Slowly Turning the Protagonist to the Dark Side

STPDS Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


Translator: Mimi

He Junqian’s complexion was more gloomy and pale than before, he clenched his fists tightly and said in a trembling voice, “Liang Wensu, we have known each other for three hundred years. Although I hate you to the bone, I don’t want to see you die with my own eyes. You have committed sins for so many years and your hands are covered with blood. Now that so many people want your life, you can’t escape. You should just surrender. Xuan Daozi of the Heaven Spread Sect said that he won’t ask for your life, but will only imprison you in the Arhat Temple and make you repent and atone for your sins, you…”

Hearing this, Liang Wensu interrupted him impatiently, “I have always regarded you as a confidant, it turns out you don’t understand me at all. I would rather die than become a prisoner.”

He Junqian’s whole body froze. How could he not know Liang Wensu’s thoughts, he was the most proud person, never willing to lower his head. He Junqian didn’t want to recall how many injuries he had suffered because of his temper in the past hundreds years.

Today, the reason why he said that was out of helplessness.

He lurked in the Devil Palace with a deep hatred, watching Liang Wensu’s methods from young to mature, from a little disciple in the Foundation Building stage to the current Palace Lord of the Devil Palace, leading the Yan Yuan Devil Palace in the Rook Islet World. During this period, he deliberately approached him with the purpose of gaining his trust.

But people were not plants. After all, they had been together for more than three hundred years. It could be said that Liang Wensu was the person who had been with him for the longest time in his life. He Junqian’s heart had long been confused and wavered.

Seeing that his eyes were dull, Liang Wensu directly walked past him to leave the cave. He Junqian stood there with no intention to obstruct him at all.

Liang Wensu stood outside the cave, he glanced around and said with a sneer, “Since you all here, why do you need to hide like scoundrel? Is this how the behavior of the famous righteous sect? Humph! A bunch of hypocrites!”

After his words fell, a group of cultivators appeared around him. Among these people, a young and fiery voice replied, “Bullshit! If it weren’t for Brother He and Spiritual Master Xuan Daozi’s insistence, do you think you can still stand here babbling? I just say this guy is ungrateful and he should be finished directly. Death ends all one’s troubles!”

Liang Wensu set his eyes on him. This was a teenager about eighteen or nineteen years old. He was still young, so the young were fearless. Liang Wensu’s eyes became dark and bloodthirsty when he looked at him.

And at this moment, the middle-aged man beside the teenager immediately scolded the teenager, “Qiheng, stop messing around, you don’t have a place to talk here, step down!”

The teenager called ‘Qiheng’ turned his body reluctantly and gave Liang Wensu a glare before being pulled down by the girl beside him.

Liang Wensu watched this farce coldly and estimated the number of people here in his heart. At a glance, there were about more than ten people. Although the number was not many, the leader was Xuan Daozi, the number one cultivator in the Rook Islet World. He was a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator with profound cultivation base. He was in the Closed Door Training and ignored world affairs these years, but no one dared to underestimate him.

And behind him were two middle-aged men, both of the Nascent Soul cultivation base. The man on the left was the man who stopped the teenager just now. He was Chen Yuanyi, the Heaven Spread Sect’s great elder from the Chen clan. He was old-fashioned and upright, and his strength was out of the ordinary.

The one on the right seemed to have a gentler and kinder temperament. This person was the current Sect Master of the Heaven Spread Sect. Although his cultivation base was slightly weaker, but his appeal and influence in the Rook Islet World was unparalleled.

When Liang Wensu saw these people, he felt a little funny in his heart. He even showed a smiling expression on his face. He was a dying person who was seriously injured and there were so many big shots who wanted to take his life. He felt another sense of satisfactory and he had no regrets in this life.

Seeing his smirk and thinking of his famous reputation in the Rook Islet World, everyone’s heart couldn’t help trembling. But when they saw his appearance covered in blood and stood unsteady, they regained a bit confidence, especially when so many powerful cultivators present, the stronger everyone’s confidence and they looked at Liang Wensu who had a clear unkindness in his eyes.

