Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1604: There is no coming back

“Damn it! Damn it!!!”

Felix ran with his automaton carrying him. They zipped between trees and branches while rushing for the school’s gate.

With his identity exposed in front of his Committee and the school’s security team, good reputation and family clout aren’t going to get him off the hook.

Walpurgis Academy is like a self-governing entity.

Within the compound of the Academy, even if he’s the crown prince, he’s still going to get sent to the slammer.

Without a doubt, he is backed into a corner here, there is nowhere to hide.

He can only place his hopes on escaping the Academy and rely on his family's protection to delay punishment. When this whole crap blows over, he might be able to make a comeback.

That is his only option right now.

He really got screwed over this time. Even if he escapes, he will have to lay low like a prisoner. He would be living a life no different than that of a sewer rat.

"It's all because of that bastard!"

Felix recalled Wu Yan's smug grin with gnashed teeth.

"When did he suspect me? When was I busted?"

"If only I erased the guy when I had the chance!"

Felix continued running to the nearest walls of the Academy.

Felix is one of the top Rounds, as one of the thirteen strongest in the academy, his incredibly capable Automaton carried him as they shortened the distance between themselves and the exit.

Soon, they could see the Academy's walls.


Felix fired his magic power.

"I must escape now!"

Whoever tries to escape the Academy's compound will be met with punitive force from the guards.

However, with the guards, enforcers, and Disciplinary committee hot on his tail, it's now or never.


Felix roared.


Eliza received the magic power as she stomped powerfully, launching herself and Felix into the air.

Just when Felix thought he would land on the other side, a barrier stopped him in the air.

He smashed face-first into the barrier.


With a painful yelp, he crashed into the barrier.

The air distorted as chains flew out of the warped portals. The chains smacked Felix off the barrier and into the ground.


A column of water supported Felix before he fell.

His mortal body wouldn't have survived a fall from 20 meters in the air.


Felix wiped off the blood coming out of his nostrils.


Someone mocked him.

"I am surprised you're not bruised up from the crash. Your face is thicker than I had imagined."

"You again!"

Felix shrieked.

"Why are you always ruining my plans?! When are you going to mind your own business?"

"Good question."

Wu Yan answered.

"When your head is on the ground!"


Felix ordered Eliza to fire a magic. He charged her up with mana.

Eliza made a powerful leap once more.

Eliza flew around in the air by shooting water out of her feet.


Wu Yan touched Nagisa's shoulder.

"Nagisa, you're up!"


When she felt mana entering her shoulder, Nagisa finally reacted.

She mumbled with her hands clasped together.

"Come on, Avrora..."

Nagisa started shining in a blue sheen.

White mist filled the area as the temperature rapidly dropped.

The ground frosted over.

The ice started spreading. Eventually, it caught up to Eliza's column of water, stopping her.


Felix stopped spending mana.

Eliza fell after losing its magic power. Eliza resumed operation with her greatsword on standby.

Due to suddenly losing her power, the doll only got up after a few twitching movements. She stood up to see a blue doll-like figure hovering in the air.

The figure had blond hair and magic powers turned her hair into a myriad of colors toward the ends there. In fact, it's like her hair is iridescent with the brilliance of the polar lights.

However, her eyes had flames in them. That, coupled with her sharp, elf-like ears told her that this opponent was an incredibly beautiful and powerful one.

Her beauty is ethereal.

Her frosty smile threatened to freeze all the colors of the world.

Even Felix was stunned when he saw Nagisa's transformation. He stopped channeling mana, indicating a loss in tempo.

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