Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1416 - I Only Want The Good To Be Prosperous

Butcher was also on the battlefield, looking at the breathtaking knife light. When all the spirit weapons floated in the air, the Great Dao of the knife rumbled. He was very familiar with this kind of Great Dao.

The path of the knife, to cry out for injustice, to cut thorns, to defend one side.

Now, Qin Mu had achieved the third step.

When that kind of spirit of protection rushed into the sky, the will of the masses transformed into the Great Wall and augmented the mortal iron in Qin Mu's hands, giving him the power to break through everything.

Cheers rang out on the battlefield, and the morale of the soldiers of Eternal Peace suddenly rose. Hot blood flowed through their bodies, and the wild and unrestrained knife light and knife path motivated them. They fought bravely and fearlessly as they rushed towards the enemy.

The half-gods of Southern Heaven were slightly hesitant and alarmed. On the battlefield, morale was like the balance of the scales. If one side was slightly heavier, the other side would be crushed. It was rare for there to be a complete balance.

Facing such a ferocious master, they became fearful and cowered. They started to retreat, and even the Army Supervisor who was behind them could not stop them from fleeing.

Seeing them fleeing, the morale of Eternal Peace's army rose even higher as they chased after them. The battlefield became bloody and miserable.

The sun set in the west. The mountains were like the sea, and the setting sun was like blood.

This battle was a corner of Southern Border's vast battlefield, it was not the most soul-stirring and most tragic battle in Southern Border. There were even more soul-stirring and tragic battles in Southern Border.

When the battle situation was no longer as intense, it was already night time. The generals of the various armies started to count the people. General Ba Shan asked, "Where are the people who split apart South Deity's divine weapon?"

The soldiers found the team that Qin Mu was in. There were ten people and one team in Eternal Peace, so there were only three people left. Qin Mu wasn't among them.

Some young scholars shook their heads. During the pursuit, they had lost track of Qin Mu.

The soldiers were silent and went back to report to Ba Shan. Ba Shan was also silent.

It was common for generals to die in battle.

Late at night, the battlefield was covered in ghost flames. There were also divine arts practitioners lighting torches to search for the corpses of their comrades. The three young Eternal Peace scholars searched around, hoping to see familiar faces.

Only now did they understand why the scarred veteran wanted them to remember the faces of their comrades. He wanted them to send them home after the war ended so that their corpses wouldn't be cold in the cold wind. He didn't want them to be buried outside the country. He wanted them to return to their homeland with the glory that warriors deserved and be buried in their ancestral graves.

Blood froze on the surface of the corpses.

Ghost flames fluttered, and they were the wandering souls of Youdu's envoys that were guiding the battlefield. The elders that couldn't remember their faces appeared in every corner of the battlefield on paper boats. No matter if they were friend or foe, they let the souls of the dead onto the paper boats and sent them into Youdu.

Every time the lanterns of these messengers of death shone on the faces of the wandering souls, no matter how great they were when they were alive or how humble they were, they had to board the ship.

At this moment, on a paper boat, Qin Mu and Celestial Venerable You sat on it while Butcher sat under the lantern.

The surroundings were silent, and only soldiers from the northwest could be heard coming from the distance. They had a strong regional accent, and they called out the names of their companions in the night, calling their souls back. They didn't want to enter Youdu by mistake. Youdu had Earth Count, and he had the body of a tiger and the body of a bull. He would carry the Nether River Whip to chase him away.

Qin Mu listened to the long call and was slightly entranced.

"Youdu has its rules."

Celestial Venerable You said, "If you want to revive so many people, you are going against the rules of Youdu. Earth Count won't agree."

"I naturally know the rules of Youdu. Reviving so many people in one go is going against the Great Dao of Youdu."

Qin Mu said, "However, Earth Count is locked down by the rules, making us very passive. Celestial Venerable You, Eternal Peace, to the ten Celestial Venerables, is just a small piece of land. Celestial Venerable Huo has already started to mobilize his troops against Eternal Peace. In the future, if he really comes over, Eternal Peace will collapse, and more people will die. If we let the rules restrict ourselves to death, the only thing waiting for us is defeat. Earth Count also hopes to escape the restraints of the Great Dao of Youdu, so why not turn a blind eye?"

Celestial Venerable You shook his head. "Earth Count is still Earth Count, and the Great Dao of Youdu is still the Great Dao of Youdu. We have to be impartial."


Qin Mu laughed from extreme anger. "Celestial Venerable You, go back and tell Earth Count that the reason I discussed this with you is out of courtesy! I will revive these people directly, and there's no need to ask for Earth Count's opinion! It doesn't matter if Earth Count agrees or not, I will definitely do this!"

Celestial Venerable You's gaze landed on him. "Your wings have hardened."

"Very hard, very hard!"

Qin Mu's voice was also hard. "The ancient gods think highly of me because I'm the Invincible Great Wizard. They expect me to use my spells to revive them. Even if their souls are scattered, I can pull their souls over. When I revive the human race, they will talk to me about rules? If I have the ability, why can't I use it?"

Celestial Venerable You was still expressionless as he said, "Countless people died on the battlefield. If you revive them, other than going against Youdu, you will also exhaust your magic power. How many people can you save? Their bodies have already been destroyed. Even if you are skilled in the path of creation and repair their corporeal bodies, how many people can you repair?"

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched.