Xuan Daozi stepped forward and looked straight at Liang Wensu’s fierce eyes.

He was an old man who looked very old. He was now more than nine hundred years old. The lifespan of cultivators was longer than that of ordinary people and the Nascent Soul stage cultivator’s lifespan had reached about a thousand years old.

It was reasonable to say that Xuan Daozi had reached the moment when his lifespan was exhausted. But he had touched the threshold of advancing a few years ago and it was estimated that it would take another more than ten or twenty years to successfully break through the Nascent Soul stage and became the Break Space stage cultivator. So although he had gray hair, his cheeks were still rosy and he was full of energy.

Xuan Daozi shook his head and said, “You as the younger generation are not bad. You have strength and perseverance. You don’t lack of ruthless tactics and schemes. You are a good seedling to cultivate. It’s just a pity…a pity that you cultivated the devil path and went astray, even regard human life as worthless. The murder you committed is too heavy, sooner or later there will be such a day. You sent the Devil Palace’s people to kill thousands of lives of the Sikong clan for no reason. To this day, do you have remorse in your heart?”

Liang Wensu looked at the purple-clothed woman standing behind Xuan Daozi. It was a teenage girl. He had a good memory and knew that she was the orphan of Sikong clan. Facing Xuan Daozi’s question, Liang Wensu laughed out loud and said in a cold voice, “I only regret that I didn’t eliminate completely, so as to avoid future troubles!”

The crowd was in an uproar again and looked at Liang Wensu’s eyes that had become vicious. Xuan Daozi shook his head helplessly and said with a sigh, “It’s so…it’s a pity ah…it’s a pity…”

As he spoke, with a snap of his fingers, an ordinary beam of white light shot from his fingertips to Liang Wensu’s body. Liang Wensu clearly saw that white light was a small white sword, but with his current physical condition, he could only see it, but couldn’t dodge it at all. He could only watch helplessly as the white light attacked his abdomen. If he hadn’t tilted his body slightly, the small white sword would have directly shattered him Nascent Soul.

Liang Wensu saved his own little life, but his abdomen was wounded. That small sword was the strongest martial arts style Xuan Daozi cultivated. With just one move, it directly pierced Liang Wensu’s abdomen. The sword energy of the small sword also cut off Liang Wensu’s veins and the spiritual energy operation in Liang Wensu’s body became stagnant.

Liang Wensu was hit by Xuan Daozi’s movement and staggered unsteadily, and then immediately fell to the ground. He firmly swallowed a mouthful of blood in his throat, but the overflowing blood streaked across the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, his whole body was covered with blood stains. He sat down on the ground in dire straits. No matter how fierce his eyes were, he was no longer any threat to the people present.

Xuan Daozi looked at him and sighed again, “This is a small lesson for you. Righteous path cultivators won’t easily commit crimes and I won’t kill you personally. However, the injustice has the chief and the debt has the owner. Shang’er, the hatred of your Sikong clan, you will avenge it with your own hands.”

Sikong Shang who was standing behind him, raised her head in surprise, and then nodded excitedly after seeing Xuan Daozi’s encouraging eyes. She walked towards Liang Wensu, holding the sword scabbard in one hand and the sword hilt in the other hand, and then swung her sword to stab Liang Wensu.

Liang Wensu lowered his head, no one saw the crafty smile at the corner of his mouth.

When Sikong Shang’s sword stabbed towards him, Liang Wensu raised his hand to grab the sword blade. His hand was immediately cut by the sharp sword and the blood was flowing to the tip of the sword and dripped down to the ground. Before everyone and Sikong Shang could react, Liang Wensu jumped up suddenly.

Everyone came back to their senses from this unforeseen event and saw a familiar sword around Sikong Shang’s neck. She was now being contained by Liang Wensu in his arms.

