Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 1

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Chapter 1


Translator: Mimi

In the desolate and deathly still atmosphere, there was a strong, almost sticky smell of fishy blood. Human heads were easily taken off one by one. This was the hell on earth, the Yan Yuan Palace Abyss in the Rook Islet World.

The man sitting at the top was wearing an ancient black robe. His complexion was pale and almost sickly. Under the dim candlelight, his feminine and handsome facial features danced with the candlelight, and the light and shadow flickered on and off.

His appearance was very outstanding. Even in the cultivation Rook Islet World where beauties were everywhere, he could be called a rare handsome man. But few people would notice his appearance, because his identity as the almighty Nascent Soul stage and the fierce look between his brows, made people didn’t dare to look directly at his face.

When the last wailing sound ceased, the man’s closed eyes slightly opened. His gaze fell on the floor of the main hall stained red with human blood, and he said without emotion, “Clean it up.”

Several men sitting below him immediately cupped their fists and said yes.

The man seemed to be fed up with the scene in front of him, when a rough man below called, “What should I do with that woman?” He frowned, stood up and waved his hands, meaning, ‘Leave it to you.’

Everyone immediately responded and said in unison, “Respectfully see off, Palace Lord.”

The man walked slowly down the dim corridor. This was where the Devil Palace was located. It shrouded in poisonous mist and purple smoke all year round. Even the sunlight could barely shine through.

He walked back to his sleeping quarters with steady steps. He waved his sleeve to let the guards leave and then stepped into the sleeping quarters. The door automatically closed with a “bang”. His footsteps staggered and immediately fell to the floor unsteadily.

Blood oozed from the corner of his mouth, a few traces of resentment flashed in his long and narrow phoenix eyes. His mood was frivolous, obviously in a state of furious.

After he suppressed his anger, he slowly got up and walked unsteadily into the secret room. He sat on the white jade lotus seat and meditated to repair his damaged body.

When his soul sank into cultivation, he opened his eyes again.

A pair of warm and gentle eyes replaced the phoenix eyes that were originally cold at all times, and the lingering baleful look between his brows was showing a faint bitterness at this moment. He couldn’t help letting out a long sigh and said, “That woman just now was the female protagonist. It’s time for me to work.”

After saying this, the man stood up as he felt the crazy pain coming from his whole body didn’t ease in the slightest. But he knew that time was urgent now. If he doesn’t rush there as soon as possible, the female protagonist would definitely fall into the plot and being LJ by others. As a result, completely offending the female protagonist because of this incident, and it was simply courting death to oppose the male protagonist and female protagonist of the novel.

· LJ (lick job) – the female equivalent of a “blow job”.

Of course, even if it wasn’t because of this, the current female protagonist was only a fifteen-year-old child. In modern times, she was only a female student who had just entered the third year of junior middle school. She shouldn’t end up in such a miserable end. Although he had become ruthless after living in the apocalypse for three years, the normal three views were still there.

As he stood up and walked out pretending to be the original owner, who was looking disdainfully at all living beings, he couldn’t help recalling in his mind how all this happened.

His name was Su Wenliang. He was a surgeon before the apocalypse. He had a prominent family background and graduated from a prestigious school. He had a background and strength, his life was basically smooth.

The biggest accident in his life was the sudden zombie apocalypse, but he was much stronger than other ordinary people. A doctor was a popular profession in the Apocalypse and he never lacked the crystal nucleus stuffed by other ability users. His father and older brother were also in charge of the survivor base, and no one would attack him recklessly. He was a person with mental ability and his own strength was not weak.

Under such circumstances, he couldn’t figure out why he would suddenly transmigrate to this novel world.

That was right. When he went out to do an S-level difficult task, his eyes suddenly went dark, and when he opened his eyes again, he saw hundreds of people kneeling in front of him, wailing and begging for mercy.

He wanted to retreat in surprise, but his body didn’t listen to him at all. After going through countless scenes of purgatory on earth, he knew from some details that he had transmigrated to a relatively unpopular cultivation novel, 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》.

He entered the body of Liang Wensu, the cruel and bloodthirsty early stage villain BOSS in the 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, who killed people like flies.

Unlike other transmigrators, he couldn’t even fully control this body, because the original owner was still alive. He could only get the right to use this body when the original owner was meditating.

Because he didn’t fuse with the original owner’s memory, he was unfamiliar with this novel world. The only way to understand it was through a few lines of description in the novel.

He cautiously took advantage of the opportunity when the original owner was meditating and secretly inquired about the terrain and information here. In the novel, it mentioned briefly many plots that have nothing to do with the male protagonist. Even if the original owner was the early stage villain BOSS, the real description was only a few sections.

And this 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》 novel. He only read it when he was idle and bored in the second year of the Apocalypse. At that time, only half a book was published. Because the Apocalypse came and all orders broken, the author of the novel had long disappeared.

When this novel serialized on the website, it was not very famous. Su Wenliang chose this one among many novels, just because his younger male cousin suddenly said that the name of the villain BOSS in this novel was the same as his own name after the name was reversed, so he read it to look.

He just flipped it over casually, basically looking at ten lines at a glance, and just glanced over many plots without reading it carefully. If he had known that he would transmigrate to this novel, he would definitely read it repeatedly like a textbook, and even spent countless crystal nuclear to publish a task on the announcement board of the base, which was to find the author of 《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》, and then made him writing this novel to complete.

However, there was no if in the world. Su Wenliang sighed and turned a corner to reach the outside of the darker dungeon.

