Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1620: The weak, the strong, and the threatened one

Inside the black cage, Frey who just got up was grabbed by her scarf by the male twin.

Frey felt her vision blur. Frey's weak body couldn't resist the lanky male's sudden grab.


She was forced against one of the metal bars. Although she didn't hurt her head, it still stung a little.

Frey looked up to see the similar-looking male student staring daggers down at her.


The guy named Loki continued staring at her with a frosty gaze.

"Are you doing another stupid circus stunt?"


Frey backed off sheepishly.

"If I don't do this then I won't win the Walpurgis Night."

"Even if you did, you would still lose.

Loki harshly rebuked her.

"Do you have any idea how weak you are? Do you not realize that you're the weakest one to be joining the party?"


Frey wanted to defend herself but she knew she had no ground to stand on.

"E-Even so, I am a Puppeteer."

"That's not the point."

Loki continued.

"There are only weaklings and strong people."

"You're the weakling."

Loki let go of her scarf, making her fall to the ground.

"Throw that thing away if you understand."

Frey's Gauntlet, he wanted it gone.

Throwing it away means throwing away her participation right.

The only condition to losing a Night is to lose the gloves, not the destruction of an automaton or the inability of the Puppeteer to fight.

That's the standard, to rob the gloves off another person.

The fighters can employ any means to get the gloves off the competitor.

Also, it's illegal to attack the Puppeteer directly at the Night Party.

If Frey threw away her gloves then it would be the same as quitting.

Frey hid her gloves behind her as if that would avoid Loki's attention.


Clicking his tongue, Loki looked at the husky automaton near her.

"This thing, you think you can join with this?"

Loki channeled magic power.

The sword automaton behind him lit up as it clattered into motion.

"If you don't want to surrender your qualification..."

Loki willed his magic power into his sword automaton.

"I will destroy your qualification."


Frey shook her head vigorously.


"Throw your gloves away."

Loki huffed in frustration.

"Throw it!"


Frey is on the verge of tears.

"If I throw away my gloves, Rabbi, everyone will..."



The sword automaton whirred into action one of its wings fused with the blades to form a greatsword.


The automaton swung down on the snarling Rabbi.


Frey turned pale in an instant.


Just as the blade was about to hit Rabbi.

The wall of the cafeteria burst open.

An angelic automaton spread her arms wide to protect Rabbi.

Barriers made of hexagonal crystalline patterns spread out in an instant.


The sword couldn't pierce the barrier.

That blade had such a gargantuan force behind it.

If Rabbi got hit by that, it would have died.

Clearly, Loki wanted to kill the husky automaton.

The protector who stopped the attack stood solemnly there.

Her pink hair unfurled as a white halo glowed above her. Lines of data went past her eyes.

The students looked around to see someone standing near the broken glasses of the cafeteria wall.

A male with red eyes wielded his magically glowing arm near the wall like an ESPer.

Loki growled when he saw the male student who commanded everyone's attention with his presence alone.

"Crimson Eyes..."

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