Everyone was shocked. Xuan Daozi showed a cold expression for the first time and said, “Originally, I wanted to let you have a way to survive, but you are stubborn and ignorant. Today, I will do justice to get rid of you, this Palace Lord of the Devil Palace!”

Liang Wensu sneered and resolutely slashed the sword in his hand. Sikong Shang let out a muffled groan and the blood was overflowing from her neck. The wound was deep enough to show the bone. Liang Wensu was not a person who had tender and protective feelings for women. He tightly grasped Sikong Shang’s hand and said to Xuan Daozi, “Before I die, I can still find a beauty to accompany me. Even if I die, I don’t feel regretful. Right, Spiritual Master Xuan Daozi.”

Xuan Daozi was indeed not act against him so as to prevent harm to the innocent. But at this moment, Sikong Shang in Liang Wensu’s arms suddenly took a step forward. The sword in Liang Wensu’s hand immediately cut Sikong Shang’s neck and the blood almost spattered out.

Xuan Daozi knew that this was an opportunity and this time he was angry and worry. He directly took out his origin life magic weapon, the Black Sky Nirvana Sword, from his body. The sword was mixed with the fierce aura of ten thousand swords and attacked Liang Wensu.

Liang Wensu knew that he couldn’t escape this time, so he closed his eyes and waited for this death.

At this moment, a dark space in the midair of the White Horse Mountain suddenly torn apart and a black-haired man dressed in white clothes slowly walked out from the space crack.

His figure was tall and straight with some distinct handsomeness. His face wore a mask with white snake patterns. He lowered his head to see the situation below and only smiled lightly. Xuan Daozi’s sword light immediately turned into smoke, gradually disappearing into the air.

The Heaven Spread Sect’s people below were stunned for a moment because of this person who suddenly appeared. Liang Wensu opened his eyes and looked at him, but when he saw the mask on his face, his expression changed drastically. His eyes widened and he deeply frowned, as there was no trace of blood on his gloomy face. After being extremely surprised and frightened, he calmed down and laughed lowly.

No one knew why he was laughing, but the white-clothed man could see why he was laughing. A trace of uneasiness suddenly rose in his heart, as if the thing that had been firmly in his grasp was about to vanish in a puff of smoke in the next moment.

He hurriedly teleported to Liang Wensu’s front, but he only came in time to see the sarcasm and ridicule on his face. Immediately afterwards, there was a large explosion that shook the sky and a dazzling red light rose into the sky from the White Horse Mountain. Everyone around here was affected, their bodies were seriously injured.

However, after the explosion, the white-clothed man was still graceful with no dust on his body. He looked at the broken flesh and bones on the ground, decisively squatted down and picked up a bone, and then closed his eyes to sense the spiritual power of the bone.

After getting the result that made him full of anger, he cast his fierce eyes on the people of Heaven Spread Sect who were protected by Xuan Daozi.


On a remote forest path a thousand miles away of the White Horse Mountain, Liang Wensu who was covered in wounds, fell in front of a tree. The blood on his body trickled and he spit out a big mouthful of fresh blood, his body was badly damaged. This time he couldn’t even move a finger. He blinked hazily and finally his eyes went dark, completely lost consciousness.

And just when Su Wenliang was about to endure the pain to control this body, there was a sound not far away, following by clearly identifiable footsteps sound.

He vigilantly sensed it with his mental power and found that this was an ordinary person with strong skills, and when he used his mental power, this person had already approached him.

Su Wenliang slightly opened his eyes, resisting the extreme pain in his body, and through the seams of his eyes, he saw an exquisite and beautiful girl in coarse linen clothes.

Su Wenliang just assumed it’s a girl ^-^

The girl looked at him suspiciously, with a hesitant expression on her face. When Su Wenliang couldn’t suppress the blood in his throat and coughed the blood violently, the girl immediately stretched out her hand and gently carried him, heading down the mountain.

In a daze, Su Wenliang felt that his body was placed on the straw bed. Knowing that he was temporarily saved, Su Wenliang closed his eyes and sank deep into Liang Wensu’s body.

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