Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


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Liang Wensu was a resolute and decisive person. After deciding to leave, he returned to the sleeping quarters. He put the medicinal pills and treasures into the storage bag, and then opened the secret room tunnel. With the help of this tunnel that had been built for many years, he smoothly came outside the Devil Palace.

He disguised himself as a Foundation Building stage cultivator and entered the Red Flame City, the cultivation city outside the Devil Palace. He hid among thousands of cultivators.

The serious injury he suffered a year ago had completely hindered him at this moment. He couldn’t escape to a safe place in a short time, so he could only hide in the crowd nearby. Thus, he chose an ordinary Immortal’s Cave to live in, and began to cultivate in the Closed Door Training.

Su Wenliang opened his eyes when he was cultivating. Liang Wensu’s plan at this time was indeed more reasonable. Instead of living in that dangerous place, it was better to escape early and choose a place to live. After repairing his body well, he would turn around to take revenge.

Su Wenliang doesn’t want to go out now, because the news of the disappearance of the Palace Lord of the Devil Palace would spread out in a short time. At that time, the devil cultivator in the Devil Palace would be in chaos, and the eighteen hall masters would compete to grab the position of the Palace Lord. When the matter sorted out, according to the usual practice, it would be decades later, when the original owner had completely repaired this body. At that time, he could find a way to seize this body.

This was Su Wenliang’s long-awaited plan. He was unwilling to always like this, only get the right to use the body when Liang Wensu was meditating.

He wanted to completely control this body, but he doesn’t understand this world at all. Although he knew the plot, but in the plot, it doesn’t describe clearly of how to cultivate and how to fight desperately with cultivators.

If he took Liang Wensu’s body now, then he had to face a seriously injured body. He didn’t have the ability of Liang Wensu to repair the body through cultivation, so he chose to stay in the dark and wait until this body was completely healed, and then took advantage of the right time to get this body.

Su Wenliang quietly stayed in Liang Wensu’s body and concentrated on feeling the spiritual energy flowing along the veins.

He was new to the cultivation, but now that someone was teaching him hand in hand, he could feel the spiritual energy fluctuations personally, so he was learning very seriously. He felt the spiritual energy entered the body and the spiritual energy with suitable attributes for the body was absorbed by the body to the small Nascent Soul in the dantian.

· “Dantian” -- Refers to the region in the body where a person’s energy is concentrated. point two inches below the navel where one's qi resides. Located three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel.

He could also detect that the Nascent Soul in his body was dull and didn’t luster, even with an abnormal gray color. Su Wenliang doesn’t know what kind of injury the original owner had suffered or what kind of enemy he had encountered, as it wasn’t mentioned in the plot. But it must be a powerful enemy to cause the original owner who was a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, to end up like this.

Liang Wensu was in the Closed Door Training for a year. Only after the injuries on his body recovered a little, did he wake up from his meditative state. Su Wenliang sighed in his heart that there were no time of cultivation and a year passed in the blink of an eye.

Liang Wensu took a bath and changed his clothes, and then walked out in disguise.

After not engaging with secular society for a year, Liang Wensu walked on the street and felt the tense atmosphere in the Red Flame City. He saw passers-by being panic and treat everyone as an enemy, and even many stores were closed. Seeing this scene, Liang Wensu immediately frowned and went to the largest restaurant in Red Flame City. This place was a “secret inquiry” place in the cultivation world——the Siye Pavilion’s stationary point. Before he became the Palace Lord of the Devil Palace, he often went to this stationary point to inquire about the news of the Rook Islet World.

He entered the restaurant familiarly and said to the mortal waiter, “I’m here to find Di Ting.” This was a code word, which means, I’m here to inquire about news.

The waiter immediately nodded and led Liang Wensu to a private room at the back of the restaurant without looking sideways.

Liang Wensu handed a low-grade spirit stone to the waiter. The waiter happily bent over to take it and turned around to leave quietly. For Liang Wensu, he never lacked various cultivation resources. He didn’t just fight over, the things that he got were thrown into his mustard space. Moreover, he left the Devil Palace this time. He consciously brought some more capital with him.

