Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1601: innocence

“Who goes there?!”

Felix turned around in shock.

“So, it’s you…”

A lady with blonde hair slowly walked into the moonlight rays that pierced the foliage above.


Felix gasped.


Charlotte caught Felix in the act.

Charlotte gave him a very disappointed smile.

“How I hoped it wasn’t you…”

Felix tried to play it cool.

“Charl, calm down, this is a misunderstanding.”

Felix took on a low tone.

Charlotte started crying as tears streamed down the side of her cheeks.

“Why…? You…”


Felix gnashed his teeth.

“Don’t you trust me?”

Charlotte gave him another heart-wrenching smile.

“Felix, don’t you get it?”

“Get what?”

Felix had a bad feeling.

“What’s there to get?”

Felix is still playing dumb despite being busted by Charlotte.

“When I said someone can reveal the last moments of the doll, that was a lie, it was a ruse to get you to move the evidence or attempt to destroy it. I saw your act of deceit and manipulation from the start to the end.”


Felix cried out.

“Y-You set me up?!!!”

“No, you were the one who started this chain of deceit first.”

Charlotte said with moist eyes.

“Isn’t that right?”

“Cannibal Candy…”

Felix knew the jig’s up.

Felix stored his shocked look away. He suddenly grinned as he stared straight at Charlotte.

“This is surprising…”

Felix praised while nodding his head.

“I didn’t think you would suspect me and even set a trap for me…”

“No, you set yourself up for this.”

Charlotte growled as he tried to hold back her tears.

“Felix, you tried to ask me out on dates because my Gram magic circuit left similar marks as the marks on the victims of your crime, right?”

Felix got close to Charlotte because he wanted to prey on her.

Due to how similar the effects left by their Magic circuits were, she was the perfect scapegoat for him.

Felix wanted to set her up to take the fall.

“I always stirred trouble with my attitude and people usually came after me for payback. However, you stood up to protect me and take care of me.”

Charlotte raised her voice.

“That was all just a ruse to get close to me, right?!”

“I didn’t set you up.”

Charlotte said as she tried to hold back her tears again.

“You wanted to make me take the fall, you wanted to trick me into your nefarious schemes…”


Felix covered his face while maniacally laughing.

“This is truly a mind-blower for me. I’d never think you could see through my schemes. I thought you were just a dumb bimbo who is dead set on the throne of Satan while being oblivious to people around you who are trying to hit you with a bat at the back of the head.”

“A foe…”

Charlotte backed away.

“You wanted to get rid of me to become the Satan? Is this how you’re going to weed out competitions?”

“No no no, you’re misunderstanding something. My Cannibal Candy isn’t about getting rid of just one foe.”

“It’s because my automaton can assimilate the magic circuit of the victims my automaton devoured.”

“You can use the magic circuits of the other dolls you ate?”

Charlotte covered her mouth to hide her exasperated gasp.

“This is all just preparations for the Night Party?”

“You got that right!”

“I need more magic in preparation for the day of the competition.”

“For that…”

Charlotte trembled.

“You destroyed so many Automata?”

“Satan is someone who can defeat the foes no matter the cost and no matter the obstacles…”

Felix sarcastically replied.

“Isn’t that your belief?”


That’s right.

To become Satan, to find her family, to redeem her family’s honor, and to return to the good old days her family once enjoyed.

That is why she chased after that title.

Charlotte stayed away from the other students because she didn’t want to get chummy with potential rivals.

She will overcome every rival in her way.

Felix is right in a way.

“I truly liked you, the part of you that wanted victory at all costs. Because I shared that belief as well.”

Felix closed his eyes as he fondly recalled something.

“Satan, I will get that title no matter what methods and trickery I have to hatch. What’s a few puppeteers and Automata in the grand scheme of things?”

“But, your annoying innocence is something I can’t tolerate.”

Felix gave her a frosty stare.

“You already resolved yourself to destroy everything in your way. Yet, look at yourself, you spared your enemies and their dolls while going easy on them even when you have Gram the demolisher. Your double standards disgust me!”

“Automata are not tools!”

Charlotte roared.

“They’re sentient!”

Charlotte lived with automata before.

She did her best to regain the dismantled Automata. She also did her best to find their circuits and Eve’s Hearts.

She did her vigilante searches for the Cannibal Candy because she just can’t stand the thought of someone out there destroying automata like it is just a part of normal life.

But, Felix laughed at her.

“That’s why I said you’re so loathsome. Your naivety, your lack of defense against people, even your belief in automata… It is all a fucking joke to me!”

“Even when you already suspected me, you still chose to confront me alone, you’re not even cautious, it’s so funny…”

An ice spear appeared from behind Felix. It shot in Charlotte’s direction…

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