Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


Translator: Mimi

Gu Hongxuan smiled and took a few steps back. After reaching a relatively safe range from Liang Wensu, he said, “Palace Lord, cultivation is like rowing a boat upstream, if you stop moving forward you fall back. It has been a hundred years, no matter how dull my aptitude, I should be advanced to the Nascent Soul.”

Hearing this, Liang Wensu’s complexion became even uglier. He was indeed careless and had been slack about the affairs of the Devil Palace in the past few years, otherwise he would have discovered the abnormality in Gu Hongxuan’s body long ago.

But his complexion very quickly returned to normal and he said coldly to Gu Hongxuan, “You are my confidant who I personally promoted and I have treated you well all these years. I have given you an unending stream of cultivation resources. If your purpose is to obtain the position of the Palace Lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace, then I can surrender it readily to you. Even if you are a Nascent Soul cultivator, you have been advanced to the Nascent Soul for less than a hundred years. You are still in the early-stage of the Nascent Soul. If you want to fight against me, the late-stage Nascent Soul, you won’t get any benefits. Rather than fighting each other and letting others benefit from it, it’s better to give up each other. I can treat today matter as something that never happened.”

Liang Wensu could indeed be called a crafty villain. Even at this time, he knew how to analyze the pros and cons, and he could show his enemies with reason and affection. Even Su Wenliang, this outsider, would be moved by him. But Gu Hongxuan could become the next big villain BOSS in the novel was naturally not an average person.

After Gu Hongxuan heard the words, he laughed out loud and said mockingly, “Palace Lord is still the same as usual, considering everyone else beneath you and believing yourself infallible. Heh, your so-called kindness to me in itself is what I deserve by working hard for you, it has nothing to do with you. And now, we both know that your current body is at the end of its strength. Since two years ago, I found that you’re seriously injured, but you insisted on fooling everyone. I thought of your kindness in promoting me, so I don’t expose it in public. Otherwise, do you think you can still live until now? We are both devil cultivators, I don’t need to say it too clearly. Taking advantage of your injuries to kill you, I believe that if it’s you at this moment, you will also make the same choice as me.”

Liang Wensu’s face was gloomy and terrifying. He was a bit sincere to his two confidants Gu Hongxuan and He Junqian, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken care of them so far in the Devil Palace. But he didn’t expect that his confidant actually thought this way in his heart. He truly raised the unfamiliar thankless wretch. He only hated himself for being blind. He actually gave a heavy responsibility to this kind of person, but in the end he wanted to kill him!

After Gu Hongxuan finished speaking, the smile on his face slowly disappeared and a cold light flashed in his eyes. He cupped his fists and said, “For the sake of our many years master and confidant’s relationship, I will leave you with an intact corpse. Palace Lord, please.”

Liang Wensu sneered, it was not certain who would lose and win!

He took out the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip from his body. This was his origin life magic weapon that had been kept in his body. He wouldn’t use it rashly, because this magic weapon was connected with his life. If the magic weapon was cracked, he would be seriously injured.

Two years ago, his origin life magic weapon’s base was cracked in the fight with that group of people and it hadn’t recovered yet. When Liang Wensu touched the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip, he could feel the dim magic weapon slightly trembling with joy.

Only the origin life magic weapon won’t harm me.’ Liang Wensu sighed in his heart. While injecting the spiritual power into the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip, he told himself in his heart, ‘If I can still escape this time, I will definitely let those who harm me be repay a hundred or a thousand times.’

And now, his phoenix eyes narrowed and his expression was gloomy as he looked at Gu Hongxuan. The fierceness flashed past in his eyes, and before Gu Hongxuan was about to make a move, raging flames of the Red Flame Blood Bone Whip had already swung in front of Gu Hongxuan.

Gu Hongxuan’s heart skipped a beat and he immediately retreated to avoid it. But his speed was still much slower, so that there was a burning pain in his chest and he was knocked to the ground.

