Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


Translator: Mimi

Su Wenliang walked towards the sleeping quarters. The Devil Palace where the villain BOSS Liang Wensu lived was in the most remote corner of the entire Yan Yuan Palace. Everyone in the Devil Palace knew that their palace lord Liang Wensu liked the cool and humid environment the most.

And after Su Wenliang transmigrated into this body, he was indeed more accustomed to live in this kind of environment, instead of liking warmth and sunshine like other transmigrators.

Su Wenliang’s footsteps were not in a hurry. He walked on the floor polished by the whole black jade without making the slightest sound. There were almost no outsiders here, because Liang Wensu doesn’t like outsiders and crowded environments. It was especially serious in this recent year. Sometimes, he would even kill all the guards outside his devil palace because of the slightest noise from the guards.

This also led that there was no one else around Liang Wensu’s sleeping quarters except for the two symbolic guards at the doorway.

When he was about to walk to the door of the sleeping quarters, there was no one guarding here, because the guards had dispersed by Liang Wensu earlier.

And just as he entered the door of the sleeping quarters, he felt a familiar aura approaching his side. Su Wenliang turned his head to look at the person who came. After seeing the gentle and innocent expression on the other party’s face, the veins on his forehead twitched firmly.

The person who came saw his reaction and shrugged his shoulders. The original dandy action, when he did it, became a bit more wanton and natural. He said, “I see that there is something wrong with Palace Lord today, so I come here to be considerate and show care. But I didn’t expect.” He looked at Su Wenliang’s expression. His words became meaningful, as he said with a smile, “I didn’t expect that the other person who appeared would be you, Palace Lord.”

Su Wenliang’s heart skipped a beat and calmly went straight to the couch and sat down. During the walk just now, he already covered in cold sweat because of the pain, and he almost couldn't stand steady at this moment. But in front of this person, he had to deal with it well.

Su Wenliang raised his eyes and said, “Hall Master Gu, remember your identity. I don’t want anyone else to know about this matter.” The person who came was Gu Hongxuan, the Hall Master of the Asura Palace Hall in charge of the battlefield in the Devil Palace, and he was also the ruthless villain BOSS who was about to kill himself.

He couldn’t show the slightest timidity, otherwise, he would be ruthlessly suppressed and tortured by the other party.

The corner of Gu Hongxuan’s mouth curled into a playful smile and he replied with a smile yet not like a smile, “This’s natural, such a fun thing, how could I tell outsiders? Palace Lord?”

Su Wenliang sneered in his heart. This was the subordinate who supported by the original owner, raising the unfamiliar thankless wretch. Without the original owner’s knowledge, Gu Hongxuan had broken through the late-stage of Core Formation and became a Nascent Soul cultivator, otherwise he wouldn’t have defeated the original owner in the end and successfully got the position of the Palace Lord of the Devil Palace.

Su Wenliang couldn’t help but feel chills when he thought of the original owner’s fate of being cramped and skinned by Gu Hongxuan, his blood made into talisman blood, his bones made into the spiritual tool, and no bones left in the end.

Su Wenliang lowered his eyes, hiding the fear in his eyes. This person would kill him sadistically in the near future, how could he not be afraid of this. But now, at least, he still had an advantage. He said calmly, “You came to my devil palace in the dead of night just to mock me?”

Gu Hongxuan immediately shook his head. He tilted his head and asked in confusion, “I came this time just because I haven’t seen Palace Lord for many days and miss you very much. How can Palace Lord say to be mocking? Could it be…” He took a step and walked in front of Su Wenliang in the blink of an eye, directly touching Su Wenliang’s chin with his strong and warm knuckles, lifted his chin in a frivolous posture. He leaned over close to his ear and whispered, “Palace Lord, you haven’t been with me for many days, so you feel strange. That’s my fault.”

Su Wenliang secretly gritted his teeth and pushed him away with a wave of his sleeve. Although he was now occupying Liang Wensu’s body, he had no memory of cultivation, and the only few techniques he learned were from observing Liang Wensu’s use of it. But these were absolutely impossible for him to deal with Gu Hongxuan who was also a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Therefore, in the past six months, he had always been at a disadvantage in the dealings with Gu Hongxuan, and this person had even become more and more rampant in private, such as today’s frivolous behavior had recently become the norm.

Su Wenliang said coldly, “It’s not early. Hall Master Gu, you had better go back as soon as possible.” Then he turned around and directly went to the inner room of the sleeping quarters.

Gu Hongxuan muttered behind him, “Palace Lord is always indifferent no matter when.” Then he turned around and left unwillingly.

