Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


Translator: Mimi

Liang Wensu knew nothing about Su Wenliang’s psychological activities and he asked coldly, “What’s the important matter in the Devil Palace today?”

Everyone fell silent.

Liang Wensu glanced at the two people sitting in the most front after him. The one sitting on the left side was Gu Hongxuan. This person had a gentle appearance, but his method was really a lot. He was in charge of the massacring matter of the Demon Palace, everyone who fell into his hands doesn’t have good ending. He appreciated Gu Hongxuan’s vicious style, which was in line with his temperament, so he took more care of this younger generation.

And the one sitting on the right side was his private exclusive alchemist He Junqian. Although he looked twenty-five or twenty-six years old, his actual age was already over two hundred years old. His own strength was not strong, up to now, he was still only a middle-stage Core Formation cultivator. But his concocting pills technique was number one in the Devil Palace, and was well-known in the entire Rook Islet World.

He Junqian was the person he wanted to befriend before he became the Palace Lord. At that time, they grew up together. When he was planning to be the Palace Lord, He Junqian also contributed a lot to him, and now he had provided him with a large amount of middle-grade and high-grade medicinal pills.

His eyes was a little warmer when his sight swept past these two people, but after seeing the other hall masters below, a faint sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He believed in the law of the jungle. If the news of his injury got out, these servant dogs crawling under his feet would turn into ferocious hungry wolves and tear him to pieces. Just like the previous Palace Lord back then, not only his own miserable death, but also his family members who were exterminated, so that there would be no future troubles.

They were all devil cultivators and their thoughts were similar. Devil cultivators were not decent and were despised by other cultivators. It was also related to the cruel environment of the high was stepping on the low in the Devil Palace.

Liang Wensu slowly closed his eyes and heard a low and old voice coming from a distance away from him. It was the voice of Hall Master Wang. He and Hall Master Li were in charge of the defense of the Devil Palace.

He said, “Recently, the righteous path people have been sending people to attack the periphery of the Devil Palace, intending to break into the Yan Yuan Devil Palace. We believe that this is another battle between righteous and devil cultivators. Ask Palace Lord to strengthen the defense of the Devil Palace and add more manpower around you.”

Hearing this, Liang Wensu raised his eyes to look at him. Hall Master Wang was now four hundred years old and he was still a late-stage Core Formation cultivator. He had not many lifespan left. He usually conducted himself in an inflexible and serious manner. Liang Wensu fed up with this kind of person the most, but such a person was the most preferred subordinate candidate, even Liang Wensu was no exception. He knew that Hall Master Wang’s words must be true.

In the past, Liang Wensu could detect that something was wrong outside the Demon Palace without anyone reminding him. But he was seriously injured a year ago, and most importantly, in order to escape, he forcibly burned his origin life blood, overdrawing his life and strength, to the extent that he became sluggish and insensitive.

Thinking of this, Liang Wensu nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, let’s deal with it according to what Hall Master Wang said. Nearby my devil palace, add three hundred devil guards and one hundred shadow guards.”

Everyone was shocked. They originally doesn’t care much about Hall Master Wang’s words, because since ancient times, righteous and devil doesn’t coexist. There had always been many searches and attacks on the Devil Palace by the righteous sect people, but this Palace Lord had never cared. However now, he actually mobilized so many people to protect himself, could it be…

They each had their own guesses in their hearts. Liang Wensu sneered, under the powerful pressure of the almighty Nascent Soul, those guesses in the bottom of their hearts were in vain. Everyone was not happy in their hearts, but thinking of this person method, they all fell silent tremblingly.

Liang Wensu closed his eyes as if resting. After Hall Master Wang took the lead in speaking, other people also stated today’s matters in an orderly manner.

Liang Wensu tapped his index finger at the side of the seat, replying to everyone’s statements.

Today was still mostly miscellaneous matters and Su Wenliang also listened half-sleeping. He was even less interested in these matters, but he couldn’t be as deaf ears as Liang Wensu, as he knew that Liang Wensu’s time was numbered. He currently shared the same body with Liang Wensu and he doesn’t dare to imagine if this body died, whether he would return to modern society or not.

Su Wenliang had always believed that death was death. Even if there was a so-called reincarnation, but after reincarnation, it would be another person, not himself.

He was able to come to this world, perhaps because he died suddenly when he was out to do a task. So even if the body he transmigrated was a villain BOSS who committed all kinds of crimes and killed people like flies, for Su Wenliang, this was a second life he had earned. He would work hard to survive and manage this life. And those who were a threat to him, although he couldn’t do anything to them, it was okay to add some trouble.

Just like He Junqian, he took advantage of the time when the original owner was meditating to go to his sleeping quarters and ordered him to make over ten thousand of middle-grade medicinal pills overnight, so that he would have no time to be a spy, and he would be a bit safer.

Almost all the hall masters in the main hall reported their respective work, and finally it was the turn of Liang Wensu’s two confidants.