《Three Thousand Great Wildersness》 was a cultivation novel. The male protagonist’s name was Bai Jingchen. When Su Wenliang was reading the novel, he had a deep impression of this male protagonist.

In the novel, at the very beginning, it portrayed Bai Jingchen as an unlucky person. It was rare for the male protagonist to be like this. It was simply miserable.

However, the miserable and pitiful male was in line with the general routine of male protagonists upgrading novels. Su Wenliang doesn’t comment on this. But Bai Jingchen differed from the other male protagonists. His look was not handsome and threatening, but an extraordinarily gentle kind of handsome, with an indistinguishable sense of beauty and an outstanding temperament.

It was not until the last chapter the author narrated that Bai Jingchen’s original body was the Rouge Dragon who had exterminated long ago, and he was the only surviving descendant of the Dragon Race.

Rouge Dragon sounded full of feminine quality, and such a male protagonist with full attractiveness index and fully experience bully and humiliation was the main character of this novel.

Judging from the plot of the book, the male protagonist was a person who still maintaining a pure heart in the face of adversity.

According to the fact that the female protagonist’s clan had just exterminated, the current time was probably the beginning of the plot. That was, the male protagonist entered the Heaven Spread Sect and became an outer sect attendant disciple, and began the fifth year of the road of cultivation.

The current male protagonist was only sixteen or seventeen years old and had not yet got his first golden finger. Because of his weak spiritual root constitution, he couldn't draw spiritual energy into his body. It was not until a few years later that he accidentally got the cultivation method of the demon cultivator. Only then did he successfully draw spiritual energy into his body and become a cultivator in the Qi Refining stage. This was where the plot officially beginning.

There was no direct interest relationship between the male protagonist and the villain BOSS Liang Wensu, and the only enmity between the two was because of the female protagonist. Countless facts have proved that opposing the protagonist was courting death, so he must change the current situation.

The original owner had a tyrannical personality and liked to massacre. The reason he killed the entire clan members of the female protagonist was because Liang Wensu’s capable subordinate filed a complaint, saying that the female protagonist’s clan brother had humiliated him. The original owner was the most protective. He immediately sent a group of people to arrest the entire clan members of the female protagonist and handed them over to his subordinate for disposal. Thousands of lives disappeared in an instant.

And the female protagonist, as the only one who survived, naturally wanted to seek revenge on that subordinate and the original owner.

Su Wenliang was unwilling to have multiple powerful enemies, but he couldn’t directly kill the female protagonist to solve future troubles, because the important characters in the plot couldn’t be disposed by him. As early as when he first came to this world, he tried to kill the next villain BOSS who killed the original owner, but all his methods would be useless when facing the next villain BOSS.

The general plot couldn’t be reversed, he could only work hard on the small aspects and give some favors to the female protagonist. Most importantly, he couldn’t remain indifferent to the tragedy that would happen to the female protagonist. Therefore, he came to the dungeon, intending to send the female protagonist away, and ordered someone to take her out of this purgatory on earth. This was all he could do now.

Su Wenliang expressionlessly made plans in his heart. At this moment, he had already arrived outside the dungeon of Yan Yuan Devil Palace. He ignored everyone and walked in directly. The prisoners in the dungeon, obstructed by the Nascent Soul aura on his body, immediately retreated to the corner. He looked straight at the deepest dungeon where the female protagonist was and seen the men who were about to commit misdeeds against the female protagonist.

Su Wenliang felt disgusted in his heart. He felt such behavior was the most shameless. After the Apocalypse, most of the weak women became tools for venting desire because of the lack of strength. He saw too much and his heart was numb to it. But the female protagonist at the moment still had childish baby fat on her face. She was still a fifteen-year-old minor. She was crying, and she looks particularly in a difficult situation.

Su Wenliang couldn’t help frowning, and the aura on his body emitted out without restraint. Those people sensed it and immediately stopped their actions with trembling hands.

Su Wenliang set his sights on the female protagonist. Seeing that she was intact except for the dirty skirt, he knew he was not late and breathed a sigh of relief.

He waved his hand and directly ordered people to take these wild disciples out. When only he and the female protagonist left in the dungeon, he said coldly, “I will send someone to take you out of here. Xuan Daozi of the Heaven Spread Sect and the patriarch of your Sikong clan are bosom buddies. You can go to him.”

After saying this, he directly opened the iron chains on the female protagonist’s wrists and ankles. The subordinate beside him saw his signal, with hatred hidden in his eyes, acted accordingly and took the female protagonist out.

When the female protagonist passed him sideways, Su Wenliang looked down and saw that the female protagonist bit her lip until shedding a few strands of blood because of suppressing her hatred. This female protagonist was indeed unlike the protagonist in the brainless drama that was making a big fuss.

Su Wenliang turned around to watch the female protagonist being taken away, knowing that the female protagonist went away would definitely bring minimal changes to the progress of the plot. He couldn’t touch the main characters of the plot, so he only needed to change the plot a little every day. In this way, if it accumulated to the end, maybe it could change the ending of the original owner Liang Wensu, who betrayed by the people in the Devil Palace, being chased to kill by righteous path people, and tortured to death by the next villain BOSS.

Su Wenliang sighed helplessly in his heart. In the plot, the exact time of Liang Wensu’s death hadn't written precisely, but it was in a few years later. He knew the cause of Liang Wensu’s death, but he was powerless to change it.

This time he had been out for a long enough time and the original owner would wake up soon. It was time for him to go back to the secret room of the sleeping quarters.

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