Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1606: No escape. This isn't even my final form

What is the act of snuffing out flames with paper?

It is using pure magic power to freeze a giant spiky metal ball about half the height of a grown man.

His magic power is like an impossibly flame-retardant paper that contained the metal spiky ball no matter how the flames tried to rage out of control.

"Hmm? You want it back?"

Wu Yan laughed after seeing Felix's look of disbelief.

"Here, you can have it back."

Wu Yan's hand emitted a wave of magic power.

The morning star flew back into Eliza's body.


Eliza got pushed back dozens of feet before screehing to a halt like a truck had just crashed into her.

Crack, clatter

The armor finally shattered into pieces.

What was beneath her armor made Wu Yan raise an eyebrow.

"I see."

Felix gnashed his teeth.


"I mean, why don't you make Eliza turn into her liquid form again?"

Wu Yan taunted Felix.

"I thought you said your Automaton can use ingested spells. Go ahead, use the liquidification spell again."

Felix didn't answer him.

"Ah, you can't use two spells at once."

Wu Yan revealed a victorious grin.

"Not just that, your automaton can only use the ingested spell once. If you switch to another ingested spell the former would be lost forever."

"It seems like you can only use ingested spells a few times before you run out of charges."

"Am I right?"

Felix didn't break the one spell one doll rule.

He only made it so that it looked like he did. It's not surprising since most mages in this world still can't bypass it despite decades of research.

If he had truly found a way to circumvent this then the British empire would have used this technology and upgraded its military might into a world superpower.

Indeed, if he really achieved this then he wouldn't have suffered in an academy like this.

However, nobody's talking about his apparent ability to use two spells in one doll.

His doll's ability to ingest other abilities came with restrictions.

He can switch into them once and he had limited charges.

Those were the major disadvantages.

Magic circuits are expensive. To use them as bullets, even the Kingfort family would be bankrupt by this.

However, the ability is useful if given enough magic circuit as reserves.

After all, if abilities can counter each other, Felix could probably counter his way to victory by drawing on his copious repertoire of skills.

Felix took on the Cannibal Candy role to collect circuits.

"Collecting Magic Circuits before the Walpurgis Night battle royale. Then, before the concert starts, you would set someone up to take the fall in your place. Then, you can use all the spells you stored."

Wu Yan stared at Felix.

"You had a good plan. But, you didn't think Charlotte would doubt you and set you up. I guess a hunter can become a hunted, huh?"

Felix denied.

"Wrong, you're the reason why I failed. My plans didn't include you as the element of chaos. Otherwise, my plan would have gone without a hitch!"

"You wiped any hopes of me getting the Satan throne."

Felix gnashed his teeth. He had the look of a madman.

"Before I escape, I am going to kill you at least!"

"Kill me?"

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Man, I admire you, you can still say that at this juncture."

A wall of magic power erupted from Wu Yan.

"Hadn't you noticed it?"

Felix listened as Wu Yan ordained his defeat.

"I have 5 dolls. I've only been using one."


The magic power created sparks in the air. He infused some of that into Avrora.

"Even she isn't using her full power."

Felix watched in horror as Avrora shone brilliantly in a blue glow.


A giant gust of frosty air hit everything in the area.

Eliza also got hit by this power.

Slowly, Eliza turned into an icy statue.

Like a solid painting, Eliza was frozen inside an ice pillar.

Avrora clasped her hands together before pointing her index finger at the statue.

An ice pick pierced through the pillar.


Felix cried in horror.


The ice pillar containing his automaton got shattered into pieces.

With his doll completely gone, Felix lost any chance he stood at winning the Walpurgis Night.

And, he came to another horrid realization.

Without his doll, there is no way he is getting out of this Academy.

So, the slammer is likely his only place of return.

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