Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1602


The sharp ice spear traced a line across the ground.

Charlotte saw the gleam glimmering off the spear in the moonlight’s rays reflected off the projectile.

Felix wanted to take her out.


Sigmund cried out.

Charlotte dived to the side.

The ice spear pierced a tree behind her.

It left a skull-sized hole in the tree.

Charlotte turned pale when she saw what could have happened to her head if she hadn’t dodged in time.


She looked up to see a figure with a cold blade in its hands.

The blade was aimed at her neck.


The sword hit something metallic.

Sigmund blocked the attack for Charlotte.


The dragon crashed into the nearest tree.

Sigmund lay in a pool of his own blood.


She looked at the assailant.

It was a female automaton with a sword that had a blade length of 1 meter.

It also had a shield and suit of armor obscuring the identity of the assailant.

The attacker had pink hair. She looked like a Valkyrie.

“Did you see that?”

Felix walked out with a victorious grin.

“She’s my Automaton, she’s Cannibal Candy, the one who devours Magic Circuit, she’s my ticket to the Satan title.”

Devouring the magic circuits of other automata?

Charlotte found it hard to believe.

Automata can only have one magic circuit.

It can’t have more than one type of spell equipped.

That’s the Theory of Magical Dissonance.

Felix said he’s gathering magic circuits for the Night Party.

Is there a way to circumvent the one magic circuit per automaton rule?

“Charl, you’re really naive…

Felix shrugged.

“You already fixed me out. But, you came here by yourself, you’re too careless.”

“You’re forcing me to do this…”

Felix growled.

“You’re forcing me to kill you…”

Charl looked anguished.

She wanted to believe that it wasn’t him. She just couldn’t believe that the person she trusted would be the killer.

Felix probably referred to this carelessly naive side of her.

“You helped me out, Charl…”

Felix raised his hand like a devil.

“After killing you, I am going to say you’re the Cannibal Candy and I killed you in self-defense. Then, I am going to take out your stored circuits as proof of your atrocity. Everyone will buy it.”


Felix looked at his automaton as he gave it more mana.

“I am the head of the Disciplinary Committee, everyone’s going to believe it.”

Felix’s automaton raised its arm as another ice lance formed.

“Kill her, Eliza.”

The automaton known as Eliza fired the lance


And then, Charlotte saw no more.

The last thing she knew was the spear drawing closer in her vision.

Should she thank that person or apologize to him?

It doesn’t matter, it’s too late now anyway.

She is just a naive girl in the end.

She closed her eyes as a drop of tears rolled down her cheeks.

She waited for her death.

This lance will end her by impalement to the heart.


The bloodied Sigmund roared as it could only watch the spear head for his master.


The spear hit something metallic.

Charlotte reflexively looked up to see splattered water dissipating in the air.

Someone had reduced the ice spears to smithereens

A translucent barrier protected her.

It was this barrier that protected her.

Charlotte needed a few seconds to process what just happened. Then, tears started rolling down her cheeks again.

She knew the owner of this barrier.

Charlotte also knew who saved her in the nick of time.

This person saved her butt again.


The familiar voice grumbled.

“Talk about a troublesome brat of a noble lady…”

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