Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1953

Walpurgis Academy, deep in the forest in a part of the academy…

This is the training ground used by Wu Yan and Charlotte for sparring purposes.

It has been a while since it isn’t a desecrated ground full of holes and craters.

Wu Yan stood in the center of the field as magic rippled around his hands.

The magic seeped into a doll in front of him. The magic feelers didn’t steadily wrap around the doll. It was more like someone was trying to figure out how to manipulate the wooden doll.

That isn’t an automaton, it’s a doll made from wood.

The doll had wooden joints, no face to speak of, if forced to move, the doll would make clattering noises like a skeleton.

This is just a wooden doll without an Eve’s Heart.

It isn’t sentient and is, for all intents and purposes, nothing more than a wooden doll.

There is mana wrapped around the doll. The doll walked with an unsteady gait.

Without a doubt, Wu Yan was moving the doll.

This is Psychokinesis, a high-level magic that can use magic to force movement upon the target.

He is just moving the doll around.

This is part of training one’s own Machinart.

Automata can move around without orders. However, in a fight, the Puppeteer needs to do his job properly, puppeteering the automaton.

This training is beneficial to the Puppeteer. It served as a magic power training too since moving the entire doll without the automaton’s input consumed a lot of mana.

Nevertheless, this training isn’t for the novice.

Controlling a doll’s movement to the exact joint movement while maintaining stability required immense focus and the precise movements also consumed mana. The mental and magic burden on the user is unduly heavy.

This training needed someone skilled with conserving mana and knowledgeable on basic movement to attempt even the simple feat of doing arm movements.

Naturally, this isn’t something a student could do under normal circumstances.

Out of thousands of students, only about 10 or so can use Psychokinesis to move dolls around.

As for a student who can use a wooden doll to fight other automata, only an outstanding genius like Magnus can pull it off.

Wu Yan studied Psychokinesis under Kimberly.

He trained his skills using this method. He trained using a method he just learned yesterday.

Although rough, he could make the doll move around.

Anyone would be shocked by the progress he is making.

However, someone isn’t satisfied with his progress.

“Smoothen that control!”

Natsuki furrowed her brows upon seeing his superfluous controls.

“You have spells like the Dragon’s Breath and Awakened Titan Fist, these spells can change landscapes, don’t tell me you’re stumbling over a simple spell like Psychokinesis? Is this the best you can do?”

“Hey, cut me some slack, I just learned the spell yesterday.”

Wu Yan snapped while exerting more control over the doll.

“I am not a genius. I bought the 103,000 Grimoires. This is my first time controlling a novel spell.”

“So says the one with Eternal Arms Mastery, I thought you could use spells and battle skills like you know them your whole life? What was that about merging the heart, mind, and body? This should be a walk in the park for you.”


Wu Yan retrieved his mana as the doll fell to the ground with a smack.

“You do it if you’re so great at it.”

He gave Natsuki a portion of his magic power.

Natsuki didn’t even need to move her hands. She just stared at the doll as her eyes glowed blue.

Then, the joints of the doll shone dimly. With smooth moves, the doll picked up a bunch of stones. The doll flung the stones into the air.

Next, the doll leaped into the air. It punched the stones one after the other.

Boom bam bam bam

The stones shattered under the immense force of the doll.

As if that wasn’t enough, the doll did a backflip in the air before landing like an agile cat.

Finally, the doll ended its moveset with a one-leg standing two arms up stance that one would see in a corny Kung Fu show.

Wu Yan’s mouth turned into an ‘o’-shape.

“This might be high-level in this universe but Psychokinesis is a common magic back on Itogami Island.”

Natsuki explained as she hoisted her parasol up. She headed to the shades where the other four ladies were waiting for her.

“Anyway, hit the books harder, you need to get your Psychokinesis skills up to par so you can stop being a half-assed mage. Plus, we could use a bit of automation during our fights.”

Although the ladies can move around without needing his assistance. Improved control can lead to better combat performance.

Even the mere act of giving mana can use some improvement in technique.

When the mana is given an aggressive attribute, the doll can use fiercer moves.

When the dolls are given compressed mana, the dolls can bolster their defenses even further.

If he gives the mana a lighter attribute, the dolls can move faster.

If he chooses to make compact mana nodules, he can even give his dolls explosive bursts of power.

Tweaking the mana attributes can change the flow and outcome of battles.

This is why Wu Yan decided to go to class earnestly while doing his mission. It’s also why he chose to train Psychokinesis.

If he was his lazy self, he would have chosen to stay cooped up in his dorm sleeping all day.

“As expected of a witch, I can see why her mastery of spatial spells gave her the epithet of Demon Slayer.”

Wu Yan praised her skills.

“Looks like she is right, I need to up my skills.”

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