Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1622: Do you want to go on a date with me?

As mana clashed and strong gusts flew everywhere, the students scurried away like they weren't ready to get caught up in this shit storm.

Charlotte, Yaya, Sigmund, and Raishin also backed away. Nastsuki, Ikaros, Astrea, Nagisa, and Kanon stood silently near Wu Yan.

Frey is too afraid to be near them but she couldn't escape anywhere due to being trapped inside her cage. Rabbi also whimpered near the edge of the cage.

The two who were locked in a duel of magic power showed different expressions.

Loki became flushed as he overexerted himself. His magic power also dwindled.

It's clear who won this duel of magic power.

Frey cried out as she was worried about her brother who looked like he is going to kick the bucket over the magic power pissing contest.

Ikaros heard Frey.

Ikaros also held Wu Yan's sleeve.


Ikaros pleaded for mercy.

He found it surprising that Ikaros would ask a favor of her volition.

Ikaros must have had some kind of encounter with Frey.

Wu Yan knew better than to ignore the request from Ikaros. He slowly reined in his magic power.

The field turned silent.

Kanon and Nagisa sighed in relief.

"That is it."

Charlotte stopped the duel.

"You two can settle your grudges at the Walpurgis Night Party."

Charlotte only earned the ire of Loki.

"Are you going to get in my way too? Tyrant Rex!"

"Stop bluffing, you're going to look bad Sword Emperor..."

Raishin stepped up.

"Or, do you think you can take on all of us?"

"You too? Second last?"

Loki looked at Raishin with a crazed look.

"You rabid dog, have you no concept of minding your own business?"

"Sorry 💔, I am a doggy so I like your sister who is clearly a dog person, it's in my rabid nature to wag my tail at the sight of her."

Loki roamed his hateful gaze over everyone, stopping on Wu Yan.

"Stop meddling in our affairs, Crimson Eyes."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"You're threatening me?"

"A warning."

Loki said.

"You're not invincible."

Loki ordered his automaton to enter a passive state. The automaton stored its blades away.

With the clatter of metal plates announcing his departure, the rest of them watched on.

"That fellow."

Charlotte and Raishin can see that he wasn't in a good state just now.

Even if Wu Yan had failed, Charlotte and Raishin were ready to step in to help.

Although Loki retreated, he was never afraid of going up against two top 13 students.

Raishin and Charlotte understood that this was Loki's own confidence.

He was confident that against the two, he would have won regardless.

He only considered Wu Yan to be the biggest threat as he had no plans to take him down.

Even so, he was ready to die on his hill.

That is his resolve.

"What an annoying fellow."

Charlotte snarled.

"He thinks he is tough just because rumor has it that he can fight Magnus? Don't let me see his lanky butt in the duel."

"Yeah, you're scary in your own way."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Sword Emperor is going to regret being targeted by you."

Students are probably spreading the news about their scuffle already, the duel between Tyrant Rex, Crimson Eyes, and Sword Emperor.

While the students were making a fuss, Ikaros went over to the cage and bent it open.

She extended an arm to Frey.

Frey grabbed it before thanking her sheepishly.

"T-Thanks for protecting my family."

Rabbi also wagged his tail happily before rubbing his head into Ikaros' palm.


Raishin walked over with Yaya behind him.

"Your relationship with Sword Emperor isn't good, I thought you were siblings?"

Wu Yan, Natsuki, Nagisa, and Charlotte silently scolded his tactless self.

Since it's that obvious, one wouldn't point it out like that.

This is just going to hurt her.

"I-I am always giving him trouble."

Frey said with a weak look. She bowed down respectfully.

"I am taking my leave first."

She turned around to leave with Rabbi.

Ikaros wanted to say something but she stopped short of voicing it out loud.

Wu Yan bitterly smiled before calling out to Frey.


"Hey, Frey-san, wanna go on a date with me?"

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