A low-grade spirit stone was nothing to Liang Wensu, but to other low-level cultivators in the Rook Islet World and mortals like the waiter, it was already a lot. After all, in the Rook Islet World, the restoration pill taken during the Qi Refining stage were thirty pills in a bottle and the price only a low-grade spirit stone.

Liang Wensu opened the door and walked in, and then directly sat on the seat in the other side of the black yarn curtain. He took out a middle-grade spirit stone from his storage bag and threw it on the table, saying, “A middle-grade spirit stone for asking ten questions, the price hasn’t changed?”

The person behind the black yarn curtain had a hoarse voice and indistinguishable, “It hasn’t changed, what questions do you want to ask?”

Liang Wensu tapped the armrest of the seat with his index finger, and after thinking for a while, he asked, “The major events that have occurred in the Yan Yuan Devil Palace in the past year.”

The other party replied, “First, the Palace Lord of the Devil Palace Liang Wensu disappeared and his whereabouts are unknown. Second, the Devil Palace has changed. The eighteen hall masters have formed several groups and now two major forces have formed. One is Liang Wensu’s confidant henchmen, led by Hall Master Gu and Hall Master He. The other is Hall Master Wang, advocating the establishment of a new Palace Lord. The two groups are evenly matched, and now the Devil Palace has been divided into two, divide and conquer. Third, a year ago, the righteous path cultivators attacked the Devil Palace and the casualties on both sides were heavy. The root cause is the extermination of the Sikong clan. Xuan Daozi, the strongest cultivator in the Rook Islet World, personally set out to avenge the orphan of the Sikong clan. Although both sides suffered a lot of casualties, but the Devil Palace was faintly in disadvantageous position. Fourth…”

Liang Wensu lowered his eyes as he listened quietly, his finger had long stopped tapping. He didn’t expect that there would be an orphan from the Sikong clan escaping. He should have killed that woman in the first place, so as to avoid future troubles.

However, it was too late to talk about this now, he continued to say, “Tell me about major events that happened in the Rook Islet World this year.”

The other party replied, “The biggest event is the battle between cultivators of the righteous path and the Devil Palace…Another thing is that a group of cultivators from the higher realm with extremely high cultivation suddenly appeared in the Rook Islet World. They reached an agreement with the Heaven Spread Sect, the largest cultivation sect in the Rook Islet World, and the Heaven Spread Sect obtained a lot more resources because of this. It’s said that many young and promising youth in the sect have been accepted into the sect of the higher realm by them, and have boundless prospects.”

Liang Wensu frowned and he said silently in his heart, ‘Cultivators with an extremely high cultivation. For some reason, I immediately thought of the group of people who seriously injured me two years ago. They suddenly come to the lower realm, what are these people going to do?’ Liang Wensu asked, “Why did these cultivators from the higher realm come to the lower realm Rook Islet World?”

The other party replied, “No one in the Rook Islet World knows their real purpose, but based on their actions, there are several guesses, the most likely one is that they came to the lower realm to find someone.”

Liang Wensu’s heart skipped a beat when he heard this and he asked coldly, “Do you know who they are looking for? What are the characteristics?”

“I don’t know. However, most of cultivators they are looking for are feminine-looking who practice crafty and sinister cultivation methods. Most of them are devil cultivators, and righteous path cultivators are not excluded. So far, the most likely searching candidates include the missing Palace Lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace, Liang Wensu; the legitimate son of the Xie clan and the second disciple of Heaven Spread Sect, Xie Shuyan; and the disciple of Su Jingsheng of the Pill Cauldron Pavilion, Su Qianjun.”

After Liang Wensu heard this, he was already 70% sure in his heart that this group of people was the same group back then. When he thought of the methods of these people, he couldn’t control his body trembling. Even if he was the devil cultivator who did all kinds of misdeeds, but compared with those people, his methods were too soft and immature.

Liang Wensu continued to ask a few less important questions before turning to leave.

