Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1591: Obtained the Magic Circuit of Life

A Puppeteer is someone who can fight using an automaton. A mage with an automaton sidekick.

People who can create dolls are known as Puppet Craftsman. These are the people who make low to high-tier dolls. They are also the ones who can create Magic Circuits.

Although Walpurgis Academy is famous for nurturing Puppeteers. It is also a place for Puppet Craftsmen.

Crafting and Operating a doll requires different skills. The more eccentric Puppeteers also dabble in creating dolls.

Walpurgi set up the Craftmanship & Engineering course to cater to students who want to learn how to create dolls. It is also a place where one could understand what goes into making a Doll.

People who studied this course usually aimed to become a craftsman rather than a fighter.

The first academy year revolved around fundamentals regarding Puppeteer Magic. The Puppet Craftsman class is considered a specialization and it isn’t required for the first academic year.

However, if they wanted to take the specialization, nobody would stop them. After all, studying a specialization is like taking extra classes, teachers would love students like these.

Wu Yan checked out the Craftsman Institute.

The third round required him to obtain 1 million Eve’s Heart.

Eve’s Heart is a crucial component of an automaton.

Without Eve’s Heart, one couldn’t create a sentient doll. Only a lifeless high-spec mindless doll.

Teaching how to make automata must include the creation of Eve’s heart.

Wu Yan sent Natsuki, Ikaros, Astrea, Nagisa, and Kanon to eat at the cafeteria while he ran over to this institute to see if he could glean something from the lectures here.

Inside the Eve’s Heart, there is a magic circuit that grants life and sentience to the dolls.

It is also a highly versatile Magic Circuit.

Not only did it break the 1 Magic circuit per automaton rule, but it also gave life to lifeless dolls. In the hands of extremely skilled craftsmen, they can even make dolls that are very close to real humans, like dolls that can eat and bleed.

Things like respiration, perspiration, digestion, and even reproduction are theoretically possible.

Things really took off when the Eve’s Heart was invented.

The source of all life for automata.

Even today, much is unknown about the Eve’s Heart

For instance, no one has reverse-engineered the Eve’s Heart, they only knew how to replicate the heart.

There are Eve’s Heart clones all over various workshops. Copying one isn’t an issue.

If he wants to get a million of these things, he can:

  1. Rob it by killing other automata
  2. Buy it, which is the easiest way for him
  3. Lastly, make it himself

Killing 1 million sentient dolls isn’t his thing. Plus, it would garner too much attention and waste too much time.

For the second option, the open market presented a good option.

However, buying a million would still garner too much attention. Nations would be wary of some dude trying to buy a million hearts, they would suspect him of creating an army.

No way is he going to tell them that he is doing this to finish his mission.

Plus, they would probably dissect him if he revealed his otherworldly identity.

So, he has to resort to making 1,000,000 hearts himself.

Replicating should be easy and the technology to do so should be readily available at the Puppet Craftsman Institute.

He can borrow blueprints or borrow cloning facilities.

A figure emerged in his path. He was in a small alley.

That guy had 6 ladies with him.

They wore masks that covered their facial features.

The guy wore a coat and his silver mask gave him away.

He slowly walked to the Craftsmanship Institute.

Magnus’s appearance caused a smile to spread on Wu Yan’s face.

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