Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


Translator: Mimi

After Liang Wensu sneaked into the White Horse Mountain, he turned left and right flexibly in the dense mist, and soon passed through a thick layer of highly toxic purple mist and entered a relatively safe green forest.

And on both sides of the road he walked, there were piles of bones. These were cultivators who strayed into the White Horse Mountain and lost their life. This showed how dangerous this White Horse Mountain was.

Liang Wensu opened up a circular area with a diameter of 3.3 meters in the green forest. He took out formation signs from the storage bag on his waist and began to arrange the defensive formation.

Although Liang Wensu was a devil cultivator, he had learned numerous things.

He was used to taking everything in his own hands, so he mastered to some extent various categories of cultivation and it was at the middle level or higher.

For example, he had studied formations for many years and no one knew that he was the expert of formations.

He arranged formation signs according to corresponding rules, which seemed messy but in fact were orderly arranged. After seventy-two formation signs were inserted into the square ground, he took out ten middle-grade spirit stones from his storage bag and arranged them in the most key corners.

When the last spirit stone was placed in the center of the formation under his feet, there was a faint fluctuation in the air above the formation, and the position where Liang Wensu was standing turned into the forest and shrub scenery exactly the same as the surrounding area.

Although this was just a relatively simple blindfold formation, if cultivators under the Nascent Soul want to find Liang Wensu, it would take several months of searching.

As for cultivators at the Nascent Soul stage or higher, they could almost see through this formation at a glance, but so what, this formation still had a certain defensive ability, which could withstand the full strike of the Nascent Soul cultivator and Liang Wensu could take advantage of this opportunity to escape.

However, Liang Wensu was still seriously injured after all. He hurried on with a lot of energy before and arranged the formation in a great rush. Now it was done, he felt the blood in his chest rolled over, he endured and endured, and finally he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Liang Wensu couldn’t even stand steady and immediately fell to the ground unsteadily.

He collapsed on his back to the ground, his heart was calm, even though this was the most serious injury he had suffered since he was advanced to Nascent Soul.

In this lower cultivation realm Rook Islet World, the highest cultivation level was the late-stage Nascent Soul, so Liang Wensu who was the almighty late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, could basically walk sideways in the Rook Islet World.

In the Rook Islet World, Core Formation stage cultivators could become the elders of large sects, while Nascent Soul cultivators were the great elders of the sect. In the entire Rook Islet World, there were no more than twenty Nascent Soul cultivators. The largest cultivation sect, the Heaven Spread Sect, had six Nascent Soul cultivators, and it was the sect with the largest number of Nascent Soul cultivators, so their strength was naturally the strongest.

Several other relatively large sects, such as the sword cultivation sect, the Origin Sword Sect, had three Nascent Soul cultivators, and the number one alchemy sect, the Pill Cauldron Pavilion, had two Nascent Soul cultivators. There were also several sects with a Nascent Soul cultivator in charge.

The righteous path Nascent Soul cultivator was half more than the number of the devil path Nascent Soul cultivator. This kind of distribution had been the norm in the Rook Islet World for many years, and the number ratio had been maintained at this proportion.

At the Yan Yuan Devil Palace, the largest sect of devil cultivators, besides Palace Lord Liang Wensu himself who was the almighty late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, there were also three hidden nominal elders who were not pay attention to world affairs ordinarily. Only when there was a major confrontation between the two factions of righteous and devil cultivators, they would go out of the Closed Door Training and fight against the righteous path Nascent Soul cultivator one by one.

Since Liang Wensu became the Palace Lord of the Devil Palace for many years, he had indeed never met an opponent.

Two years ago, if he hadn’t been tricked into going to the Age State Secret Realm, he wouldn’t have met those Nascent Soul stage or even the Break Space stage experts from the Middle Realm.

He dealt with that group of people in the secret realm for several years and his body suffered heavy injuries. In the end, if he hadn’t burned his origin life blood and forcibly raised his cultivation base to the early-stage of the Break Space to get the power to rival them, his Nascent Soul might had abolished by that expert in the Break Space stage, and then captured to offer to the so-called Lord they said.

At this moment, Liang Wensu felt unwilling. He could feel that the current situation was very unfavorable to him.

Facing the situation of internal and external troubles, he was forced to flee and there was no one he could trust by his side. The people in the Devil palace wanted to replace him and cultivators from the almighty Middle Realm Age River World was searching for him all over the world. The number one person with the highest cultivation base of the righteous path, Xuan Daozi, was also seeking revenge on himself at this moment.

Liang Wensu thought of these enemies, any faction among them could crush the current him.

He has been a devil cultivator for more than four hundred years. He had killed people and was hunted down…

He previously defeated the outstanding cultivator, he previously honored as the Palace Lord and previously dominated the situation, but now——surrounded by enemies, isolated and without help.

Liang Wensu sneered. Even so, he would drag countless people to die with him. He wouldn’t suffer a loss!

Liang Wensu closed his eyes, the Nascent Soul in his dantian was on the verge of breaking. Su Wenliang also felt Liang Wensu’s unwillingness and resentment, but there was nothing he could do.

He recalled the description of the plot. It should have been a few years later that Liang Wensu encountered the civil strife in the Devil Palace and the tragedy of righteous path people haunting him down. But unknowingly, it might be because of his secret activities.

