Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1619: A Clumsy Assassin

"Assassinate you?"

The others gasped.

"Someone tried to kill you?"

Charlotte waved him off.

"Why are you still alive then?"


"How do I put this..."

Raishin took that question in stride.

"This assassin isn't very good at her job. No matter how you sliced it"

What kind of assassin can't do her job?

Raishin smiled when he saw their faces.

"Well, about that."

Wu Yan grinned before pointing in a certain direction. Three meters from them is the glass wall that one could peer through.

"I think I know the reason, just look."

They looked as instructed.

There is someone acting sneakily outside the cafeteria.

She had pearl-white hair, a giant black flower ribbon to the right of her head a beautiful ponytail. She also wore a scarf that accentuated her cleavage.

She has white skin that is pale to the point of looking sickly and her eyes are red like rubies.

The lady is so beautiful that even when compared to the gorgeous ladies in Wu Yan's harem, she could compete on the same basis.

There is a big husky-esque dog next to her.

Ikaros who was silently watching the situation recognized her, jolting in the process.

"That's her! She tried to kill me!"

Raishin yelped.

"Why is she here?'

"That hair, that dog Automaton."

Charlotte hammered her palm.

"She's a third-year student. She's ranked 99, the Silent Frey."

"A Gauntlet as well?"

Raishin gasped.

"And, she's 99th?"


Yaya continued.

"She's your first opponent?"

"Your opponent, eh?"

Natsuki looked at the flustered Frey.

"Still, she's trying to assassinate you?"

Raishin is 100th so he's the first to go up in the carnival.

Frey is also 99th so she's going to fight him then.

She's most likely trying to eliminate him before the competition starts.

"Ah, I see."


"She thinks she's going to lose a frontal fight so she's trying to bury you before then."

"Hmm, she thinks she will lose a frontal fight?"

Raishin mused out loud.

"She's not a confident girl, is she?"

"No, you are not confident yourself either."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"You went around fighting every gauntlet holder you could find. That's why people called you mad dog."

"Although you're only 100th on the rankings, you defeated multiple Gauntlet holders to get there, didn't you?"

"We all know your skills aren't just 100th. That big-chested pipsqueak is probably the weakest among the Gauntlet holders."

"Frey knows it too."

Charlotte pitied her.

"She knows she's the most likely to lose."

"So, she tried to kill her opponent?"

Nagisa can't believe it.

"No way, just look at her, she doesn't look like a villain at all."

Raishin also asked himself the same question when he looked at the flustered lady outside the cafeteria.

Frey, still oblivious that she's being caught in 4k UHD, patted Rabbi, her dog.

The dog skittered off to a nearby woodland before pulling a cage big enough to fit 10 people out into view.

"A cage?"

Charlotte watched with curiosity.

"For what?"

"Oh, no, don't tell me."

Raishin's lips twitched.

"She wants to lock me inside with a lure?"

"I would pay to see that crap."

Wu Yan was amused.

"A big cage in a street, did she really think for a second that this would work?"

Just like that, Frey pulled out a swimsuit magazine before hanging it in the middle of the cage.

"Oh, gosh."

Natsuki couldn't believe the treasure trove of amusement in front of her.

"She's actually trying to lure you in with that."


Raishin laughed with a stony expression.

"I see, so she thinks I would fall for a trick like that?'


Nagisa, Kanon, and Astrea averted their gaze, even if it's a softcore magazine, they couldn't look at it.


The door slammed shut on her.

The hunter is now locked inside the hunter's cage.

Frey turned around. She stood there for a second before realizing that she trapped herself.

Frey ran circles around the cage looking for a loophole.

While running, she stepped on her scarf and fell face-first.

Well, she would have fallen face-first, but her great mammalian glands cushioned the fall for her.

Raishin twitched as he tried to resist the urge to laugh out loud.

Wu Yan looked in a certain direction.

A skinny male walked to the cage.

He had a scarf-like mantle and his eyes were sharp as daggers.

He also had short hair.

However, his hair was the same color as Frey's.

No, the male looked so similar to Frey that it was uncanny.

There was a robot behind the male student.

It was humanoid and had two swords strapped to its back.

That's the male student's automaton.

The male student reached into the cage and lifted Frey by her scarf.

At the same time, a figure moved past Wu Yan to take a better look.

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