Gu Hongxuan lowered his head to look at the deep and wide scar on his chest from bottom to top, and laughed loudly. This was the Palace Lord of the Demon Palace that he wanted to replace wholeheartedly. This was the real Liang Wensu. Even if his body was already at the end of its strength, he still retained the power to fight back.

Gu Hongxuan laughed and stood up, and also took out his origin life magic weapon, the Nine Teeth Windward Blade, from his body. He raised the blade and went into battle, using the Blood Refine Nine Transformation cultivation method to attack Liang Wensu.

Liang Wensu launched a second attack immediately after the first strike and the two fought. For a moment the weapon lights were flashing, and the nearby trees and bushes were instantly wiped out. The two of them locked in battle and the outcome was difficult to distinguish for a while.

Although Liang Wensu was seriously injured, he had rich combat experience after all, and his origin life magic weapon was truly extraordinary.

The Red Flame Blood Bone Whip had been his painstaking effort for half his life. He traveled all over the Rook Islet World in order to refine his origin life magic weapon, and only then got the flame that met his standards in the deepest part of the Demonic Beast Forest, the Earth Demon Yin Yang Fire. The flame ranked among the top a hundred flames in the cultivation world and it matched his cultivation method, it could be said to be perfect.

And the Blood Bone Whip was originally the backbone of the Earth Demon Python. It took more than twenty years to refine it in the blood of middle-level demonic beasts before it was completely dyed blood red.

Therefore, even if Liang Wensu’s body seriously injured, he still had the strength to confront Gu Hongxuan.

As for Gu Hongxuan, it had been more than fifty years since he secretly advanced to the Nascent Soul. Although his cultivation base was still at the early-stage of Nascent Soul, but his Nascent Soul was solid and powerful.

For a long time, there had been a lot of devil cultivators in the Rook Islet World world who had advanced to the Nascent Soul. However, these devil cultivators had done too much evil in the early stage for their cultivation. They only focused on speed and ignored the foundation. Therefore, their cultivation base was mostly unstable. Even if they were forcibly advanced to the Nascent Soul, their Nascent Soul would break immediately and their spiritual powers dispersed, in the end they would die faster.

As a cautious and intelligent devil cultivator, Gu Hongxuan had stepped into a steady path of cultivation as early as the moment he changed from the righteous path to devil cultivation.

His advancement speed was not fast, comparing to the rapid progress of the devil cultivator, his slow advancement ranked at the bottom of the entire Devil Palace. But he could face the enemy across levels. As early as the Qi Refining stage, he could kill the Foundation Building stage devil cultivator, and after he advanced to the Core Formation and became one of the eighteen hall masters of the Devil Palace, he even killed several Nascent Soul stage devil cultivators.

His ability to challenge across levels was obvious to everyone in the Devil Palace.

So these two people were mutual opponent. Liang Wensu had the upper hand at the beginning, he knew that he was fighting with all his energy, so he went all out. At the beginning of the battle, he fiercely rubbed Gu Hongxuan’s might and whipped him to bruise all over and Gu Hongxuan had no power to resist.

However, Liang Wensu had internal injuries after all and his spiritual power couldn’t last long. Sure enough, after a while, Gu Hongxuan changed from being suppressed and turned around to retaliate to Liang Wensu fiercely. Liang Wensu’s body was covered with knife scars, some even deep to bones, looking in a difficult situation and dreadful.

After several hours of confrontation, the two had injuries all over their bodies. Liang Wensu was already at a disadvantage and it was only a matter of time before he was dealt with by Gu Hongxuan. Even if Liang Wensu was unwilling, but the spiritual energy in his body was on the verge of exhaustion.

When Liang Wensu was about to be hacked to death by Gu Hongxuan, the front of the two of them suddenly went dark and the extremely dense and thick black mist suddenly appeared, covering their sight.

Both Liang Wensu and Gu Hongxuan were injured and the poisonous mist of the White Horse Mountain came unrestrainedly. They couldn’t see each other in this black mist. Because of the excessive consumption of spiritual energy before and their bodies had just stained by the poisonous mist, the poison gas immediately invaded their body.

