Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1592: hook me up with an Eve's Heart

Magnus is a year 4 student in Walpurgis Academy.

He stayed almost the entire academy period in this academy.

He climbed to the peak and became the best student the academy had ever seen. He is the one everyone expects to become Satan at the Walpurgis Night Party.

Might make right here.

The academy usually ignores the poor academic performance of capable fighters.

For students who excelled in their studies and had good fighting capabilities, the Academy showered them with privileges.

As the no.1 student, Magnus has a lab, his own mansion, and various other perks.

The lab came equipped with a machine to make automata.

Magnus devoted himself to studying and researching inside his lab whenever he wasn’t at an advanced lecture.

Magnus also made a trip to the Manufacturing institute with this in mind.

His squad of automata trailed behind him. He avoided the crowd as he disliked being followed by fans and other nosy people.

When he exited a small trail, he stopped.

A student blocked his path. His gleaming red eyes made him stand out with the setting sun heralding the rise of a lord of the night. His grin also made Magnus pause.

He met this guy twice before but he knows this guy isn’t as simple as he looked.

After all, it has been a long time since anyone made Magnus feel threatened by anything.

Wu Yan is a powerful fighter.

His aura also grew as the night approached.

It’s almost like he ruled the night with his aura of mystique and sinister darkness.


An automaton jumped in front of Magnus to protect Magnus. He made his doll move subconsciously as the sense of crisis kicked in before his rational mind could process the situation.


Wu Yan didn’t channel his mana, a bad move in front of someone who already charred his doll up for an attack.

“I see, your dolls can move without magic input, that’s quite a cheat-like doll you have there. A doll that can store magic power, certainly, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re using Banned Dolls…”

A tense mood rose when he said this.

Magnus got ready to fight as he channeled more mana.

He took this as a provocation.

After the first duel, the six dolls knew enough not to take this mysterious guy lightly.

After all, they messed up when Wu Yan managed to touch Magnus’ neck.

Banned Dolls are overpowered dolls that can move independently of their Puppeteers, temporarily bypassing the main weakness of doll users, the proximity needed for effectiveness. Dolls needed to be close to the source of magic power to effectively function, this meant the dolls couldn’t go too far away from the Puppeteer.

Eve’s heart granted sentience, not the ability to generate one’s own mana.

Banned Dolls used human parts for construction, usually the ash or skeleton of either dead or alive humans.

Banned Dolls can generate some mana due to their organic parts. This made them overpowered as they had a longer range and could act independently of their masters.

However, Banned Dolls can’t completely bypass this weakness. Their magic power reserves will run out in an intensive fight.

Needless to say, this went against conventional Doll construction and entered the realm of taboo.

“Mr. Magnus, need I remind you that you’re still not Satan, you’re not above the law and magician’s Code of Ethics…”

He snickered as if he could use this against Magnus.

“If somebody knows, your head could be on a chopping block…”

Magnus’ squad got ready to move.

Magnus replied.

“Your Dolls, they’re not with you.”

Magnus implied.

The squad of Automata slowly got into formation.

“My, you’re thinking about killing me to shut me up?”

Wu Yan gave him a mysterious smile.

“You can try…”

“I see…”

Magnus nodded.

“Your Squad, there is one with spatial teleportation, right?”

Wu Yan is slightly surprised.

“Oh, you know my plans?”

Magnus stared at him.

“What business do you have with me?”

“Well, i figured that the no.1 student and talented Doll Craftsman like yourself must have an Eve’s Heart around at all times, right?”

Wu Yan blurted out.

“Hook me up with one Eve’s Heart.”

Magnus thought about the offer before taking out what appeared to be a stone.

Magnus injected some magic into it.


The stone shone brightly before it turned into a light orb in his hand.

He tossed the light ball over to Wu Yan.

“If you will excuse me, I have something to do.”

Magnus left as he continued walking over to the Manufacturing Institute.

The squad of automata kept their eyes on Wu Yan as they prepared for any ambush by him. They only got out of formation when Magnus entered the guarded compound of his dorm.

Wu Yan examined the shining orb before shaking his head.

“What an odd fellow….”

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