Su Wenliang stood on the spot for a while before his feet immediately softened and directly collapsed on the floor. He had long accustomed to the feeble state of this body after a year he had transmigrated into this body. After his secret investigation, he learned that Liang Wensu was seriously injuring when he went to the Age State Secret Realm alone a year ago. He should have the Closed Door Training to repair his body, but he had a lot of thoughts. Although he was notorious for many years, but there were more enemies. He didn’t have anyone he could trust, so he didn’t dare to release the news of his injury. He couldn’t even do the Closed Door Training to self-cultivation in the past few years, because the people with aspirations would find out that he was seriously injured at the moment.

Thus, Liang Wensu dragged his crippled body, and every day, just like in the past hundred years, killed enemies and disciplined his subordinates during the daytime, and at night, he would meditate and get a night’s rest.

Su Wenliang could only use the original owner’s body when the original owner was meditating. At first, he used it frequently, but over time, afraid that Liang Wensu would discover something was wrong, so Su Wenliang immediately refrained from scouting out the Devil Palace, and only at special times would he used the original owner’s body to do his own matter.

Just like the action to rescue the female protagonist tonight and the attempt to kill Gu Hongxuan half a year ago.

Half a year ago, he finally got a chance to kill Gu Hongxuan thoroughly. When he led Gu Hongxuan to a remote corner and planned to get rid of him quickly, he found he couldn’t touch him at all. In the end, he could only let the opportunity pass and saved him and given favors on him, making him heal faster.

This was Su Wenliang’s risky move. How could he not know what he was doing now? It was raising the enemy who was plotting against him. However, if the plot allowed to develop, the final ending would definitely not change. Rather than the end up with no bones left, it was better to try another way.

Su Wenliang raised his energy and got up and then staggered back to the secret room. He sat on the lotus flower treasure seat and slowly closed his eyes.

A quarter of an hour later, Liang Wensu opened his eyes, while Su Wenliang stayed in his body peacefully, looking at the outside world through Liang Wensu’s eyes.

Liang Wensu took out a bottle of the medicinal pills from the storage bag at his waist and fed it all into his mouth. He walked to the short table on the side of the bed and picked up the spiritual pot and drank it.

After taking the body-replenishing medicinal pills and drinking the spiritual spring water, his complexion turned from purple to pale, and the numerous internal wounds inside his body were repaired at the surface.

Liang Wensu thought of his trip to the Age State Secret Realm a year ago, his heart was full of hatred for those people. This was the biggest crisis he had encountered since he cultivated. The enemy’s strength was much higher than his. If he doesn’t go all out for escaping at risk of his life, they would definitely capture him back. It costed his origin life blood to escape. He would absolutely not return to that hell again.

Liang Wensu closed his eyes tightly to calm down his fluctuating emotions. When he opened his eyes again, he returned to being the cold-hearted Palace Lord of the Yan Yuan Devil Palace.

Liang Wensu himself was a man who doesn’t have a strong desire for power. He was even tired of the affairs of the Devil Palace. But he was alone, without a clan, without a teacher. He crawled out of such a hellish abyss and worked hard to cultivate his own power, became the first important thing for him to enter the Rook Islet World.

He chose the Yan Yuan Devil Palace in the Rook Islet World because this was the number one devil palace in the Rook Islet World and the largest devil cultivator sect. He was vicious and ruthless, he didn’t like the way of righteous path people, so he naturally joined the devil palace.

He went from an ordinary inner sect disciple of the Foundation Building to the Nascent Soul cultivator after three hundred years. When the former Palace Lord of the Devil Palace was seriously injured, he killed the other rebel hall masters, and then killed his nominal master, became the new Palace Lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace.

The law of the jungle, that’s all.

Liang Wensu went to the meeting hall. Although he didn’t like these miscellaneous affairs in the Devil Palace, he would handle the things that should be done. He could climb from an inner sect disciple to the current position of the Palace Lord, his own strategy and tactics were not lacking.

When he came to the main hall, the lower seat was already full of people. The eighteen Hall Masters of Yan Yuan Devil Palace gathered here, and no one dared to be absent, because everyone in the Devil Palace knew that the current Palace Lord’s temper was the worst among all previous generations, anyone who touched his brow wouldn’t survive that day.

Su Wenliang was inside Liang Wensu’s body, and through his slightly narrowed eyes, he looked at the people present. During this, his sight lightly swept over Gu Hongxuan’s body, and then fixed his gaze on the Hall Master of the Medicinal Pill Palace Hall, He Junqian.

This was also the subordinate who supported by Liang Wensu. He had a slightly gloomy appearance and expressionless face all year round. He seems to be the most loyal to Liang Wensu, but in fact, he was the direct disciple of Su Jingsheng, the Nascent Soul elder of the Pill Cauldron Pavilion of the largest alchemy sect in the Rook Islet World. He was the biggest helper of the righteous path sect who was lurking in the Devil Palace. And he was also the main culprit who finally urged the people in the Devil Palace to rebel and plotted the righteous path people to chase to kill Liang Wensu.

When Su Wenliang saw him sitting there with a paralyzed and indifference face as usual, a trace of viciousness flashed in his heart.

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