Liang Wensu and Gu Hongxuan’s expressions changed drastically and they couldn’t care about the duel. The poisonous mist in the White Horse Mountain was so powerful that the Nascent Soul stage cultivator didn’t dare to put on airs. They hurriedly stopped and took out medicinal pills from their storage bag, and then poured all of it into their mouth. After medicinal pills entered their stomach, the effect was very significant, as the influence of the poisonous mist on them was reduced.

When Gu Hongxuan recovered, he raised his blade and planned to fight again. If it wasn’t for the black mist, he would have killed Liang Wensu long ago. Now that Liang Wensu had new injuries on top of old injuries, he would soon become another dead soul under his blade.

Gu Hongxuan thought so and took a few steps forward, but the surroundings became strangely quiet, and Liang Wensu who was originally not far away from him, actually disappeared without a trace under his nose.

Gu Hongxuan couldn’t believe it, he turned his head to look in doubt, but saw nothing. He squatted on the ground in confusion, pondering without a clue.

In the end, he comforted himself, ‘Anyway, Liang Wensu is seriously injured after today’s battle, and now cultivators in the entire Rook Islet World can’t wait to get rid of him quickly. I have seen no less than five groups of people before entering the White Horse Mountain to plan kill him. Therefore, even if he escapes now, he will be caught and killed by others. Since this is the case, then I don’t have to stay in this dangerous place and the time is also getting late.’

He took a breath and thought that he should find a place to meditate and cultivate first, and then went back to the Yan Yuan Devil Palace to win the position of the Palace Lord.

After thinking this way, he took out a flying magic tool from his storage bag and flew away from the black mist in the White Horse Mountain, and disappeared into the horizon.

Liang Wensu himself doesn’t know what happened. When he opened his eyes again, he found that he had already inside a cave.

He turned his head to look and saw a familiar face. That person walked to the front of Liang Wensu. His gloomy face brightened and darkened under the dim flame light, making the dark aura on his body even more terrifying.

He directly looked at Liang Wensu’s face and said, “This subordinate is late. Before leaving, I have made an agreement with Gu Hongxuan to bring Palace Lord back to the Devil Palace. However, I didn’t expect that Gu Hongxuan actually harbored evil intentions, trying to kill Palace Lord to obtain the position of the Palace Lord, and even made a move against Palace Lord secretly. This matter is because I don’t think carefully. After returning to the Devil Palace, I will ask for punishment voluntary. Now, ask Palace Lord to take this Heavenly Spirit pill, which can temporarily relieve the pain on Palace Lord’s body.”

Liang Wensu coldly took the medicinal pill handed over by He Junqian. For the first time, he didn’t take it directly, but chuckled and said, “Junqian, we have been best friends for nearly three hundred years. You know me best and I know you best. You may not know that whenever you lie, your Adam’s apple will roll up and down, and the expression you look at me is very sincere. Before, I don’t mind these deceptions and tricks of yours, but…Heh, what is your purpose?”

He Junqian’s eyes widened in an instant and he said in a trembling voice, “Im…impossible. Liang Wensu, you…you don’t blame me. We are indeed close friends, but since ancient times, righteous and devil cultivators don’t coexist, and the hatred of the extermination of the clan, I can’t live under the same sky with you!”

Liang Wensu looked up to the sky and laughed loudly, this was his close friend, heh! This was how he saw him! He was just saying it to probe, but he didn’t expect that there was really another secret.

Liang Wensu suddenly found it ridiculous. He never thought that the two closest people beside him would have such a true face!

He Junqian was shocked by his sudden laughter, his face turned pale and hurriedly took a few steps back.

And Liang Wensu, under his gaze, slowly stood up.

He stood with his back to the light. Although his figure was slightly hunched because of his serious injuries, but his cold appearance was like a bloodthirsty wild beast that was about to go berserk, and in the next moment, would pounce on him and tear him into pieces.

Su Wenliang’s heart was a little complicated and helpless. Was this the so-called just out of the tiger’s mouth and entered the wolf’s den?

The villain BOSS was so unlucky!

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