He returned to the Immortal’s Cave he rented and tried to meditate for half an hour, but he still felt restless and the sense of crisis followed relentlessly. He stood up abruptly, knowing that he couldn’t stay in this place anymore. He had a strange feeling of being targeted by snakes. He wanted to leave the Red Flame City immediately and casually go to the several Immortal’s Caves he had prepared to practice in the Closed Door Training.

He moved quickly and left the Red Flame City quietly. After he was far away from the Red Flame City and came to another rogue cultivators’ city, the White Horse City, which had the most lax management in the Rook Islet World and the greatest amount of cultivators, he immediately changed direction and went to the White Horse Mountain around the White Horse City.

Sure enough, the moment he left quickly, dozens of high-level cultivators surrounded the White Horse City. They waited for a while, but they didn’t see Liang Wensu. Everyone looked at each other a few times and the handsome man in the lead said, “His flight path shows that he is near here. We will split up and search around here. After finding him, immediately bring him back to the Lord.”

The others answered yes and everyone turned into a few beams of white light and disappeared above the White Horse City.

And not long after they left, three groups of people arrived one after another, and they also took action separately.

Liang Wensu drove the flying treasure to the foot of White Horse Mountain. The White Horse Mountain, as the name implies, was famous because the mountains look like a white horse when viewed from a distance. The White Horse City was named after it because it was located at the foot of the White Horse Mountain.

He suddenly stopped walking and took out a bottle of increasing spiritual energy pills from his storage bag. He took two pills, and then continued walking.

The White Horse Mountain sounded like a gentle name, but in fact, it had another name, the Misty Hades Mountain. For some reason, this place was shrouded in dense mist all year round. These mists had different components, some would cause people to lose consciousness, but some would kill the cultivator. Even the Foundation Building cultivator who had officially stepped into the threshold of cultivation doesn’t dare to put on airs here. He must always prepare the increasing spiritual energy pill and took two pills from time to time to ensure his safety. As for disciples in the Qi Refining stage, even if they had the medicinal pills, they could only stay here for half an hour.

The danger of White Horse Mountain doesn’t stop there. It was called the Misty Hades Mountain as many cultivators doesn’t return after coming here, because it was shrouded in dense mist all year round and the terrain here couldn’t be seen clearly.

And the terrain here was also extremely complicated. For ten million years, countless cultivators had entered it and some people had drawn out topographic maps they passed by. But the terrain here would change at will and the changing time was not definite. Sometimes it wouldn’t change even after a hundred years and sometimes it only took a day to change multiple times.

Not to mention, there was the Death Swamp, which was full of all kinds of poisonous substances and insects. Even if Nascent Soul stage cultivators went in, they wouldn’t well. There was also the Purple-tinted Forest, where flowers, plants and trees were purple, which was extremely poisonous in itself.

And the demonic beasts living in such a harsh environment could definitely be regarded as the most ferocious and powerful demonic beasts among the demonic beasts in the entire Rook Islet World.

Because of these reasons, even though the White Horse Mountain occupied a vast area and was extremely abundant of the spiritual energy, it hadn’t been chose by large sects to establish a sect here.

However, it was better than nothing. Rogue cultivators in the cultivation world were equivalent to children without mother’s love. They liked the White Horse Mountain that the large sect thought not worth doing and the small sect couldn’t seize down.

Although there were various threats in the White Horse Mountain, the road of cultivation was against the natural order and one had to pay a certain amount of risk to get rewards. Corresponding to the harsh environment of the White Horse Mountain, it was rich of species and the spiritual energy, and all kinds of cultivation resources would never be exhausted.

The cultivation resources and spiritual energy here had attracted a large number of rogue cultivators to gather here, and after ten million years, this place had long developed into the largest rogue cultivators’ city in the Rook Islet World, which was not at all smaller than the city outside the large sect.

Liang Wensu originally planned to settle down in the White Horse City, but the sense of crisis in his heart came again. He immediately listened to the voice in his heart and changed direction, and came to the complicated terrain of the White Horse Mountain.

No matter who gave him a sense of crisis, his strength hadn’t recovered now and he wouldn’t end well if he fought directly. The best choice was to sneak into the White Horse Mountain. At that time, both sides would be in the dark, and it was not certain who loses and wins.

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