, I have already sent someone to invite him a few months ago."

He took out a small boat from his taotie sack. There were jars on the boat, and they were all sealed with top quality wine.

Zhe Huali couldn't help being moved. "Didn't that person go to Carefree Village? He will also come?"

He took a glance at Qin Mu and continued, "I heard that that person owes Celestial Venerable Mu a lot and Eternal Peace too much. He swore to step into Eternal Peace for the rest of his life and decided to hide in Carefree Village."

Butcher said with a smile, "He came long ago. When the army of the celestial heavens invaded the Great Void and sealed the Void Bridge, he broke out of the encirclement and infiltrated Eternal Peace. Other than him, there were also many people who entered Eternal Peace through the three rooms of the Void Bridge and hid there. It was true that he didn't enter Eternal Peace due to his oath and moved around the northern lands. However, the oath drunkard made was equivalent to farting."

He smiled slightly, and his voice was loud and long as he said leisurely, "This wine of mine is extraordinary. It's a fine wine that the God of Thieves stole from the gods of the various heavens. There's even wine that the celestial heavens worshiped to Celestial Emperor, brewed by the number one wine god of the celestial heavens!"

"The wine of the Heavenly Court's Wine God, of course I have to come!"

A loud laughter came from the sky, and among the four great heavenly kings under Founding Emperor, Mingdu Heavenly King Tian Shu walked over with his Imperial Gate Divine Knife in his arms. His body reeked of alcohol, and he laughed loudly. "Heaven Knife knows me well and knows I like this. Truth be told, I didn't dare to step into Eternal Peace because of my oath, but I got myself drunk before I came. After a few jars of horse urine, all the bullshit oaths are useless!"

He landed on the small boat and stretched out his hand to pick up a jar of wine. He raised his head and drank it all in one gulp. He praised, "This is buddha wine brewed from the Buddha Realm's Brahma Heaven. It has a taste of enlightenment!"

He smacked open another jar of wine and drank it down while praising, "The wine of Dao Sect's Clear Sky Heaven, after drinking it, your head will be filled with strange algebra runes! This jar is the wine of the Wine God, offered to Celestial Emperor, it's just different!"

The fine wine of the various heavens had their own tastes.

Soon, Tian Shu drank until he was dead drunk. His eyes were still sleepy, but he continued to drink.

"Is this drunkard okay?" Luo Wushuang frowned.

Tian Shu gave him a side glance and chuckled. "The number one divine knife of the celestial heavens, the aura of a craftsman is too heavy, and it doesn't have the demeanor of a great grandmaster in the path of the knife. My knife, Soul Severing and Soul Seizing, isn't something you can compare to. You have to drink wine to unleash its full power."

Luo Wushuang snorted and said indifferently, "In terms of realm, I'm inferior to you. In terms of knife path, you are far inferior."

Qin Mu looked at these old friends, and passion surged in his heart. Some of these people were his elders, some were his enemies, and some were his friends. Now, these people had all gathered together.

"Mu'er, the first heaven of your knife path, knocking on the Southern Heavenly Gate, is to strike out the heroism of those who use the knife. The second heaven is the knife of law, the degree of legislation, and the resentment of the common people. The third heaven is the knife of protection, and it has the will to unite the masses into a city."

Butcher looked at Qin Mu and said solemnly, "That's all I can teach you. Your three forms of entering the path with your knife skills have already completed my knife path's fifteenth heaven. From now on, you can only walk your own path."

Qin Mu's heart was filled with warmth. No matter how much trouble he faced outside, no matter how much criticism and blame he faced, he would always be the child of the nine elders of Disabled Elderly Village when he returned to Eternal Peace.

When he returned here, Butcher and the rest would do their best to help him and enlighten him. They had never had any selfish motives or rejected him!

"You already understand the courage, decisiveness, and responsibility that the path of the knife requires. All that's left is to sharpen and strengthen."

Butcher said, "The easiest way to raise one's power is to fight with strong practitioners of the knife path. Zhe Huali is a strong practitioner of the knife path. He entered the path with the knife, and his knife path combines the strangeness of the demon race and the atmosphere of the knife path. Luo Wushuang is the number one knife expert in the celestial heavens, and his knife skills are unique in terms of technique and skill. At the same time, he also incorporates the courage to strike at the sky. He even dares to kill a Celestial Venerable!"

"Heavenly King Tian Shu's knife is the knife with the strongest power in the world."

When the drunk Tian Shu heard that, he chuckled.

Butcher continued, "The divine knife is indestructible. The knife's name is Imperial Gate, and the drunk Tian Shu is the emperor of the knife. His knife path can sever the horn of Earth Count! His knife contains the spirit of Founding Emperor Era! And my knife…"

Butcher slowly pulled out his knife and said indifferently, "It's Heaven Knife. This Heaven Knife isn't a knife of the Heavenly Dao, it's a knife that strikes towards the sky. My knife path also doesn't conform to the Heavenly Dao, it doesn't conform to the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. My knife is an unyielding spirit in the hearts of people!"

He raised the knife, and the qi in the knife was like a waterfall in the sky. It rose from the heart of the river and split open the sky!

"The knife nourishes the spirit. You have to defeat us first before you can defeat the Ancestral Court's God Execution Stage!"

Butcher asked solemnly, "Mu'er, are you ready?"

Zhe Huali flipped around and leaped back. In the next instant, he stood high up in the sky, and his movement technique was strange and sinister. He said with a smile, "I'm indebted to Heaven Knife for thinking highly of me. Let me guide this brat, I will definitely not let down Heaven Knife's expectations!"

Even though he was arrogant and unruly, he respected Butcher very much.

There were two people in the world that he respected. One of them was Divine Knife Luo Wushuang. Luo Wushuang treasured talent and knew that his knife skill was a one-armed knife skill. Zhe Huali had a complete set of arms, so if he learned it from him, he would either cut off his arm like the other disciples or walk his own path.

Thus, Luo Wushuang gave him to Fu Riluo of the devil race and made him take Fu Riluo as his master. His popularity and spirit were admirable.

The second person that Zhe Huali respected was Heaven Knife.

Zhe Huali had always been comprehending the knife path, but he had never been able to enter the door. His knife skills had been passed down from Luo Wushuang, and Luo Wushuang's knife skills had always been orderly. He paid attention to not losing his composure and had always restricted his nature.

On the other hand, Fu Riluo was a strong practitioner of the devil race, and his technique was sinister and strange. Even though he had learned a little, he couldn't master it completely.

It was only when he met Butcher and saw Butcher's Heaven Knife that he had an epiphany and entered the gate of knife path.

Even though Butcher didn't take him in as a disciple, he treated Butcher as his other master and therefore respected him.

Tian Shu laughed loudly and suddenly shattered all the empty jars. He raised his knife and spat out a mouthful of wine onto Imperial Gate. "Thanks to Heaven Knife's high regard, we shall meet today! Celestial Venerable Mu, do you have horns?"

Qin Mu was full of heroism and smiled. "Even though I don't have horns, my Dao heart is extraordinary."

"Look over here!" Tian Shu swung his knife.

Luo Wushuang raised his knife with one arm and hugged the moon in his arms. He said faintly, "Overlord Body Qin, sword skills are your forte, but your knife path is far inferior."

Qin Mu laughed loudly, and his vital qi poured into Green Destiny, transforming into a long knife. He bowed and said, "May Dao friends guide me!"

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