Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1603: Ample preparations

Charlotte and the battered Sigmund watch as a gorgeous automaton slowly unfurled her barrier. Then, another automaton released a mystical fog.

Space was twisted by the mystical energy.

A few individuals appeared from the portals.

The only guy who emerged wore a white shirt and black pants. He wore a sleeveless black jacket. His red eyes shone with a dark red glimmer that threatened to suck in unwary souls.

The other ladies wore white long-sleeved shirts that paired well with their red short skirts. The designer of their uniforms also made sure the ladies wore white knee socks. They looked like fashionable female knights.

Felix’s expression darkened.

Charlotte covered her mouth as she couldn’t hold back her excitement.

“Hmm? Are you moved to tears by my actions?”

Wu Yan asked.

“Although I wanted to see what the T-rex looked like when she is crying, my gentleman side called upon me to take action. I can’t say no to a crying lady after all…”

“You… stupid…”

Charlotte sniffled.

“I am not crying. Who do y-you think I am? I am Charlotte Belew….”

“That’s more like it…”

Wu Yan turned to face Felix.

“Anyway, it’s time to kick the bully’s ass. You made the princess of House Belew cry, you’re going to pay for that.”

Felix tried to use his signature diversion.

“It’s a misunderstanding, Mr. Wu Yan, Candy Doll is…”

“Charlotte? Yeah?”

Wu Yan interrupted him.

He clearly wasn’t buying Felix’s story. He grinned as if he was looking at a clown.

“When you’re shameless, I guess you can do anything you want.”

Felix paused.

“Think, isn’t it odd?”

Wu Yan scoffed.

“Why would Charlotte suddenly suspect you and set a trap for you? She always received your help and grace before.”

Felix grimaced.

“It was you?!”

“You got that right. I told everyone the Candy Doll was someone affiliated with the running of this school. I also told Charlotte that someone was out to use her. I suggested she set up this trap for you.”

Wu Yan explained.

“I did all this so the princess could see what hideous expression you had under that perfect mask of yours.”

“In other words, I knew from the very start that you were Candy Doll!”

Wu Yan shrugged.

“Please, stop this pointless charade.”

“You clown.”


Felix took that personally. He snarled.

“You knew it was him from the start?”

Charlotte asked.

“W-why didn’t you tell me?”

“Think about it.”

Wu Yan said.

“Your favorability of him was higher than me at the start. If i flat out told you, you would have distanced yourself from me.”

“So, you chose to get close and then slowly hint at his identity?”

Charlotte asked.

“So you could rouse suspicion?”

“In a way, I motivated you to find the problem, if you’re suspicious then your trust in me should become a non-issue.”

“Granted, it was a gamble. If you chose to believe this clown then I would have been screwed. Fortunately, you were smarter than that.”

Charlotte felt touched and apologetic at the same time.

He put so much thought into this.

“So you’re the source!”

Felix stared at Wu Yan. He inhaled deeply.

Then, he used his smug smile on him.

“But, what can you do?”

“I am the head of the Discipline Committee, I am also the eldest son of the Kingfort family.”

He spread his arms triumphantly.

“My family has ties with British intelligence agencies, we have powerful people in the Parliament. My father also took the spotlight as the trusted aide of the previous Queen, what can you possibly do about me?”

“Spread the news that I am Candy Doll?”

Felix laughed.

“You think anyone’s going to believe you?”

He looked at the first-year lady known as T-rex. He was someone who had a good reputation throughout the Academy.

“Without proof, who’s going to believe you?”

Felix looked at Charlotte.

“Charlotte’s Magic Circuits and the distinctive mark left by Gram, people are going to think she’s Candy Doll, not me!”

Wu Yan laughed.

“You’re smart. But you underestimate other people too much.

Felix frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“You laughed at Charlotte for uncovering your real identity while alone. You said that was naive.”

Wu Yan snickered.

“Do you think I am as easy as that?”

Wu Yan snapped his fingers.

Then, out of the woods, more than 30 individuals emerged.

“W-what the?”

Felix wailed.

“The Security team and the Disciplinary Committee?!”

The school’s defense and security team surrounded him.

A lady with glasses led the subjugation force. It was Kimberly!

“Felix Kingfort.”

She ordered.

“I hereby arrest you as the representative of the school. Security team, Disciplinary Committee members, seize him!”

“Sei-seize me?”

He looked around as he forced a smile onto his face.

“Wh-What are you talking about?”

“You’re not getting out of this one by playing dumb.”

Kimberly said.

“You confessed and there are more than 30 witnesses here. You’re not getting out of this one.”

“Everyone heard me?”

Felix looked at Wu Yan.

“You set me up!”

“I said I knew your identity from the start.

Wu Yan laughed.

“You think I was going to come here unprepared?”

“Felix Kingfort.”

The subjugation force surrounded him.

“Wear these handcuffs, I am taking you to jail.”


Felix gnashed his teeth.

“Don’t even think about it.”

His automaton grabbed him and made a beeline into the dark forest.


The subjugation force wasn’t sure whether they should chase without further orders.

“Trying to escape?”

Kimberly mobilized her men.

“Get him!”

The task force sent their dolls into the dark forest.

Charlotte hurriedly stood up. She looked like she wanted to chase Felix.

Wu Yan pressed down on her shoulder.

“I got this.”

Wu Yan received a nod from Charlotte.

He looked at Natsuki.

With a wave of her right hand, the five individuals disappeared without a trace.

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