Celestial Venerable You continued, "This is only one of the countless battlefields. In the other battlefields, there are countless dead people. Can you save all of them? Every day, even every instant, countless people in the thousands of worlds and heavens have died. Can you save them? Celestial Venerable Mu, even if you are a Celestial Venerable, your power will run out, and you won't be able to save everyone. Furthermore, if you revive the dead on a large scale, the Great Dao of Youdu will restrain Earth Count and let him deal with you. Earth Count, born from the Great Dao, has no choice."

He stood up. "Anyone who disrupts the order of Youdu will be punished! Countless worlds have been destroyed by me, and Eternal Peace must not become one of them. If Earth Count is bound by the Great Dao of Youdu and has no choice but to make a move, more worlds will be destroyed! The reason why Earth Count hasn't made a move on you all these years is because he is fighting against the rules of the Great Dao of Youdu and the orders of the Great Dao. The Dao of Youdu has long wanted to kill you!"

"The more people you revive, the heavier the punishment will be! When the punishment comes, not only will the people you revive die, countless people will also be implicated by you!"

Qin Mu stood up. "Youdu Great Dao, so unreasonable."

Celestial Venerable You said, "The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth favors no one to begin with."

"I'm too idealistic, you're too realistic."

Qin Mu suddenly executed Soul Guide divine art, and the Black Heaven Earth Sect stood upright behind him. He laughed loudly and said, "Because I'm too idealistic, I often end up bleeding in front of reality! Because you are too realistic, you have become a shut-in!"

Celestial Venerable You raised his brows. "Earth Count won't lend his power to you, and Heaven Duke won't lend his power to revive these human soldiers."

"I don't need it!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly. The divine treasures opened up, and the ancestral court appeared. Above was Xuandu, and below was Youdu.

The majestic power in his divine treasures poured out!

The Great Dao arose from the ancestral court, and fortune was concealed.

These were his two forms of entering the Dao, the fourteenth heaven and the fifteenth heaven.

The Great Dao rose from the ancestral court and evolved into the Great Dao of Youdu and Xuandu. The creation was hidden, and the Dao of Creation was used to repair the corporeal bodies of the warriors that had died in battle, activating their blood to revive the dead blood in their bodies!

Celestial Venerable You looked at him silently and didn't stop him, allowing him to do as he pleased.

The soldiers of Eternal Peace who were collecting the corpses on the battlefield looked at their comrades who had stood up in a daze. There were still bloodstains on their bodies, but their bodies had started to recover. Their wounds had healed, their hearts had regained their mobility, and the organs of their dead bodies had regained their vitality.

Some people cheered and hugged their comrades who had just been revived. They laughed and cried.

The battlefield was too vast, and too many warriors had died in battle. Even Qin Mu felt that it was becoming more strenuous. Resurrecting these warriors had exhausted too much of his magic power and spirit.

His aura weakened, and at the same time, he could feel the Great Dao of Youdu stirring restlessly. He defied the Great Dao and reversed life and death, making the Great Dao of Youdu give the order to eradicate him.

He felt Earth Count in Youdu forcefully suppressing the Great Dao of Youdu, and he also felt Celestial Venerable You blocking the orders of the Great Dao.

Finally, the warriors of Eternal Peace that had died on the battlefield revived one by one. Qin Mu seemed to have exhausted all his energy and collapsed. He was incomparably weak and couldn't stand up.

Celestial Venerable You resisted the orders of the Great Dao of Youdu and passed by him. He boarded the paper boat again. "Don't go to Youdu. After you go there, Earth Count won't be protecting you, but killing you. Over there, the power of Youdu is too strong."

"Thank you," Qin Mu said weakly.

Celestial Venerable You's body was a little stiff, and he didn't turn back. He said indifferently, "There's no need to thank me. You did something that reversed life and death, and I will report it to Earth Count. Earth Count is fair and impartial, and he will remember your evil deeds. We will settle this once and for all in the future."

Qin Mu revealed a smile and tried his best to say loudly, "In two and a half years, at most two and a half years, it will be the battle of Xuandu which will determine the life and death of Heaven Duke! Are you going?" He spoke too quickly and started coughing violently.

"What does that have to do with me?" Celestial Venerable You said coldly as he steered the paper boat into Youdu.

However, Qin Mu revealed a smile and looked up at the sky. He saw white spewing from the east, and the sun was about to rise. He muttered, "He will definitely go, definitely… Even though Celestial Venerable You is autistic because of his rationality and feels that he has seen through everything, he will definitely go. His heart is still hot, hot…"

Butcher walked in front of him and saw the multicolored light in the east becoming brighter. A red sun rose from the multicolored light and said, "Back then, I didn't have a divine art like you that could reverse life and death. If I did, I would have gone against Earth Count and saved my comrades."

He looked straight at the rising sun and was silent for a long time. Suddenly, he chanted in a low voice, "Frost falls on the southern mountains, the autumn is chilling. The wind sweeps the north, and the night burns. The affairs of the world are in a hurry. How can heaven's will be lenient? I only wish for good people to prosper. The knife path is the path of man… Mu'er, have you rested long enough? Let's go, let's continue forward!"

Qin Mu stood up shakily and tried his best to catch up to him. He walked towards the light of the rising sun.

"Any Postcelestial Dao is the Dao of Man!" he said firmly.

Butcher looked back at him and revealed a smile.

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