Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1600: Sinister moves

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Anyway, without further ado here's the chapter. Oh, don't worry, I will make sure to finish translating at least SGS first. Might drop UAW and HF tho so if anyone wants to pick those two series up, go ahead.

Walpurgis Academy, main lecture hall.

On the second floor of the lecture hall, there is a slightly spacious area.

This is the office of the Disciplinary Committee. It is subdivided into the administrative office, the waiting room, and the meeting room.

The Disciplinary Committee had their office installed on the second floor of the main lecture hall.

Since this committee is made up of volunteers, the teachers and other high-ranking officers don’t usually check up on them. Nevertheless, as a student body looking after the disciplinary affairs of the students, the school can’t afford to be lax with supervision.

Giving them an office in the main building of the main lecture hall showed that the school cared very much about this student body.

In this manner, Disciplinary officers are said to be given special privileges.

After all, they’re the ones tasked with finding Cannibal Candy, the culprit behind the disappearances of various Puppeteers.

However, once they proved that it was Cannibal Candy who killed the students then the adults and the other security teams will take over the investigation.

The night descended as it shrouded the entire lecture hall building in darkness.

Felix is still working hard in the office despite it being dark.

The other students took this as just the usual sign of him working late into the night.

The other committee members bade him goodbye without saying much.

They did this because they knew he would work until the wee hours of dawn.

However, the students didn’t see Felix entering a certain area of the second floor after pausing his work.

Felix opened a certain door.

Inside the slightly messy room, the light from the corridor lit up the interior so one could peer inside.

There are miscellaneous items lining the dusty old shelves. There are also books, abandoned machinery parts, and a bunch of other junk.

On one of the tables, one could see multiple frames that were sitting on the tables. Those frames were metallic and humanoid in nature.

But, these husks of Automata are broken beyond salvation.

Some had their lower halves missing while some were torn apart at the center with gears and wires poking out of the holes.

Anyone who is weak in the stomach might be shocked to see these destroyed machines.

Felix looked at one of the victims of Cannibal Candy before musing out loud to himself.

“Can show the last moments of the dying automaton.”

If someone could do that then it would be a walk in the park to find out who did these atrocious deeds.

Cannibal Candy will no longer be able to hide on the campus.


Felix looked at the broken automata.

“I don’t know if that’s true or not but if there is even a slight possibility then I wouldn’t want to risk it.”

Felix grinned.

His usual friendly smile twisted into a creepy one.

“I can’t let anyone touch these dolls!”

Felix lifted up one of the evidence.

Walpurgis Academy outskirts, in a desolate part of the forest.


Felix was busy burying the evidence as he dug away at the ground. Then, he tossed his torch onto the pile of destroyed dolls.


Flames erupted as the pile of broken automata was set ablaze by Felix.

He watched as the dancing flames flickered in his cold unmoving eyes.

Soon, the flames died down as the automata were reduced to ashes.

Felix took out a bag and collected the ashes.

There was a stone slab beneath the pile of ashes.

He picked it up to dump the ashes in the disposal bag.

The Cannibal Candy is suspected to be someone with connections to the authorities.

The killer might also be one of the authorities.

Wu Yan said that in front of many students.

Now, with the evidence gone under the care of the Disciplinary Committee, it’s totally suspicious no matter how one viewed the incident. Wu Yan and Charlotte will probably come sniffing around sooner or later.

“But, what can they do even if they suspect me?”

“Will Charl suspect me? What can other people do about me?”

Felix had a sparkling white image in the school.

Even if someone found out that the evidence was destroyed, they would only believe Wu Yan more. Nobody would point their fingers in Felix’s direction.

This was the perfect getaway.


He heard a small sound from behind him.

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