He came into contact with Gu Hongxuan and Gu Hongxuan told the truth in advance that there was a spy among the hall masters of the Devil Palace. Because of this news, Liang Wensu became agitated and chose to flee in advance.

And he let the female protagonist go and sent someone to escort her to find Xuan Daozi. Because of this, the time for the righteous path people to hunt down Liang Wensu was brought forward.

The combination of all these factors led to the possibility of Liang Wensu’s early death. Su Wenliang originally wanted to change the plot, but judging from the present, the plot was still return to the right track, and even everything was progressing a little earlier than the plot.

Su Wenliang was a little hesitant, but he would never regret it. Where there were uncertainties was where hope lied. Instead of waiting for those people to complete everything and set up an inescapable net to kill Liang Wensu, it was better to disrupt the plot in advance and take advantage of the chaos to take the initiative to attack.

And when both righteous and devil path cultivators were chasing Liang Wensu, it was an opportunity that Su Wenliang could seize.

Seeing that Liang Wensu closed his eyes and entered the state of cultivation, Su Wenliang planned to use Liang Wensu’s body temporarily.

However, at this moment, he suddenly felt an extremely familiar aura in the air.

Su Wenliang immediately shocked and quickly sank into the depths of Liang Wensu’s consciousness.

Liang Wensu was more perceptive than Su Wenliang and he noticed the person coming earlier. He was even a little happier because of this person’s arrival.

The person flew over from a distance and landed not far away from the formation. He knelt down and said in a moderate voice, “Palace Lord, I’m incompetent to only come to look for you now. I’m willing to be punished!”

The person who came was Gu Hongxuan.

Liang Wensu opened his eyes and looked at Gu Hongxuan. Seeing the remorse and self-blame on his face, Liang Wensu was a little wavered. Although he was suspicious, he still relatively trusted his confidant.

Su Wenliang saw that Liang Wensu was going to undo the formation and gritted his teeth in hatred. Gu Hongxuan was the main culprit who killed this body. If Liang Wensu went out like this at this moment, he would definitely be caught by Gu Hongxuan. ‘Don’t open the formation!

However, no matter how anxious Su Wenliang was in his heart, he was not the one who controlled this body now and Liang Wensu had already opened the formation when Su Wenliang was angry. Liang Wensu directly faced Gu Hongxuan.

Gu Hongxuan kept the posture of kneeling on the ground unchanged and looked up at Liang Wensu. Seeing the gloomy expression on his face, he knew that this person was the real Palace Lord. He lowered his head again and said respectfully, “Palace Lord!”

Liang Wensu put his hands behind his back and remained vigilant, he asked, “How did you find this place?”

Hearing this, Gu Hongxuan showed a hesitant expression on his face. After a while, he gritted his teeth and said, “Palace Lord, I’m guilty! Since more than a year ago, because I’m worried about Palace Lord, so I planted a tracking parasite on Palace Lord’s body to always know Palace Lord’s whereabouts. I…I’m worried about the safety of Palace Lord, so made this decision. I hope that Palace Lord will be lenient.”

Gu Hongxuan said it with fearlessness and loyal appearance. Su Wenliang saw Gu Hongxuan’s hypocritical face through Liang Wensu’s eyes, his face turned green with anger.

Su Wenliang felt somewhat regretful now, he still knew too little about this cultivation world. He had never even heard of this so-called tracking parasite.

But he knew that if Gu Hongxuan really planted this kind of thing on this body as he said, then he must have planted it a year ago when he deliberately approached him.

Because he would never dare to do this to Liang Wensu, as Liang Wensu was so cautious, how could he give Gu Hongxuan an opportunity.

Su Wenliang instantly thought of the key point and immediately regretted it!

Liang Wensu was silent when he heard this. He had already realized that something was wrong, he wouldn’t really naively think that Gu Hongxuan dared to plant tracking parasite on himself for his own sake, he must have noticed his cultivation base was not good and seriously injured a year ago. At that time, he just had the intention to kill himself.

Such two-faced and and back stabbing was the way of people in the Devil Palace.

Seeing that Gu Hongxuan was still bowing his head, Liang Wensu was full of emotion in his heart, but even if his great power was gone at this time, he was still not afraid.

Liang Wensu sneered and said, “Oh, it turns out that Hall Master Gu is thinking of me, it’s really hard for you.”

Gu Hongxuan’s body shuddered, realizing that Liang Wensu had shown killing intents, and immediately activated his defense. The next moment, Liang Wensu used the Earth Demon Palm technique to attack Gu Hongxuan directly.

According to Liang Wensu’s plan, although his current strength was not good, but with his late-stage Nascent Soul cultivation base, to deal with a Core Formation stage demon cultivator, such a palm was enough to take the opponent’s life.

The Earth Demon Palm technique was the unique martial arts style of his clan. It could challenge opponents across levels. It was the most powerful martial arts style among techniques he had learned. This time he used the five layer skill, which could have smashed Gu Hongxuan with one palm.

However, to his surprise, Gu Hongxuan actually stood up very quickly after received his palm head-on, and even smiled brightly at him with ease.

Liang Wensu’s face turned pale, he took a few steps back and said in disbelief, “Nascent Soul…your cultivation base is Nascent Soul?!”

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