Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1605: How did you become one of the Rounds (top 13)?


A cold mist permeated the battlefield.

Crack splinter

Layers of ice materialized as the environment swiftly turned into tundra.

Soon, pillars of ice emerged where trees once stood. The icy region reflected the cold light of the moon.

Avrora stood proudly in her frosty domain. Her flowing golden locks couldn't hide the flame-like brilliance in her eyes. Those shimmering eyes told everyone that she isn't mortal.

She is Avrora, the Fourth Primogenitor.


Felix was stunned.

"An automaton capable of transformation?"

"Oh, that's the least of your worries."

Wu Yan grinned before he channeled magic power into Avrora.



That jolted Avrora into action. Her prideful look turned meek.

Felix doubted his eyes when he saw this drastic change in expression.

"Don't space out, go."

"Do-Don't order me aro-around..."

She protested in a small voice. She looked like a kid who was bullied and on the verge of tears.

Then, Avrora pulled a move that made Felix go wide-eyed.

A white tornado appeared.

The bone-chilling winds morphed into countless ice spears.


Felix gave his doll some mana.

Eliza raised its greatsword and slammed it down to create a cascade of water.

The water morphed into ice lances.

Then, the icy projectiles clashed in an intense manner.


Another surge of white mist froze all the ice spears into ice pillars.


The spears fell to the floor after turning bulky.


Then, a thin ice lance flew through the air and hit Eliza before anyone could react.


Eliza's head gushed water.

However, Eliza only retreated some distance away, the automaton wasn't defeated yet.

It appeared that the automaton used its ability to turn into liquid at the last second and avoid damage.


Wu Yan chuckled.

"You think you're going to be okay after turning yourself into water?"

Avrora read Wu Yan's mind.

Ice spikes appeared beneath Eliza.

The spikes crashed into Eliza.

Unsurprisingly, the doll wasn't affected by the ice spikes.

Eliza attempted to recover the wounds only to find ice crystals forming rapidly inside and throughout its body.


Felix cried out as he forcibly took control of Eliza's Magi Circuit.

In an instant, he made Eliza explode.

The water droplets congealed into Eliza once more.

However, Eliza's armor was missing a few chunks.

Eliza's water form stood no chance against Avrora's ice manipulation.

"Ice magic."

Felix growled.

"Jeez, how did you end up in the Thirteen Rounds with your skills?"

Wu Yan asked.

"You know Avrora can use ice powers and you still chose to use water skills against her? It's like you're asking to get countered."

Felix grinned.

"Fine, how about this?!"

Felix channeled magic power into Eliza and the sword turned into a morning star flail that went straight for Avrora.

Rather, it was aimed at Wu Yan who stood behind Avrora.

He wanted to hit the puppeteer.

With his second magic.

This act of breaking the 1 magic per doll theory didn't faze Wu Yan. He pursed lips before taking a stance. He stretched his hand out as if to catch the spiky metal ball.

The ball was coated in a sheen of magic power.

Then, the metal ball stopped in the air.


Felix cried out.

"You used Psychokinesis to control the metal ball?!"

Wu Yan used his nigh-infinite magic power and Psychokinesis to stop the ball.

Lifting a stationary doll's arm is already a hard task for normal mages.

Only those with magic power, trained skills, and capable mages are able to move dolls around with pure magic power.

Making an inanimate doll with pure magic is something only Magnus can do.

Keep in mind, Magnus only needed to control the joints of a light doll made of wood. It's not on the same level as Wu Yan who stopped a flying, heavy, spiky metal ball with Psychokinesis.

It's like he used paper to snuff out flames.

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