Gu Hongxuan said calmly, “A few days ago, the traitors captured by the Devil Palace’s subordinates have confessed the people behind them and three of them are disciples from the Heaven Spread Sect. The Heaven Spread Sect sends people to inquire the news of the Devil Palace all the year round. The reason why they are exposed this time is in order to desperately save the member of the Sikong clan. They fell into our trap and captured them all in one go. The remaining four people all said that they are worked for the hall master of the Devil Palace who hidden his face anonymously and they also followed the arrangements of the people above. I believe that the existence of these people has shown that among the eighteen hall masters in the Devil Palace, there is a spy from righteous sect cultivators.”

After his words fell, the audience was in an uproar. Liang Wensu’s originally closed eyes widened a little. For him, this was shocking news.

The eighteen hall masters were the most important subordinates around him, and the one with the least seniority was someone who had held the position for over a hundred years.

But now, he actually learned that among these people, someone was a spy. If it was true, this person was at least in an important position in the Devil Palace, lurking for more than a hundred years. He was not discovered until today, which showed that this person was extremely cautious. He had never been discovered for so many years and pretended to be a real devil cultivator, so he must have some conspiracy.

Liang Wensu’s heart tightened. His strength was not good at this moment. If someone conspired with outside cultivators at this time, he would definitely not have a good ending. Just refer to the previous Palace Lord. His hostile eyes swept over everyone in the hall one by one, trying to find that spy, but there was no trace, and the situation was dangerous.

Su Wenliang had long been knew about this, so he was not surprised. He still had the leisure to pay attention to Gu Hongxuan in front of him. This person was completely different from when he faced himself alone in private, he became much more decent and reliable. But even so, it couldn’t change the rogue nature of this person.

Su Wenliang’s sight fell on He Junqian. At this moment, his face seemed to be more gloomy than before. He sat quietly, but Su Wenliang knew that he was also surprised in his heart.

This was the spy that Liang Wensu wished to get rid of quickly. After Liang Wensu was killed, he immediately took off his black devil cultivator coat and turned over to become a great disciple of the prestigious righteous sect Pill Cauldron Pavilion. It was quite famous in the cultivation world. Even because of this matter, he became a well-known figure among the younger generation. In the middle stage of the novel, he and the male protagonist Bai Jingchen became friends. The two left the Rook Islet World and went to the higher realm Age River World with their respective sect members.

Su Wenliang frowned as he recalled the plot. He had almost recalled the plot in the past year. If it really not urgent, he didn’t think much about it. But the known plot had been thoroughly chewed by him and with his deducing, he relatively understood the plot in the novel thoroughly.

Therefore, he knew very well that what Gu Hongxuan said now didn’t happen in the plot, because there were so many descriptions in this section. Liang Wensu doesn’t know the spy who harm him until the moment of his death. He wished to crush He Junqian to ashes, but his great power had gone, and finally he died unwillingly.

So, what’s going on now?

Su Wenliang glanced at He Junqian and Gu Hongxuan, and saw the curve at the corner of Gu Hongxuan’s mouth that seemed to be a smile yet not a smile. Su Wenliang was enlightened and instantly realized that it was Gu Hongxuan’s doing.

He had long knew the details of He Junqian’s actions. In the plot, he simply concealed his plan, and the reason why Liang Wensu fell from an almighty devil cultivator to a prisoner in an instant, was naturally his handiwork.

But now, he chose to speak out, the plot had changed and Liang Wensu would definitely notice it. He was suspicious by nature and would definitely do something to solve the current crisis. But Gu Hongxuan was inadvertently alert an enemy and the future progress was already unpredictable.

Su Wenliang had some expectations. Although he doesn’t know the purpose of Gu Hongxuan’s actions, from the current point of view, such progress was obviously beneficial to him.

Liang Wensu frowned and looked at everyone. Under everyone’s stammering and ambiguous eyes, he chose to raise it high and put it down lightly of the attitude, saying, “Is this matter already certain?” He asked Gu Hongxuan in this way.

Gu Hongxuan was a man with extensive experience and saw his attitude, so he said ambiguously, “It’s not ruled out the suspicion of these people making false testimony. They intend to divide the relationship between Palace Lord and the hall masters. I’m willing to make a clear determination of this matter for Palace Lord, and then report it to Palace Lord.”

Liang Wensu nodded in satisfaction. Now was not the time to expose it and he already had an idea in his heart. He would rather believe that someone really wanted to harm him, so he chose to stay vigilant instead of attracting others’ attention and simply attack with all his might.

He calmly said, “Since that’s the case, then I leave this matter to you, Hongxuan. You must thoroughly investigate this matter. If there is nothing else, let’s dismiss today meeting.”

Everyone replied in unison, “Yes, respectfully see off Palace Lord.”

Liang Wensu got up and strode towards the sleeping quarters. The existence of that spy made him uneasy, and his actions today were different from the past, showing some clues.

Most of the eighteen hall masters of Yan Yuan Devil Palace were cunning and ruthless people. Before tomorrow, they would definitely do something, either to probe or to make a real move. This place was no longer safe. He would leave the Devil Palace immediately, just tonight!

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