Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1594:

Today’s classes are physical training and magic history. Hence, Wu Yan decided to skip out on classes to do his own training.

After a day of training, he can emulate human movements with Psychokinesis.

This speed of learning is outrageous.

Even Magnus didn’t start out this good and improved so fast at first.

However, compared to Natsuki’s version where she made the doll jump up and hit rocks in the air, this is still poor in comparison.

Her Psychokinesis mastery would go unmatched not just in the Academy but in the whole world.

If that wasn’t astounding as it is, she can do this without the training needed.

As a witch, she is talented in magic. Her talent was behind her ability to make dolls do superhuman moves with just pure skill and magic power.

Wu Yan cheated his way here. He had the highest-level magic power cultivation method and he had his boundless magic knowledge backing him up along with Eternal Arms Mastery. Moreover, his True Ancestor nature also boosted his magic affinity. This is why he can learn Psychokinesis at godly speed.

Before he started his cultivation journey, he was just another Joe, waiting for the next meal, sleep, and death like an Otaku faithful to his role in life.

When school is almost finished, Wu Yan exited the woods with the ladies who had fun playing around the entire day. They headed for the cafeteria.

Loud noises caught their attention.

“What’s going on over there?”

Nagisa noticed the commotion first.

Students gathered around something to form a human wall.

A “Do-not-cross” tape was drawn around the area of the incident. Disciplinary Committee members guarded the scene like stern guards.

“D-Did someone commit a crime?”

Kanon started stuttering in fear.

“N-No way.”

Nagisa is also a bit intimidated. She grabbed one of Wu Yan’s hands.

“T-This is still within the campus, who would do something like this?”

“Well, normal schools anyway. We aren’t studying in a normal school.”

Natsuki looked at the students gathered there.

“Each of them are puppeteers with automata that can easily lead to brawls and… if they’re dumb enough, even more serious incidents involving heavier casualties.”


Astrea murmured while she grabbed Ikaros’ left arm.

“Don’t tell me someone died over there?”


Nagisa and Kanon hugged Wu Yan’s arms.

“No life signatures detected.”

Ikaros analyzed after looking past the wall of humans there.

“It isn’t a living thing.”

Nagisa and Kanon sighed in relief.

There is an elf-like beautiful lady with a dragon perched on top of her head.

The students steered clear of her as if they were afraid they would be wrapped up in trouble with her.

Her sour expression suggested that this day wasn’t going well for her.


Wu Yan mumbled before moving towards her.


Charlotte noticed his presence. She slightly flinched upon identifying Wu Yan.

“What are you doing here?”

“I am just passing by.”

He looked at the crime scene with the ladies near him.

Nagisa, Kanon, and Astrea gasped when they saw the scene.

There is a dismantled automaton there. No, the doll was dismembered from the waist.

Only the upper torso could be seen pinned to the wall while the bottom half was gone.

One could see inside the dismembered and disemboweled doll.

There are broken gears and snapped wires in the doll’s exposed wound.

The black oil dripping out made the scene a gruesome one to behold.

The automaton was savagely attacked if the pools of black liquid, presumably the doll’s lubricants and other oil were any indicators.

The doll also had another hole in its chest.

Where the heart should be, there was a huge hole.

It looked like a melted candy wound.


Nagisa and Kanon groaned in disgust.


Astrea could believe this atrocity.

“Who did this?”

Charlotte clenched her fists.

“Cannibal Candy.”

“Cannibal Candy?”

“A serial automata hunter that went after lone Puppeteers and Dolls.”

Charlotte growled.

“There are a few missing individuals and dolls each year. Most of the cases went unresolved with the broken dolls as the only proof of the attacks.”

“Serial attacks, eh?”

The Magic Investigator inside Natsuki woke up as she looked at the scene. This is someone experienced in handling weird circumstances and demonic attacks.

She frowned.

“How do you know which one is an attack by Cannibal Candy?”


Charlotte pointed at the gnarly remains of the automaton.

“Cannibal Candy attacks always left the Puppeteer missing in action while the automata would have their Eve’s Heart and Magic Circuits eaten. This is Cannibal Candy’s Modus Operandi for sure.”

“Why resort to this brutality?”

Kanon uttered in sadness, she hugged Nagisa who couldn’t look at what was once a sentient doll.

“They weren’t even enemies…”

“I can surmise two reasons if we rule out bad blood between the victims and attackers.”

He grinned.

“It would either be a sick SoB or the perpetrator had another motive in mind.”


He looked at the destroyed automaton.

“The Magic Circuit of the dolls that the attacker ate.”

Clap clap clap

A vibrant series of clapping sounds interrupted him.

“Good deduction.”

A blond guy approached them with a lady and another guy as his escort.

He beamed at them with that handsome guy's smile. Charlotte was also surprised to see him.


Felix arrived along with Raishin and Yaya.

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